Sunday, November 17, 2013


It seems as though the days have been passing by. Nice and busy as it always seems every day. Although I find myself telling people all the time Im always home doing nothing. And although I usually am home, there is always something to do. And I feel like I am busy all the time. I don't get it.

For the last 2 months or so I have been "training" to do my 5th 5k! Mostly just training for a faster time. I have had some bumps in the road along the way.  I got to a pretty good fast pace for the last race I did in April but have not able to get as fast as I was back then.  Right in the middle of training I had some problems with breathing and had to go see the doctor so I could get a prescription for an inhaler.  But I am back to normal with breathing now. Thank goodness.  Although still not as fast as I was in April. But that's ok. I just can't believe this is my 5th 5k.  If you would have told me in high school that I would be doing this I would probably laughed in your face and never believed it.  I did track. But not because I was good. Or not really even because I liked it. I don't even know why I did really. Maybe it was because the track meets were really fun. Or dance was over for the year and I needed something to keep me busy. Whatever it was, I did it.  I was ALWAYS the girl at the end. My goal anytime I ran or did any even was just not to get last. And that didn't always happen. And that's okay! I knew it wasn't my thing and didn't expect to be the best at it.  I was better at dance and choir. But I still stuck with it! I didn't give up. I couldn't even run a mile without stopping and couldn't run it under 10 min either. Amazing now that I can do 3 miles at a pace UNDER 10 min miles. My coaches would be so proud, haha. Or slightly amazed.  I haven't really loved it yet though. There was one run I did that I kind of enjoyed. But honestly for the most part, I still don't like it. Im so ready to do the race and stop running so much and do other things to work out. I also have cut off any beverages besides water for the past 2 months.  That hasn't been that big of a challenge.  But man have I wanted a sip of apple juice here or there when my kids get some.  But that will all end next week after Thanksgiving! Woo hoo, celebratory sparkling cider is in my future!

Kinzi has been quite the, the, the.......I don't know what to say. Quite the sas?  She is hilarious! But man she can really drive me nuts. I would say the hardest thing right now is when she doesn't listen. Mostly that she is old enough to know how to listen but chooses not to, and disobeys. I need more patience definitely.  And the days I do have patience are much better.  I realize she is only 3 and that it just comes with the territory.

Lets focus on the good. Because there is so much of it.  She is quite amazing at cleaning up her room. Seriously amazing. Sometimes her and Baiden destroy it and get every toy out and if I tell her to go clean it up she puts everything away. *She almost puts everything away where it goes too.* And she gets money for her piggy bank for a job well done. The other day when I tucked her in for a nap her room was a disaster and I mentioned we needed to clean it up when she woke up.  Well when she woke up I went in to get her and her room was SPOTLESS! She cleaned it right after I tucked her in and then went to sleep after. She got a piece of candy that day :)  She is getting quite the imagination. She plays in our swingset fort outside pretending to drive to Disneyland and runs around the backyard to certain places pretending to meet each princess and gives each one a hug.  She sings all day. Dances to the hymns at church, until her parents stop her. Loves to help cook and bake. 
Then we have our Baiden.  He'll be two next month! To describe him I would say a physco. But seriously in a great boyish way.  He eats everything, ALLLL day long. He has a little car he rides around on in the house and he is SO fast.  He can steer it too. And has taught himself how to slide it around to do a 180.  So if you come over watch your shins and ankles, he doesn't stop if you're in the way. He jumps off beds, couches, counters. He likes to pop in on you unexpectedly and say, "boo."  And likes to make note of things that he thinks are "Silly."  Now I am going to talk about something serious. Very serious.  His relationship with his daddy. I have never seen a child so attached to someone before. He is fine with me during the day but nighttime and weekends or anytime daddy is around, he wants absolutely nothing to do with his mom.  He loves his daddy so much. When I pick him up from places, he gets excited to see me and runs to me and gives me a big hug. As soon as I pick him up he says, "Where's Daddy?" One day maybe I'll have a mama's boy. Just not now. But like I said, during the day is great. He even lets me love on him and kiss him a lot. And he is my baby so he just has to deal. 
He acts a little naughty (a lot) sometimes. He started pushing a lot. He throws toys at people and sometimes bites.  Even pulls his sisters hair at times. Hoping he grows out of all of that soon. 
They seem to fight a lot. Usually it's Kinzi yelling and Baiden pushing. But they also do play together a lot too. I just wish it was more...because those are the best moments. I love when they laugh together.  They'll be times I go in one of their rooms and Kinzi is reading to Baiden, and teaching him animal sounds and words. Or sweet times like the picture below.  I put on a movie and Kinz put her arm out and Baiden scooted in. Could you just eat them?!
Fighting or not though, I love these kids.  Baiden is my crazy 2 year old baby whom I love to make snuggle me and kiss on all day. And Kinzi I really think is my little BFF.  Grateful these are my babies.

Phil is doing great. Always keeping himself busy.  Still working at Sprouts and enjoying it. He is the 11 year old scout leader and we have those crazy scouts over every Wednesday. He is great with them.  Seems he is always finding projects to do around the house to make it better. And still making time to give us 3 attention and love. We are a lucky bunch to get this guy.

Wow I was going to blog about our week and specific events, not just randomly talking. But maybe next time. Hopefully I can do a better job of journaling things on this blog.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Halloween Twenty Thirteen

Ok these first pictures are of the pumpkin patch/Vertuccio Farms we took the kids to. We had a great time.

                              Baiden was in Heaven.  He thought he was just one of the big kids.
                                                          Excited for the train ride!

                                          Doing whatever it takes to pet the animals.

   This year the Whole Weech clan dressed up. Be impressed because it might not ever happen again.

                                             I put makeup on her and she was in heaven.
                                               She couldn't be any cuter. Really though.

                   Little Red Riding Hood. Her Grandma. The lumberjack. The Big Bad Wolf.
                    Grandpa came to say Hi and bring the kids way more candy then they needed.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pictures for Grandma Cohn

We Love You Grandma and Grandpa Cohn!