Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February 2014

February was a great month! It is my birthday month so it's always a good month for me.  I decided to take the kids to lunch and a dollar movie for the day.  I really wanted doughnuts too. So that's pretty much what I had for lunch that day. I have or was eating so good up to that point so it was fun to treat myself. Although I think I haven't gotten back on the good eating track since....whoops. My sister's Raine and Sam and some of their kids met us for lunch at the mall. Then aunt Raine bought all the kids a ticket to ride the carousel.  We then walked over to the movie theater after lunch and watched "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs 2" I highly recommend this movie we laughed through the whole thing. Megan and Jude joined us for the movie too.  Another cool bonus, it was Tuesday and apparently its "dollar Tuesday" at the theater.  Usually its $2 a person but it was only $1 each.  That was a nice little surprise. 

Phil had taken me out to celebrate the weekend before and we got dinner and Pizookies and went shopping!
That night on my birthday my sister Summer had asked if she and my SIL Sam could take me out for dinner. Phil agreed to watch the kids so I could go be with my sisters. Well little did I know she invited Raine, and some of my best friends, Kelsey, Megan, and Jenny to join us for dinner AND a night of karaoke. She invited a lot of my friends but not everyone could make it-but that's totally ok because best girl Lauren lives 3 hours away and was definitely 9 months pregnant, and she STILL tried to make it! That's a good friend.
I have the best people in my life. Karaoke was SO SO SO much fun. We had our own private room and it was awesome. The room came with maracas and a tambourine to play along with haha. Definitely will be going back there. Thanks to my Husband, Sisters and friends for the best 25th birthday I could have imagined.

Valentines day is just 3 days after my birthday and it was time to celebrate again.  We actually went to my nephews first birthday valentines night. Then the next day we woke up and went to home depot to purchase some pretty flowers for our house!  I told Phil we should do this for Valentines day this year because I LOVE getting flowers and we were both really wanting some flowers planted in the front. It was the perfect solution. And we got to spend all day together shopping and planting. And our kids had fun playing in the dirt and water all morning too. This is probably the most flowers anyone has every got on Valentines day-I am a lucky one!

And then sad but also happy things happened. One of my best friends who lives a mile a way moved to San Francisco!! So some of us girls showed up a couple of days before she left and kidnapped her and took her to dinner/dessert. Pretty much dessert. Pizookies again. Jenny and Kelsey shared one and Megan and I each got and finished our own (2-4 person) pizookie. We laughed took pictures and had a great night. I miss her so much already. We love you Kelsey!

I don't have any pictures of this event but its a big deal! My best friend had her 2nd little boy! They named him Jaxon. I could die at how cute his name is. She did it all natural and I'm still in awe over women who can do that. We are going up to visit them soon. Or I might cry.  He is so cute! Congrats Don and Lauren (and Carter)!!
I also got to cheer on my brother run a full marathon! That was so awesome!!  It is such a cool thing to watch these people out there running marathons and half marathons.  My brother did awesome and didn't stop the WHOLE 26.2miles.  Proud sister moment.

Megan and I took advantage of the great weather and used our zoo passes to have a full morning at the zoo. We always joke we only go for 2 hours because we get there so late then the kids are cranky and need naps so we thought, "let's get there really early and have all morning" so our really early was 8:30.  Yeah we both got there at 9.15. But hey we showed up the exact same time. Must be why we are such good friends. We decided to do all the fun things we usually don't do. First was to feed the giraffes. So fun and worth the extra money. Baiden absolutely loved it. Hilarious! He didn't want to stop.

Then we walked over to the petting zoo. And let the kids enjoy all the goats.  We ate lunch, played at the park, and found a secret play room that was the coolest thing ever. Books, puzzles, puppets, fake food, tons of fun learning toys for the kids. That is going to be a new favorite stop at the zoo, especially when it gets really hot!

 So glad these kids have so much fun together.
That was February! Baiden is doing much better with not peeing in his pants. And Kinzi gave her first talk in Primary. Phil had to miss it though because Baiden was sick. And right after her talk I had to go home and hand my primary kids off to someone else because Phil had to teach Elders Quorum (his new 2nd calling) that day. It was a crazy Sunday. But Kinzi was adorable, of course. Next time Ill have her dad sneak in a picture!