Thursday, December 4, 2014

October 2014

The month of October was dedicated too getting used to have 3 littles in the house. I couldn't be more grateful for all the help from family and friends I received.  So many people were willing to come take the older two kids, or bring dinner, or just come visit. Those small things helped so much.
Ill be the first to admit way too much TV was/is being watched, but you do what you got to do to get through it right?

And Baiden had his first experience with nail polish.  My favorite one of course. But hey, he pretty much kept it on his hands.

 I have had a LOT of snuggle time. And am enjoying every single part of it.
 Hudson is pretty much taking over my gallery in phone. He's too dang cute, and getting chubby!
 Baiden came walking out of the bathroom with his underwear on his head, I got a good laugh.

 Hudson hit his one month mark! Still waking up a lot a night, obviously, and I'm pretty exhausted everyday.  But man he is cute.

 Kinzi is my big helper girl. Like for real.
 Kinzi selfie, cant not include this picture.
 Baiden likes him too. He accidentally kissed Hudson to hard on the head and made him cry and felt so bad.  Baiden got the biggest frown on and cried and cried. Good to know he loves his brother.

 Kinzi had another field trip to Frys. They do a little tour with a worker there. And found a rainbow of foods in the produce section.  I dropped her off with her teacher and classmates and did some shopping myself.  I finished before they were done so I walked around with them for a little while.  Baiden was really excited to be involved in everything too. In fact a teacher took him for me and brought him to get a ring like the rest of the kids and when she handed him back to me he FREAKED out. Like screaming, bowed back and kicking.  Come to find out he just wanted to walk with Kinzi. When he did he yelled, "Bye Mom!" He will love preschool next year!

  Hudson loves being smothered with Kisses from his two favorite girls. We love it too!

We got to take a little date and Hudson tagged along. We went with one of Phil's coworkers and his wife. We were able to do a walk through of the Phoenix temple. Of course it was beautiful. Then we went to red robin after.
And apparently my baby carrier is reflective.

Lucky for me Kinzi loves little Hudson. She'll hold him while I get ready, make dinner, or whenever I ask her. He stops crying every time and she's even got him to sleep a couple of times. Sometimes she doesn't want to though. Like if he has any sign of spit up or drool on him. She gags, just like I thought she would. And sometimes her arms get too tired she says haha but she is such a great helper.

Baiden's getting too used to the camera.

He and I have been doing a lot of snuggling.
Being home all day with 3 kids makes us all crazy! But I wouldn't want it any other way.

I've been able to start exercising again, and it's been wonderful. Never thought I'd be happy to run again. Since I can't take Hudson to the gym till he's 6 months, running it is!

They ate dad's pudding and were really excited about it.
Since the weathers been better, we are spending a lot of time outside. We all love it.
And Mr Hudson is the most smiley little thing. Maybe because later in the month he started doing longer stretches of sleep at night. I can usually stick the paci back in his mouth and his sleep longer. A good 5-7 hour stretch now.

Kinzi had her preschool Halloween party. I got to go help. Having 3 kids to watch got a little hectic but Kinzi is pretty independent and could do most of the little carnival games by herself. In fact I couldn't even keep up with her.
Hudson dressed as a pumpkin for the party.
All the kids doing a parade.

Decorating cookies with hey friend Alyza.

Story time. Not sure why Baiden thought he needed to sit in the chair.
Kinzi and her preschool teacher Mrs. Whitney.
Then on Halloween day we went to the temple for story time. The sister missionaries tell and act out scripture stories and sing primary songs at the visitor center. They loved it.
We then walked around the temple and checked out the visitors center.

We walked into the room with the Christus statue and the cutest thing happened when kinzi saw it. She looked at me and said, "I need to pray to Heavenly Father" How cute to see her overcome with the spirit.
They look so old, too old, in this picture.
Then Halloween came! We went to a little block party across the street with some ward members. Then dad went home with Hudson to hand out candy while we went trick or treating. 

Kinzi chose to be Merida from Brave. We saw the costume at Costco a while back and went to buy it weeks later and there was only 1 left! It was a tad small, but worked :)
I saw this airplane on a mesa consign group and knew I had to get it for Baiden. He's obsessed.

Hudson was a cute little animal of some sort. Lion? Monkey? Kangaroo? Chihuahua? Cute either way.