Sunday, October 11, 2015

August 2015

August. Hottest month.  But lots of exciting things happened.
 My baby is looking bigger every day. He's so much fun and loves ME. He's just a tiny bit of a mommy's boy and its the best.

We had free pizza tickets to Peter Piper so we asked our Neighbors to join us one day after the gym. Gym then Pizza is a great idea. Especially a pizza buffet.  It was our last fun outing before the kids started school.

Baiden, Charlotte, and Kinzi and little Hudson down on the bottom! All the kids loved this teeny little carousal the most. They would jump on every time they saw it going, whether we paid or not...

Hudson absolutely loved it.

Coolest thing ever.  Kinzi won the jackpot on a game! The one where you have to hit something with a sledgehammer and get to the top. Except this one wasn't about just getting to the top, if you hit it too hard it would just rotate over.  This one had to be hit just right to get to the jackpot, and she did it. So fun! Baiden did it right after and was only one box under, so close!
After meet the teacher night we celebrated my dad and Uncle Sam's 60th birthday! We did a 70s themed party.  The kids of the families each did a skit.  Me and my sisters did a little dance through the decades starting with the 50s going to today. We had the twins follow our dance moves and my uncle Sam actually hurt his back pretty bad, woops.

These little "twins" were cracking us up.
The birthday boys themselves.

Just a cute picture of Kinzi and Baiden.
Fathers blessing the night before school started. They have got a great daddy.

And finally the day she had been waiting for, for a long time. The first day of Kindergarten.  She posed perfectly for the camera and told me, "I'll do my best smile ever for Kindergarten!" She even told me every single thing to pack in her lunch for the first day.
Drop off was the most stressful thing for me. I had no idea where I was supposed to go. What was even going on.  Meet the teacher night was so crazy that I didn't have time to ask the teacher.  Luckily left early enough to do like 3 circles through the carpool and still not be late. I found a parking spot and hurried to class, and she tripped and fell crossing the road. She didn't cry though! And we were there at her class early too.  She blew me and kiss when I asked for a kiss goodbye and walked in her classroom.
I was really excited to pick her up and hear about her first day.  And she had a great report for me.  But after being home a few minutes, she started to complain about her ear. I remembered she woke at 5 that day complaining about her ear hurting.  I gave her some medicine and told her to go lay down to rest for a while.  She fell asleep! I haven't pushed nap time since January but I knew she needed a rest after such a long day, plus and earache. I later asked her why she didn't just tell her teacher her ear hurt and she said she didn't want to be sent home.  She loves it!
Her hair was very cute!

I took the boys to Costco and we had pizza for lunch.  The saddest thing happened too.  When I asked him in the car if he wanted pizza he said, "YEAH!! Kinzi want pizza?" and looked behind his seat where she sits then said "oh" and kind of laughed at himself.  That was the only time I got a little teary eyed that day.

Baiden started preschool the next day! He was so excited too. He was told all summer he would get to ride the bus but our paperwork got mixed up so I took him the first day, and that was fine with me.  However, he was not impressed to see me when I picked him up while all the other kids got on the bus.

2 kids in school, what?

He was so busy the second he walked in there!

My new favorite picture of Hudson. I'm loving all the mommy-Hudson time.  He also took his first steps on the 19th! Although he cries with every step. It still is a little scary for him apparently.

We then took a nice relaxing/fun/cool weekend to Pinetop with the Sherwood family.
Went and visited Barton's grave.

We made all the in-laws take a picture together and wondered why we don't make them do it more. So funny and awkward.

We rented a cabin and it was awesome.
I got some Colby cuddles.
The "twins" at it again.

It wouldn't be a Sherwood party without a program. Each family put on something.
The Allen's did a rendition of a Sherwood fav, "old Oaken bucket"
Zeiglers did "Gethsemanee"

Sherwood's did "Fight song"
Rawlings did "I belong to the church"

Weech's did "I am a child of God" but Baiden got up there and started acting like a clown. Honestly everyone was in tears laughing.  It was really hard to tell him to stop and calm down so they could sing.
And literally my favorite part of the trip was seeing these older cousins put on a surprise skit for everyone.  They were dancing, singing, beat-boxing, wrapping.  I loved seeing all them have fun and hangout together. I have so many fun memories with my cousins. I hope they all stay close.

And Mr.Dad chatting with everyone.
Visiting the Rawling's home being built. They have a fun little airplane Baiden was of course obsessed with.

 Getting dirty and wet with the hose and tramp.
Best Friends.

 We got the bus all figured out and Baiden had so much fun waiting!

 After all that, The bus was over 12 min late so I just took him again.  Found out later it was just really late. But he rode it home! And we haven't had any issues since.

He REALLY had to go potty haha!
Waiting for the bus with Hudson.

Kinzi taking full advantage of her big bed. That's my girl.

I asked Baiden to help feed Hudson so I could get something done.  I don't even care how messy he was, it was nice to have some help and Baiden was happy to do it.
Hudson's newest obsession.
He loves after bathtime snuggles in his towel.
I love capturing them playing nicely without me asking them too.
I had a meeting early one Sunday morning. And since I was already ready when I got home, I thought it would have lots of time so I decided to do ringlets in her hair. I didn't have enough time. I don't know what I was thinking honestly it was the same as any other Sunday.  So we were really late that morning.  And since we were so late I decided to get some cute pictures in since they all looked cute. It's not easy getting these 3 up and ready for church alone since dad needs to be there early.  However, I do give myself credit because I'm hardly late. I'm close sometimes but usually there before church starts.

Nap time during church takes us to the mothers room a lot, but I dont' mind one bit.
I love when he unexpectedly falls asleep on me.
Being sweet again, hurry grab a camera!
We call him a gerbil because he loves to tear things into little tiny pieces.

It was humid thanks to an awesome rainstorm and his hair is the best.
Dad went fishing with his scouts and brought back fish to gut and cook with the kids. They watched it all. Gross.