Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I could'nt come up with a good title.

Half a year. Really? This is depressing. I thought Kinzi and I made a deal that she was never to grow up. She is not following through very well. Seriously for anyone who thinks time is going by too slow, have a baby. You will be begging for everything to just slow down, or stop.
Little Kinz had her 6 month check up yesterday. Which meant shots. These ones were the worst yet. She cried this very sad different cry and almost had me in tears. But it did'nt last too long. We both hate shot days. But other than shots its fun to see Dr. Guthrie and hear how big she has gotten.
Our little girl is now 13 lbs 8 oz (about 8th %)
and she is 25 inches long. (about 20th %)
She is mini and petite and PERFECT.
She still wears a lot of 0-3 month clothes. And I look forward to the day when she can fit into her "up to 6 months" skinny jeans. One day.
She loves her feet to be tickled. Or legs or anything for that matter.
She can also sit up now! She has been able to for a couple of weeks. Although she sometimes dives forward.
I have not found a food she doesnt like yet. The girl likes to eat. She is a better eater than me. She actually eats her vegetables.

She still loves her sleep. She got the talent of "sleeping anywhere" from me. At night its so dang cute when we put her in bed, she will give us a big smile when we lay her down. We wrap her up then leave and she is out.

If you can't already tell from the top 3 pictures, we were at the mall Christmas shopping. Um, can you tell we are first time parents? Taking a picture with every ride we see. I have about 10 more.

And doesnt she look so pretty in her Christmas dress?
And last but not least, Here is our Christmas Card. I wish we could of sent some out, but there is always next year. I hope everybodys Christmas is great. I know we are looking forward to it. Merry Christmas Everyone!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Three D's

Philip's new intership for spring semester invited us to a Christmas party to have Drinks, Dinner, and DANCE! We participated in all. Virgin drinks never hurt anyone.

I was pretty excited to get all dressed up for our night out on the town. But naturally did'nt want to wear any of my clothes (not cute enough duh). I asked my sister if she wanted to dress me, because she knows whats hott, and she was all for it. So once again (this happened at my birthday when we went to Mary Poppins) all the clothing and accesories I wore were hers. So all the credit goes to her for the stylish look.
My mom came over for the night to watch little Kinz. They had a great time by the way.
Before we left my mama snapped some "prom" pictures for us.
It does not get better than this.

Ready for some dancin...

I know. Look at these shoes. Look at them! I want to never ever give them back.

We are really really good looking.

That night was SO MUCH FUN. We were given drink card to get 4 alcholic drinks but since we don't do the whole drinking thing, we made some friends fast and gave away our cards. But still got free drinks of whatever else we wanted. Dinner was sooo delish. Since the partay was at this fancy country club we were fed well. PLUS dessert. Heaven. While eating dinner they do a drawing for prizes every year. And what do ya know, Philip got drawn and won $100! Um, YES!
When Phils name was read the guy said, "This guy isnt even working for us yet and is already making money!" haha. The people at our table mentioned that they had been for the past 4 years and still havnt been drawn yet-haha oops! But no worries we gave them our free drink cards and that made up for it.
Then, the dance started. Remember, this is Phils NEW internship. Meaning we did'nt know anybody. Don't worry, that did not stop me from going out and dancing the whole night on the dance floor while Phil watched. I made lots of new friends and Im sure everyone at his office thinks I am crazy. But it was so much fun! I might have been shy the whole night but when it comes to music and dancing I guess I can't help myself. Probably a good thing I don't drink, I would be way to crazy. I'm sure everyone thought I was drunk anyways.
Well Moss Adams you made a great impression on me. I am glad Phil is going to be working for you. He won't let you down. And maybe this job will turn into a long-term thing. If not, I might invite myself to your Christmas parties every year. Good dinner, great dance, and we got $100 bucks for coming haha.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Lots of NEW things going on around here...

Kinz has found a New thing to suck on besides her fingers. She does this a lot now and its hilarious every. Single. Time. She also has been trying lots of New foods. And enjoying them all.

I have gotten a new hairstyle. BANGS, again. I grew them out while pregnant but then got bored. I cant really do my hair well and I did not want to chop my hair so Bangs it was.
So, you like?

Shout out to KELSEY for cutting them randomly at your house one night even though Phil did NOT want me to ask.
(Like how Kinz is in the pic with me? She seems to make every picture cuter so I couldnt leave her out)
The weather changing is def (I abbriviate because I can't remember how to spell the whole word) New to Mesa. We have been going to some BR football playoff games down here and its been a bit cold. I love it.

Trying on New clothes. Lovely right? How is it that she can look cute in things that don't even match? Phil dressed her and thought it would be funny. It was.

And New chunky thunder thighs. Baby food is doin this girl GOOD! She needed more meat on those bones.

These are not uh, New. But after Phil dressed her he said, "photo shoot!" And held her in a bunch of cute poses with him. I love him. And Kinzi adores him. We are such lucky girls.


Look a Likes?
*Another New thing. Phil has a internship lined up for next semester and also one for the summer. He is such a hard worker. He goes to school and work and allows me to stay home with our little girl. He never complains. He loves what he is doing and doesnt give me a hard time when he tries to explain things he does at work and I dont understand. Thanks for all you do babe, your girls are so proud of you.
Oh and thanks for the idea of eating pazookies for dessert tonight. Little did you know I had one today after lunch too...hehe. Nobody tell him.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dog Lover

Apparently Kinzi is a dog lover. Must have got it from her mama :)
(don't mind the frumpy clothes and frizzy hair, I had taken a nap earlier)

Oh Kinzi, we would be so bored without you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Questions for YOU. Yes, YOU.

Think she is cute? Me too. So do ya wanna go vote for her at This Website? Thanks! Is it totally lame that I am putting this on my blog as a plea? Probably. But will you do it anyways? So all you readers out there who occasionaly do a skim of this blog (even if I do not know you) go ahead, vote. Only if you agree she is cute though...:) You have till Friday!
And why you are there, look around the website. They have the cutest things there. Even if you don't have a little girl. Adults can wear all the cute headband, flowers, etc.
(oh and this is not the picture used on the website but she is the only Kinzi)

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Before it all went down. (Phil thought we should add dry ice smokey effects for Halloween) She did'nt quite catch on to the whole "not sucking" it off but still liked it. Although I'm not sure how much actually got in her...?

She was very into it and enjoyed every spoonful.

She was actually a whole lot messier than the camera gives credit for. Her diaper was covered in the food along with her hands, legs and toes. How? Either she was messy or I have really bad aim.

Then got a nice bath to clean her all up!
She is showing off her battle wound (bruise) from the shots she got earlier that day.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Oct 18.

Today, October 18 is a special day for me. My baby is officially 4 months old.
*Just a little update on her for family.
-She has officially rolled over twice now. The last time was kind of in her sleep. Phil and I got so excited we clapped and cheered for her and yes, it scared her and she started crying.
-She is grabbing her toys a ton now! When they make loud or scary sounds she actually yells at them, quite hilarious.
-She has such a girly giggle and scream. I love it.
-She goes to sleep between 8 and 9 and sleeps till about 8 thirty or 9. She usually entertains herself in her crib by sucking on her hands until I come get her.
-She hates paci's. Boo. She starts crying if I put one in her mouth.
-She loves her hands and thinks they are way better than a paci.
-Eats every 4 hours. Not sure how much since I am nursing, but I am pretty sure its about 5 or 6 oz each feeding.
-She gets baby food soon! I know she is excited because she already watches us when we eat our food.
-Bathtime is her favorite thing in the world. (Besides mommy and daddy, and maybe her hands)
-Spits up, a lot
-She is very ticklish
-She like to play do as I'm doing
-And is still the cutest and cuddliest thing.

But not only that, its also the day (last year) I found out I was pregnant. One of the best days of my life.

I was just recovering from my shingles episode, remember that? Ugh. Anyway, I was bored at home probably wishing I was pregnant. I still had no idea what triggered the shingles but I decided to google, "are pregnant women more susceptible to getting shingles?" As I read up on it I found out they are. Well then I had the thought to go take a pregnancy test, again. I really didn't want to because I had been let down before and didnt want to see a negative answer. But What the heck I thought. Well I took the test and it said very clearly, pregnant. Of course I didnt' believe it so naturally when and bought two more at walmart. Drank lots of water, took 2 more tests, and what do ya know I really was pregnant! I wanted to tell Phil in a fun way when he got home from work so I made a little sign that said, "I think I am pregnant" and had the little stick sittin on it and it sat on our table. That paper had an arrow on it that pointed to the stove. On the stove was another paper that said, "What do you think?" and had the other two tests on them. All I remember about his reaction is he was really excited. At one point he even said, "I need to sit down." Haha :) And I remember getting absolutely no sleep that night. Planning on how I would tell our families, the nursery, and most of all just thinking about my baby. It was acutally happening and I couldnt wait to be a mom.
Growing up thats always what I wanted. A family. A handsome Husband and children to take care of and love. I did a couple of pageants in high school and in interviews they would always ask about what my future plans were. I am pretty sure I always threw a curveball at the judges with my answer of being a mom. Yeah of course I wanted to do other things like dance and sing on stage forever, but really I would'nt of gotten very far with that. I count my blessings every day that I have my little family. What did I do that I am able to be this blessed? I am so happy right now. I want time to stop because I honestly see my life as that dream I always wanted. Sure there are a lot of things we wish we had. I mean, Phil is still a student and working and so busy, but I can't explain how happy I really am. Thanks to the teachings of the gospel and a testimony of the Savior I have discovered what real happiness is. Which is such a hard thing to find in the world today.
*Yep, still almost every post is about Kinz. But it's MY blog so...
We still think she is cute and all we usually want to talk about. Well me at least.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I love when babies fall asleep in funny places or positions. She was really tired this morning. I love even more when they drool all over someone. And that someone happens to be wearing a grey shirt.

Haha, Oh moments like these make my day.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, does anyone see a pattern here?You hear people talk about comfort food. Well, Kinzi has a comfort hand that puts her to sleep every time she does tummy time.

Oh! And, if you come up and start talking cute to my daughter and being friendly to her and you get this face...
Don't be offended. She tends to be REALLY shy and has sweet and sensitive feelings. But give her a minute or two and she might realize you are fun and then will love you.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Sept 25

Do you know what your doing next saturday the 25? No plans? Great! There is going to be an AWESOME boutique with so many cool vendors. I went to this last year and it was so Fun. And get this, EVERYTHING there is 25 dollars or less! Really, I know. I might even be selling stuff there, but you will have to come and see to find out.
Come! Great deals and tons of cute stuff. Visit THIS blog for more info about vendors and PRIZES!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Home Sick

No I am not home sick. BUT, my home is sick. All 3 of us are sickies.
Last Saturday Kinzi got diarrhea and tuesday afternoon I started to get the flu, the stomach flu. And last night Phil got it too. We like to do things together. Kinzi didnt get the flu part, just diarrhea thank goodness. She is still pretty happy and sleeps the same. I have been sick for over three days now and I am SOOO over being sick. All week I havnt even gotten dressed or brushed my hair and honestly I have Hardly even brushed my own teeth. I know, thats gross. I showered yes because we all know how great hot showers and baths are when sick, but then went strait to bed with wet hair. Going to bed with wet hair means fantastic hair for me all week. Kinzi has hardly been in anything but a diaper all week also. Because 1. She would probably just poop on her clothes and 2. I dont have the energy to dress her. I havnt eaten much of anything but have tried to stay hydrated so I can keep Kinzi hydrated. I also need to get better so I can take care of Phil now that he is getting it because he has taken great care of Kinz and I even though he has tons of homework when he gets home. Oh boy. Hopefully things turn around soon here at the Weech house.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sum Sum Summatime

Onto September...
I love when the new month starts because I get to change my calender. I seriously look forward to that each month. It's like the new calender page brings new events and things to look forward to. We had a great Summer and now are HOPING for somewhat cooler weather. Phil has started school and it has been quite the adjustment for us. I miss having him come home and Kinz and I get to have him for the rest of the night. Because now he comes home and is swamped with homework. But, I know he needs to be doing what he is doing so we try not to bug him to much. He does always make sure to give us both some love when he gets home or takes a break from his homework and we both love it. Im glad he is staying busy with work AND school, because it helps the time go by faster for him. I know us girls at home are sure grateful for all his hard work. I think about how lucky I am each day to be able to stay home with Kinzi and do all sorts of fun things with her such as...
Play Peek-A-Boo on her playmat.

Watch Movies

See her discover new things. (Her Hands) She loves to suck them. Which is great because, she LOVES her paci but can't keep it in her mouth without me holding it. So its pretty much useless.

And of course, dress her. Its my favorite part of the day. I love going to her closet and picking out her cute outfit for the day. Although sometimes, we both stay in our jammies all day.

I have also tried to find more things for me to do during the day so I don't get to bored. I found a new hobby of making these suckers...

But I guess I need to be a bit more careful when it comes to hot glue or this can happen. Yeah, I know. It's disgusting and yes, it hurt SOO bad. I cried.
So be aware of hot glue.

And lastly, before things got to busy we took a lake trip with my sister and her husband and 2 kids along with some of their friends. Way fun! I wakeboarded and Wake Surfed and we all swam and hung out.
This is my sisters daughter Nelly. The girls are 5 months apart. And I know, Nelly looks more like my daughter than Kinzi. Kinzi girl just looks so much like her daddy.

These last two pics are of when Kinz and I went swimming with my mom at her pool. She is a lil swimmer dog. She fell asleep swimming both times. Love this little girl.

Kinz also had her two month check up yesterday and got her shots. She actually did really good. She stopped crying as soon as the nurse left the room, and fell right asleep.
Her stats are,
Weight 11 lbs 1 ounce (40th %)
Length 23 inch (40th %)
She is nice and healthy.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

See, I can craft.

I realized I never posted pictures of Kinzi's Room. Welp, here it is. My sister helped me do a lot of it and we just had a lot of fun putting it together. The only brand new thing in her room is her crib and changing table. Everything else was given to us, thrifted or handmade. Whew! Lots of work but its exactly how I imagined it.

*And yes, I realize my last 5 or so post have been about Kinzi, Kinzi and Kinzi. But, thats all that happens here at the Weech home. Our lives evolve around her-and we love it.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Kinzi girl was blessed by her daddy on August first here in our ward in Mesa. We had a lot of family show up for the blessing and missed the ones who live far away and couldnt make it--some even blessing there own little girl the same day :) Kinzi was great for the actual blessing and I was relieved. I didnt want to have her awake and crying, and as soon as we got to church she was out.

I had bought her dress but it was size 18 months and I still needed to add sleeves to it. My sisters mother in-law fixed all up for this little girl and it turned out perfect. She looked so cute.

I still cant believe we have her here. I love this little girl. And she loves her mama and daddy let me tell ya. She is smiling a lot now. And as much fun as it is to see her growing and doing new things its also depressing. I always tell Phil she is not going to grow anymore and be my baby forever...I can only hope.