Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baiden's Labor Story

Baiden’s Birth Story
(long and detailed so read at your own risk)

On December 29 my Doctor called me in and agreed to strip my membranes.  We had talked about hoping to have Baiden before the year was up because our insurance was changing, and the tax deduction wouldn’t be such a bad thing either.  And although my doctor’s office was closed for the week, he was kind enough to personally call me down and strip my membranes to see if that would help put me into labor. Just one of the small reasons why I love Dr. Holmes so much.  So we went in at noon and he made sure to strip them good so I would go into labor within 2 days.  Surprisingly it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would.  I had it done before with Kinzi and that hurt a lot so maybe I was expecting a lot of pain.  The nurse couldn’t believe that I was handling it so well.  In fact they kept asking me if I was OK while he did it and I literally laughed because I felt fine. Of course it was not comfortable, but I would do it again any day if it helps put me into labor.  After the appointment Phil, Kinzi and I went on a nice walk. We came back, put Kinzi down for a nap and I bounced on the yoga ball as much as I could. I also walked up and down our stairs 20 times!  Then when she woke up we went on another walk. Not much was happening with  my body other than some mild lower back pain so I was not sure it was going to work.  The pain in my back got a tad stronger through the night but still nothing that made me think I was in labor.  We were trying to do everything  so I didn’t have to do Castor oil again. And as the night came to a close we both just figured it probably wasn’t going to work this time.  We went to bed but by this point my back was hurting a lot more so I knew I wouldn’t be sleeping well.  I was awake in bed until 11 30 and thought I might be having some contractions so I tried to time them and pay attention really close.  They were not too regular or painful but I still couldn’t sleep.  At 12 I just got out of bed because I wanted something to eat (especially if I was going into labor). So I went and had a bowl of cereal. Phil peeked around the corner 10 min later to see if I was OK and I told him he better not go back to sleep because I thought I might be having contractions.  We started to time them and for the most part they were 3 min apart.  But unless I would focus on them I couldn’t feel them and they became irregular.  We knew I went fast with Kinzi though so we decided to call the Doctor and let him know we were headed that way.  We then called my mom over to stay with Kinz and left for the hospital at 1.  Once we got there and checked in they checked me and I was almost a 5. Around 2 or 2 30 we made it into the delivery room and waited. Here I thought I was going to move quickly like I did the first time but when I was checked I was at a five still.  At this point they were ready to start me on pitocen because my contractions were still really irregular.  As long as I got the epidural first I didn’t mind.  Well…when she was about to get the pitocen started a little beeping noise went off on my machine so she left to go get it checked out.  When she came back she told us they have a new policy that they don’t start women on pitocen unless they are at least 39 weeks. So off to walking the hospital at 3 in the morning it was. We walked for a good 30-40 min.  When I came back I had progressed to almost a 6…so not much.  I then had a new nurse  Erin come in about an hour later and she checked me and no progress but she said my water was bulging haha.  She told us she still couldn’t start pitocen but was not wanting to send us home. Um yeah I didn’t really want to be sent home at almost a 6 either.  Since I was at a 3 the day before and my water was bulging and his heart rate was dropping slightly she said I most likely wouldn’t.  She called my doctor and he said NO WAY to sending us home.  And he agreed to break my water at 9.  So around 7 I got the epidural. I wasn’t in too much pain but I had not slept yet and knew I wanted it anyways so I figured what the heck.  I thought the epidural experience was pretty cool. I was in too much pain to remember anything last time but it was cool to feel everything happen this time.   After that Phil and I got some sleep and The doc came in about 9 15 and broke my water and I was then at a 7.  He said it wouldn’t be much longer and we would have him by lunchtime.  We then got some more sleep and they checked me at 11 30 and said I was at a ten and to practice pushing.  I started to practice and the nurse quickly said to stop because if I pushed any more he would be there.  The Doc walked in and hurried and got everything ready.  He said I was having a contraction and told me to push, stopped me, cut me before I tore, then I kept pushing and he was out.  All in about a min and through only one contraction. At 11 48 am Baiden James Weech was here.  I loved this labor. I loved my epidural. It numbed me enough I felt NO pain but could feel everything enough to still experience it. I knew when to push and could actually feel him come out. I loved it. And I didn’t have any problems with my placenta this time so I got to hold Baiden right when he came out. The nurses didn’t even ask to take him till I was ready.  When he first came out Dr. Holmes held up Baiden’s goopy arm and waved it at me and said “Hi Mom!” and of course that’s when I lost it.  I loved being awake and alert and having energy this time. I hardly remember anything after giving birth last time.  This time I remember everything. It was perfect and honestly couldn’t have gone better for me.
We had to stay an extra day at the hospital because he was a little jaundice. Then when we got home I had to take him in twice because he was still high, but after a week he is good to go! 
And now he is almost 2 weeks old. I swear he has been here longer!  And judging how great I feel I can't believe I gave birth only 2 weeks ago...that labor was so much easier.  He is starting to actually be awake more-which is good. I can actually see he has eyes now ;)  The first night we brought him home he woke up EVERY hour because of gas I am pretty sure.  I had to just laugh that night because I had it coming since Kinzi was such a great sleeper. But since then he has been sleeping like a champ.  Right now he only wakes up once through the night. Lets hope that sticks. We sure love him. Even Kinzi...

We just have to keep an eye on her.
I love my Kids!

We didn't forget Christmas...

No we didn't forget about the Christmas holiday but it did get a little overshadowed 5 days later with Baiden Boy coming and all. We had a great time just the three of us going to my sister's ward then coming home and having our own Christmas.  Although we missed seeing all our familes on Christmas we did get to skype which was really fun. I made Cinnamon Rolls for the first time (the night before) and they turned out pretty good. Although they didn't get eaten quickly because we were all coming down with a cold :(  It was so fun to see Kinzi enjoy opening presents and she loves all her new things to keep her busy.

 She took a nap after church before we opened presents and this is how we found her...

Phil surprised me with a new Camera which I LOVE.  All I did Christmas day was play around with it and took as many pictures as I could.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Baiden Boy

My growth chart through the weeks haha.

Well we did it-we had our Baiden Boy before the year ended.  I got my membranes stripped the 29th at 12 and almost exactly 24 hours later Baiden was here!  I'll share the story later but for now here are pictures from the eventful day :)

                                                            Baiden James Weech
                                                        Born December 30, 2011
                                                7 lbs 4 oz & 20 1/4 Inches long