Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014

January started off great.  Phil's birthday is on the 4th which happened to be on a Saturday so that gave us all day to do something fun.  My sister took the kids for the day and I let Phil decide what sounded the best. He decided he wanted to hike "Flat Iron" that morning.  So we picked up subway for lunch and headed to our hike.  It was fun! Although I am sure I took more breaks than Phil wanted we still made it to the top and enjoyed lunch with a pretty awesome view of the valley.  Hiking down was really fun. I didn't need to stop to rest at all. So we went really fast. In face we jogged the last 1/2 mile. We then got home about 3:30 and showered and got ready for Dinner. We went to Costa Vida (of course). We then went to Walmart and Phil got a remote helicopter (haha boys) and we stopped at Neilsons for Custard on our way to pick up the kids.  He had a great day! Glad he got to have a fun Saturday for his 27th birthday.  He also got 2 new pairs of shoes earlier in the week for his birthday too. He was a happy birthday boy!

January was also the month where Mr.Baiden got potty trained. Uggghhh. He caught on a little quicker than Kinzi did but, oddly enough its taken him longer to "get it." Makes no sense. But he has been potty trained for almost a month now and did really good the first 2 weeks. He told me every time he needed to go.  We went on a little vacation and ever since then he pees his pants every day! I want to cry/yell just thinking about it. Oh well. It gives me a chance to really work on my patience. We also took his Paci away and took a side off his crib. He is officially not a baby anymore. Wahh wahh.

 The first nap in his new bed was great. He fell asleep in bed. I checked on him an hour later and he was asleep on the floor haha.
  The last couple of days he hasn't been wanting to stay in bed. I have taken him back to his bed 3 or 4 times till he gives in.  Well this particular day he fell asleep mid escape.  Yeah, he is totally passed out.  I did move him back fearing his legs would eventually give out.

My dad planned a trip with the Sherwood clan to Tombstone in January.  Long drive but we made it there Friday Night after Phil got off work.  We walked around Tombstone all day Saturday and it was, pretty good. Haha Tombstone is just a hard place with toddlers.  In fact I didn't go to any shows or anything because I stayed with Baiden all day on the swings in a little park. Mostly because the park was right by the bathroom. And I had to keep taking him there all day. Then after lunch we all went and shot our Airsoft guns at targets my dad made. But that quickly turned into a battle against each other. Naturally. Afterwords everyone headed home and we went to Pima because Phil had to get his tooth looked at by a cousin in Safford.  So we stayed in Pima Saturday night- Monday.  See why Baiden got messed up with potty training? Traveling with a newly potty trained child is a big NO NO.

We then got to Celebrate Barton's Birthday on the 27th! Also known as Hobo Day! Summer planned this awesome get together for anyone and everyone to bring supplies and make care bags for those in need.  So many people donated and brought toothbrushes/paste/sanitizer/granola bars/tissue/chocolate/deodorant/socks/beanies etc etc. SO MUCH STUFF.  We made over 60 bags that night.  People stopped in and made their own bags to give to someone on the street.  Great night.  I love this tradition Barton started and wanted us to do. What a great example he is to us. I have been able to give away 2 bags so far. Pretty neat experiences.  Its nice to help out with things other than money. And to help someone without judging them and their past is something we can all do a little more.

Kinzi changed into a new dance class. Instead of a Tap/Ballet/Tumbling she is now in a Tap/Jazz/Tumbling class.  Girlfriend kills me with her dancing.  She is quite good. Seriously, I am one proud mama. She also is loving Sunbeams. I get to be her teacher. Which is so fun! These new little sunbeams are quite a handful. I'm sure they'll learn to adjust to being in Primary. Kinzi is totally one of those kids raising her hand yelling, "ME ME ME" whenever they need a helper.  She is learning she can't and won't be picked every time.

For me, January has been such a good month.  I have really gotten back into the groove of working out daily. November-December were so bad on that aspect. And I think I got a little depressed and was very unhappy with myself come January. But honestly since I have been able to get back to the gym and not be so busy I am feeling great. Not to mention I have been setting goals of only having processed sugar one or twice a week. I would usually have some sort of sweets everyday. I'm such a bad eater its sad. But setting a goal and following through is such an awesome feeling. And once again, I feel great! Oh Yeah, I cut my hair with the new year and that has been lovely too. Nice feeling to take some inches off and have healthy hair again. I'm still growing it out, but I needed to cut it all up to the same length or I was going to go crazy!

So that was January. Good month. Looking forward to the fun things in February.