Saturday, August 30, 2008

My life be like..........this

Ok first off I need to just tell this funny story that happened tonight. I have company (musical theatre group at EAC) practice this whole weekend and so phil decided to go to the asu game with Don. The husband of my friend lauren who is also in company. they thought since we will be busy they would go have fun. Well after practice we went home together (cuz we live in neighboring apts). well when i walked in i dropped my stuff on the table and heard this strange noise coming from my trash. I walked toward it to see if i could still hear it and it sounded like something was crawling inside it. DONT GET THE WRONG IDEA...I DO KEEP MY HOUSE CLEAN HAHA. well anyways it scared me so i went to laurens house and told her to come listen. Haha she did and we both were basically freaked out by it. We were throwing things at it to make sure something was in there but were to afraid to take the trash out. It wasnt full so I didnt know what would of gotten in there. Well I looked over inside a burger king bag and saw a somewhat big/small black beatle. hahaha whew! so glad to see that and not a cokaroach(or however you spell it) or a rat!! These black beatles are all around campus so i wasnt to afraid to just pick up the trash and take it out. We were just laughing the whole time cuz we wouldnt even get close to the trash, ha we felt pathetic. Then i realized i saw one in our house earlier that i asked phil to "take care of" hah he picked it up in a paper towell and threw it away. I asked if he squished it and he said he did...maybe he didnt haha. Well basically i hate bugs and especially when i dont have my husband here to save me from them!
This is my friend Lauren who just recently got married to and shared my experience with me. In this pic we were at the river with our boys just having a fun time!

The rest of the pics are just random stuff that has happened a while back.............

When we painted our needed the fixing up!
Whats painting without getting a little bit messy.
This picture was after we were married. The gila valley gets some good rainstorms that are amazing!! this day we decided to go play in it and literally jump in the puddles. They were dirty and muddy but it was fun.
And this pic was from a date night we had. We went to pizza hut with don and lauren and got a whole lotta food!!! A large pizza, a family size chicken alfredo pasta, breadsticks, and wings! YUP it was gooood food too!

I am missing phil tonight, and he is getting back at about 2 in the morning!! crazy boy! And tomorrow WE get to speak in church....WOO! ah im so not good at speaking but hopefully i can just get through it!! Along with missing phil, i have been really missing my family. Looking at pics of all the kids is makin me sad that i havnt seen them for a while. I just miss everyone. I know what its like summer!!! living away from everyone is one of the hardest things i have gone through. When i first left, i was ready to and excited. Now i have just come to see how important family is. I have a wonderful one. I love them!!! OH AND, cant wait for this weekend with my most favorite girls....all my sisters and mom! woo hoo! So thats all for now...........

Monday, August 18, 2008

lake time...

Waking up at 4 does things to you.....

Dad claimed this to be the reason he fell off the tube so many times, haha. those are his shorts..
And lacey is inside that.

Summer we missed you so much!!
They are weird!

Thats my babe...woo!

hahahahaha so all the girls were standing in the shade while the boys helped out.
phil jumped on me and i was hittin him.

Instant bruises! thats what happens when you go tubing with my family. i dunno if you can actually see it but my dad had a nice instant bruise from getting thrown around. This trip was so much fun as you can see. Me and Phil were both pretty sore after but it was totally worth it. NO sunburns so that was nice. It was a good vacation to take before school started for the two of us. And i have really missed hanging out with my family. Even though we had to wake up about four and wait for our parents to show up at the restaurent in globe at 6. But..... knowing them they showed up way way way late. i dont remember exactly when but ha it was funny. Summer we totally missed you and wanted you and Justin both to be there!!!!
Its so nice being married for small things like this. Ha i get to hang out with all the married couples in the fam now! wooooo!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

love me love me

So this may not be interesting AT ALL but I am trying to pass the time before I go to work at 1.
What is his name? Philip James Weech
How long have you been together? Since January for time and all eternity.
How long did you date? uhh..5 months before we got married
How old is he? 21 =)
Who eats more? well when he first got home from his mission i did!! but he is starting to catch up with me thank goodness.
Who said I love you first? haha he told me twice before i told him...
Who is taller? Awe he is
Who can sing better? Haha me...but he is good dont get me wrong, i love when he sings just ask him.
Who is smarter? OH him for sure.
Who does the laundry? well both of us. its bonding time ;)
Who pays the bills? philip
Who sleeps on the right side? He does, right next to the ac. i am right next to the wall. haha good thing its there to keep me on the bed or i would most likely fall off.
Who mows the lawn? sadly we have no lawn.
Who cooks dinner? well i do. but its not that he wouldnt do it, its just that i want to learn how to cook and the best way to learn is to uh well do it!
Who drives? HIM
Who is more stubborn? HA MEE! i have sherwood in me.
Who kissed who first? He kissed me i think. but he told me it was hahaha oh our first kiss. so funny.
Who proposed? philip
Who has more friends? I wouldnt know.
Who is more sensitive? Um depends on the situation
Who has more siblings? i win
Who wears the pants? ehhhh no comment. =)