Tuesday, April 29, 2014

March 2014

March was a great month for us. Lots of exciting things happened. First off we decided to announce that baby #3 is on their way!
We actually found out in April that it's a boy but I'll throw that in the March post anyway!

I am lucky enough to have now 3 pregnancies where I have not been sick.  I was really tired like all the time in the first trimester but luckily my kids still nap so I was able to take naps too. Due date is Sept 22 right on Grandpa Weech's Birthday! I'm 19 1/2 weeks as of right now. Maybe I should do a whole different post for baby stuff? But we are really excited!
This was our announcement picture. And the other few after are cute pics we took that day that turned out cute.

So with news of baby number 3 we decided to get a Van!! Best vehicle decision of my life. This thing was definitely made for moms and the greatest thing ever. And we wanted to sell the Altima soon because it was getting close to 100000 miles.

We also took a trip to Pima to visit Family and friends.  We took the kids for a little 4 wheeler ride and hike and Baiden was in his element. Kinzi liked it too, but she is definitely more on the girly side. We need to get that girl camping more!

In March we also took the kids to an Airplane event. Free Admission even. It was seriously so fun. There were tons of old cars and trains and airplanes to look at. Along with kettle corn and snow cones.

And probably the biggest thing to happen in March was Phil getting a new job!  We were both sad for him to leave Sprouts because we have really enjoyed that job for him.  The biggest downside was the fact that it was a 40 min commute :( But now Phil works for a company called, Ulthera. And get this, its less that a 15 min commute! Not to mention a lot of other great benefits of the job.  We feel so blessed he was offered the job. Life is going so great. And we look forward to next month. Even though as I am typing this "next month" is technically almost over! Oh well, hopefully I get better at these monthly updates.