Wednesday, September 10, 2008

throw yah hands in the ayer a ayer...

WELL....what a weekend!! I have so many pics on this one but it was hard to narrow them down cuz it was so much fun! Me and my sisters and mom went on a girls trip to utah for my uncles wedding. We might have gotten a little side tracked on the way, but you will just have to read and see for yourself.

This was Thursday night before we left at IHOP. YUM! raines hair was awesome! and this was then NEXT morning (yes a couple of hours later) we went to IHOP again. Let me just tell you how happy i was to go again.
The beginning..
well lets see, our tour guide Susie (the navigation thing in raines car) gave us the LONG way to get to utah. It took us to uh.... vegas haha. so crossing the border there we had to get checked of course. I mean we sure did look really suspicious and all, haha.
When we got to vegas that day we decided to go to ALL the thrift stores we could find/see! SO fun!! We got awesome stuff too!! We all wanted to dress classy for my uncles wedding so we wanted to find some new stuff. Think what you want but we found some NICE classy things at these places and didnt have to spend that much money it was awesome. We saw this sleepy man there. He just needed a place to crash.

At the DI store we found a piano and summer and raine couldnt resist. summer sat down and started playing "The Rose" while raine sang, and summer sang harmony. This man basically loved summer and raine. bahaha we didnt think we would ever see him again but it ended up we had to go back there that same day and saw him again. ha. **oh and i know you want to see raine and summer performing at the store so no worries the video is at the bottom. Raine suggested that i put it up.
We were in vegas so why not make it fun.
We got ready in a arbys parking showers or anything. I think we did pretty good.
and, this is the evil daughter being taught how to gamble. she is taking pride in being 21.

We went to circus circus and caught some fun acts!
Jump Roping...CRAZY i know.

that thing was 15 feet tall. he was crazy!

We got kinda bored between acts and entertained ourselves with self timers and "who can be the uglisest" pics.

If you couldnt tell already, my mom won this one.

One of the funniest parts! We asked the juggeler after his show if we could get a pic with him and he said his friend wanted to meet us and get a pic too. So he took us backstage, which he said he didnt think he was allowed to do haha. anyways it was the cyclist guy! They said we made them feel like celebs cuz we were screaming for them so loud haha. Which we were..were sherwood girls, we cant help but be crazy and want attention right?

Later we went to the adventure domb and rode some fun rides. I freaked when i found the dinosaur wall!!!! If you dont know, i love dinos so it was awesome!!

The next day we headed for Utah again and saw the beautiful St. George Temple! Loved it!
And this was Saturday night after getting ready for my uncles wedding! Me and lacey!
I took the advantage of wearing the biggest heals i could because phil wasnt with me. haha i wouldnt want to be taller than him. But i didnt have to worry about that this night, it was fun!


EH we had to pose in our cute outfits!
lacey was having trouble

BAHAHA only in utah!! we couldnt figure out the whole story behind it of course but it was funny!
The last pic i took! OH man this trip was the best! i needed to be with all of them! i missed them so much. We have not hung out like this in well a long time if ever. I am so lucky to have a fun mom and sisters who are crazy!! THANKS girls for one of the funnest weekends i have had in a while!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
**dont forget to watch the video.....raine really wants you to~