Monday, December 7, 2009

Joy to the world.

Don't you love when you think something bad happens and then come to find out its a blessing in disguise. Well, let me just tell you about my eventful morning. . .
I woke up extra early (for me) at 6:15 because I had an interview for a new job. I went to the bathroom and saw what any pregnant woman didnt want to see. I freaked out and hoped I wouldnt have a miscarriage. I wasnt cramping so I felt a little bit better. I went to my interview and did horrible because A.I am horrible at interviews seriously though. and B.I was thinking about what had happened and hour earlier. Well I called my doc the min they were open and they let me come in today even though I had an appointment in one week. Everything checked out to be fine I was just bleeding some. My doctor said to take it easy and stay off my feet the most I could. I told him I was a hostess and he laughed and said, How can you stay off your feet as a Hostess? haha But he said i should be fine. Just to sit down when I can. And then I found out I am two weeks later than I thought. So I am 11 weeks and my due date is set back to June 26. Bummer? yes. BUT I was so happy to know there is still a little sweetie inside of me that if he told me I was a month later I wouldnt of minded. I got to see our little baby again and then went to pay with our new access plan. dun dun dun. Apparently the plan we are on does not accept my doctor. The nurse there called and the lady on the phone said I couldnt change my plan because it had been over 16 days since we had been accepted. I was either going to have to pay for my two visits I already had (which goes all our christmas and birthday money plus more) and switch doctors, which nobody ever wants to do. Or go down to the Access office and see if they would switch plans anyways. SO after an hour of waiting at the DES office they just told me to call this number. I came home, called, and kept getting transfered to recorded voices that of course didnt help at all. Well I finally talked to a real person and told them not to transfer me. They were so helpful and changed everything over! It really had not even been 16 days yet AND they lady told me that I had 30 days anyways! Soooo, lets just say that if I had not had something go wrong and gone to the doctor, I would of had pay a lot of money AND switch doctors. The Lord DOES work in mysterious ways. So What a day. But everything is taken care of and I am happier than ever to have a lil baby inside :) And I sure hope that made sense...
OH and we put up our Huge tree that we love so much and got from Phil's cute Grandma. I know she reads this, so THANK YOU GRANDMA! We love it!

And here is me, and not 13 but 11 weeks. Someone at work told me she thinks I am having twins because I am not far along and already showing. I am not looking for everyone to say im not showing or whatever, but really, twins. Not the BESt thing to say to a pregnant woman I would think.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Guess who is expecting??

Yep, we are! Ill be 3 months on thursday and due June 10th.
I have been feeling great-it was hard to believe I was preggo because I didnt get sick at all (besides getting shingles of course). Im sure Ill make up for that somewhere else though. But, we are really excited and can't wait till June!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I am Super Excited! Just trying to get the word out for the amazing deals coming on Saturday!
Go HERE for prizes and more details!

Friday, October 16, 2009


For those of you wondering what happened to my last post, I deleted it. After reading it, it sounded like I was just complaining a lot and I did'nt want that. So Ill make the long story short of my last week...
I started getting a rash on my underarm that we thought could be ringworm due to the many visits I have been paying to the pound. We went into the doctor and she diagnosed me with, ringworm. Gave me a prescription and I thought all would be fine. The next 5 days the rash developed to the right side of my back, front and down my arm. Not to mention I was in the most pain I think I have ever been in. I ended up sleeping 3 hours in a total of 3 days because of the pain. Jealous? And my body was so exausted that it was twitching/spasming out of control and I could'nt stop. It was so weird to have no control over my legs, feet, arms, hands and neck. So we took me back into the doctor (another doctor this time) and she was confused why I was in so much pain because ringworm did'nt hurt. She took one look at my horrible back/armpit/chest/arm and noted it was definetly not ringworm, but shingles. Yeah, just call me Granny. Ha just kidding. But the doctor was very nice and helpful. She gave me four medications (2 of which were pain killers). The meds to help make the rash go away only work if you catch it in the first couple of days-I was way past that but she gave them to us just to see if they would help. After taking some muscle relaxers and vicoden I slept the whole day and night and have been feeling better ever since. What a test of faith! Thanks to our families who kept me in their prayers.
*Now here is a little side note to brag about my husband for just a sec.
I woke him up every night I didnt sleep because I was crying and screaming with pain.
He would wake up JUST to hold my hand and say "It's going to be ok"
He woke up early to go get me some movies to take my mind off the pain.
When I finished those movies, he went right back out to get more that same day.
He read me scriptures to help me stay positive.
He prayed FAITHFULLY every night for me.
He seemed to be the only thing that helped with the pain.
Now read back over all of those things with this in mind...he is still in school full time and working. AANNND he had the flu. What would I do without him. Having a Husband who loves me so much is such a blessing.
I would post pics, but, you just don't want to see them.
So thats my story. I went through the worst part of shingles with no pain meds, I am so tough. But I do NOT recommend anyone trying that.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


What do you do when you're bored?
We played jenga and I told phil that I used to just make houses with them. so we did. Then got carried away.

He laughed at the idea at first but then he used up all the pieces. That small dinky thing in the back is my house...

He kept adding to it...

Then this happened...

And he wanted me to put this on here so..?

So welcome to the exciting life of phil and sophie weech. Enjoy these videos.

Phil suggested I come blog all these pictures and videos right away. He even told me what to title this post. What a goof.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everythings Changing (when I turn around)

I know, I know I have changed my blog background so many times. I can't help it. Please don't be too annoyed by it. I get really bored with mine and when I see new ones that are so cute I can't help it I guess. I love to go look at cute new backgrounds all the time-am I the only one who does that? I can't even try to start decorating my house because my mind changes so quickly on what I think would be cute in certain rooms.
I just get bored with things quickly I guess. Except for Phil, he keeps me on my toes. Good thing huh?

p.s. No puppy yet. And I am going to be picky now, I really want a yellow lab. Yeah, the really cheap dogs ya know. Ah kidding.

Monday, September 14, 2009

How much is that dog in the window...

So I am just going to put the word out on my bliggity blog that I want/need a puppy. Husband said it was ok. I am NOT picky either. But since I would like phil to like our dog too, it must not be black or have pitbull/or any other aggresive(ness) in it. That day when we have kiddies running around that we won't have to worry about our dog being mean. So IF you do hear of any new puppies that are not black or, uh known to be aggresive, let me know!!
I have been to the shelter friday and today. The first time I went I might have teared up, twice. I might possibly be a little sensitive. I wish I could take all those dogs and kitties home with me. I called my hero (philip) to come help me and make sure I left. Otherwise I might have stayed there all night regardless of the fact it closed.
For all you animal lovers, enjoy.

This one melted my heart a little. Yellow labs are my favorite.

Im hoping the next post will be about our new puppy. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Step one.

We have taken a new step into our future, phil is now officially in school again. After hearing everyone at work and other friends (facebook) talk about starting school I could'nt be happier that I wont be starting. Husband on the other hand is back in the action. Talk about busy-he is crazy busy let me just inform you. But he is willing to work so hard for us and our future famiy. I know everyone gets busy when school starts, BUT monday AND tuesdays he leaves at 7 ish and gets home between 9 and 10 at night. I would go through the rest of his week but you get the point. Good thing he is a smartie pants and can handle stress well :) I brag about him at work and tell everyone how smart he is too.
I didnt wake up to take a picture of him on his first day but I did today for his 2nd day. He is so handsome. He was a good sport-for the most part haha.
All he needs is a lil lunch box...which we might get considering lunch there is expensive! boo.

Thumbs up for school.

Ok so, I am having a great time at work. It's still fun for me because it is all brand new! I have never worked in a restaraunt before so there is a lot to learn. I'm learning how to come out of my little shell and just talk to people. I must say that whenever kids come in I have a much easier time talking and playing with them than I do Adults. Although, some of the elderly people who are regulars there I LOVE! I wear a flower clip basically everyday and the older folks are always the ones complimenting it, so sweet. Some people are very friendly while others....well ya know. It is funny when you take someone to their table and they choose their own along the way. But it is fun and I love getting to talk to new people all the time. I am also pretty sure I am known as the freaky young married girl. Seriously when I meet someone at work they say "You're Married? Are'nt you really young?" or, "why did you get married so young?" It got kind of old after a while and a smidge annoying I guess you could say. Considering its my life and everything, but still I guess it can be wierd to some people who believe in a different lifestyle than I do. But my older sister gave me some good advice. She said to just make it an opportunity to share the gospel. So thats what I am trying to do and be positive about it :)
So anyways, Today I had a weird/really awkward conversation with someone who came in for a application. It went a little something like this:
They asked if I was a greeter
I said yes, a hostess
They said, I like hostess
I paused because that was strange. Then asked, The cupcakes? yes those are good.
Then he said, are you a hostess cupcake?
I replied, Uh no.
Thank goodness my manager came around the corner about 5 seconds later to talk to them about applications. But that was a long very awkward 5 seconds. The people laughed like it was funny, however I didnt.

I mean really do I look like a hostess cupcake?

Baha-yes maybe if I drew a squiggly line down the front of my shirt. Maybe thats why we are required to wear certain colors of we look like hostess cupcakes. Just kiddin.
But it was funny.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dolled Up.

*Go check it out and if you know anyone who might be interested, tell them about it!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Got it!

GOOOOOD NEWWWS! I did get the job I wanted! Can you guess what it is?

Monday, July 27, 2009


Ok so this is to show the changes in my hair for the last little bit.
1.This is my "way to short wont ever cut it like that again" hair
(don't mind the dumb face I am making please)

2. The "long" hair. And trust me, THIS IS long for me. My hair was always as short as number one up there. I had not cut it since november, which is a big deal for me. It got really dead and ugley though....but I enjoyed having long hair. I might do it again.

3. Current hair. I didnt do anything special when I got it cut. NO layers, nothing. Its all the same length. I like it pretty much but its a bit of a challenge for me to do it so far.

OH AND, I want to share a sweet story.
So I had a small breakdown the other day because I was not hearing back from the hundreds of jobs I applied for. NOTHING. I then had the thought come to me one night after my breakdown, that maybe instead of searching for a job so hard that I should read my scriptures and study since I had not made that a priority lately.
The next day (Thursday) before I started looking again I had a little study session.
I kid you not, within and hour I had a call about an interview for today (monday). Friday the next day I have 3 more calls for 3 more interviews, one that day and 2 monday. Amazing isnt it? It was a good reminder for me that if we put in our time and get our priorities straight, the Lord will bless us. I have had 3 out of the 4 interviews and my last is the one that I am most excited for. One has got to work out right? Keeping the Faith!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I heart being an aunt.

So I took my sisters kids(logan 2, levi 6, malarie 9) for a couple of days and we had a great time. She is due next month with her 4th kid and I missed them so i took them!! They got to swim at aunt summers and play with their cousins, visit aunt sam and her fun girls, play video games,eat junk food, pick out toys at savers and a great time was had by all. The only pics I took were of when we had a water balloon fight in my backyard. Haha and I figured out that a water balloon fight is not nearly as fun as it sounds. It takes way to much time to fill the baloons haha. We filled up a big bowl and logan thought it was cool to go and tip over the bowl and watch them all pop at once haha.

This little one just gets to me! I dont know why, maybe its cuz he is so cute but NAUGHTY!!!! He wasnt eating his cheese crisp one day at lunch when I told him over and over to eat it. He said, "I go to corner." Yeah he offered to go to the corner instead of eating his lunch. Then when i tried to throw it away he took it and ate it and said, mmmm nummy! oh man. He is hard to get mad at cuz he is so darn cute. I also learned nemo fruit snacks make anything better. I seriously got emotional last night because I missed him.

I hope you kids had fun! I love you!
I loooooooooove kids!! I cant wait to have some! I just hope I start out with one, that might be easier.
Next is Addi and Chaisy-bring them over Summer!
Or kaylin, or dallan, riley, jaina?

Monday, June 22, 2009

A year? Really?

Has it really been a year since all this?????

So Saturday was our anniversary-woah. We had a fun day! We went to big surf and rode the waves all day. And, uh the back of my legs are sooooooo fried!!! Phil got a lil pink on his back but he says it doesnt hurt to bad, which is good. We put 50 sunblock on, but I hardly put any on my legs....dang. But we had so much fun body surfing all morning-I would do it again (with even more sunblock). We then came home and played lego Batman. We love these lego games for the PS. Then he took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse-my first time. Delicious! Even though my appietite wasnt as big as usual.

Well I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be married to my handome husband. I made him a card of 100 things I learned from our first year together, here are a few....
-I shouldnt put dish soap in the dishwasher
-He likes my hair straighted the best
-If I am sad or he is in trouble, all he has to do is dance and I forget about everything else
-He does not like to buy tampons, but he will
-I can wear shorts 3 days in a row and he wont care :)
-Our personalities rubbed off on eachother
-I am a sore loser at games
-He is more domestic than me
-After a big fight and were apologizing, I always get the giggles
-Its necessary to look at the $5 movies whenever you go to walmart
-A closet with one bar doesnt cut it
-The support of the other is Vital
-He wants me to be happy
-He STILL spoils me
-I learned how to really love someone
-He thinks I can do anything I set my mind to
-Other married couples are automatically new friends
-I shouldnt season steak with Red pepper
-The only bug I can kill is a fly...sometimes a spider
There is a lot more but that would be long. Really though I KNOW my husband is the best. I know what it means to love someone more and more each day. I cant get enough of him and his fun personality.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mesa Bound!

We are all moved in YAHOO!! We love it so much. I love living right by my sisters Sam and Summer! Our house is amazing-such a blessing. We moved in about 2 weeks ago and still everyday we say, "Is this really OUR house?"
Here are some pics of it!

This is our lovely Kitchen. Much more space to cook in here than our apt we had!

Our living room. And Husband playing the piano.

Ok the family before us had the two kid bedrooms painted bright green and blue, and the other bright pink and purple. The green and blue I actually had something to fit in there that looks just right, but the other were going to have to paint. This is the "boy room" it looks like we have a 5 year old son already haha. But its just a guest bedroom.

This is the loft-so cool!
Right to the left of the loft is the master. Honestly, the master is bigger than our last apt easy. Our closet in there, glorious, just glorious!

All the bedrooms are upstairs, and the loft. We are so blessed with this house. Thanks to our familes who helped us move in and everything else.
I didnt get a picture of the backyard and i should have-its so awesome! If you want to see more come visit us!!!

We are loving Mesa so far! Summer lets us come swim in her pool-THANK YOU! Which is nice in this heat. Phil is working hard at his job he transferred to in Phoenix. I am on the look for a job. So if ANYONE knows of any job openings that would be great.

I can be a *nanny (love kids!)*receptionist (Much experience is this area) *waitress-seriously anything!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Not so funny.

You know when you see something like this happen in cartoons it's funny right?

Let me just tell you that when it happens to you in REAL life, it is actually NOT so funny. You just get a big scrape and bruise on your leg, then get embarrassed for getting upset at the trash can.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birfday lo lo.

Happy birthday to my wonderful lauren! I love love love her. We were seriously meant to be friends I think. I have never had a person who has so much in common with me baha. Thank goodness for choir at EA!!! People can't believe we met at college-they thought we had always known eachother-they also thought we were roomates. Oh wait, some people still believe that, even though were both married hmmmm? She makes THEE BEST faces of anyone you will meet.
We both married Pima boys so we think thats kinda cool. We used to stay up talking about our high school days and found out we basically had the same lives (well kinda).
This would be our favorite picture of all time together below. We took the picture on accident and found out this is what we usually look like.

It has been so fun to have someone to party with in choir! Let me just tell you, she has theeeee most amazing voice ever. When we didnt know eachother very well, I always heard this really good soprano singer in company and couldnt figure out who it was. I later found out it was her-amazing! I brag for her----she can sing the highest in choir too. Honestly.

My college days wouldnt have been nearly as great without her. She is so fun to be around and has such a sparkling personality that everyone loves. She is SUCH a good friend :) and I am going to miss her when we move. But we will visit eachother, we need eachother haha.

She understands the weird part of my mind that Husband doesnt get haha, and I understand hers. I look up to her and am sooo grateful I met her. She is beautiful-inside and out, and its really the truth. We both are shy too, baahaha, ask anyone who knows us and thats the last thing they would say about us. But really, were only crazy when together. Thanks Lo lo for being my friend. You are a wondaful person! I luff YOU!