Thursday, November 6, 2014

September 2014

This month started out with our little 4 year old starting preschool! She has been so excited for this day to come. And I have been pretty excited too!  The morning of, before daddy left for work, Kinzi got her first fathers blessing. She was so sweet and smiling through the whole thing.
Her first day of school pictures. She looks so grown up!

 Her idea of course.

 She loved it! But oddly didn't want to tell me about it. She got annoyed of me asking a bunch of questions. But luckily she ended up telling me about it after I bribed her. 
Baiden actually does just fine without her surprisingly, he makes sure to get a hug and kiss from her when we drop her off and pick her up, or else massive fits!

He thinks stuffing grapes in your mouth is funny.
 We wanted to do one last "hoorah" as a family of 4 so we took the kids to a dollar movie and saw, "How to train a Dragon 2." We ate popcorn and had lots of fun! The kids loved it. It was fun to go do something like that as a family.  It was so fun that the next day at church, Kinzi wanted to go bear her testimony (her second time, she's a pro) and she mentioned that she was grateful for movie theaters haha.
 Baiden selfies are my favorite.
And then the most exciting news of September was of course having Hudson join our family on the 11th.  Ill just let the pictures speak for themselves.

Raine was so kind to take Kinzi and Baiden for the whole weekend.  We came home Saturday and didn't get them back until Monday. Although we missed them, it was a nice little break to get some rest in the quiet.  Not to mention they had so much fun at aunt Raine's house. They loved being with all their cousins! Park picnics, pizza parties, football games-yeah they had a great time.  All our families were such a great help. We really wouldn't have been able to do this without them and all the kind service they did for us.
The next week Kinzi had her first field trip! Luckily daddy took the whole week off and he was able to take her and bring Baiden along.
 They got to go to the aquarium! He was excited because he doesn't get to do things like this with the kids.  He said they all had a lot of fun and took lots of pictures because he knew I'd want them.

Baiden spotted this this little area with fishies before it started. He was pretty excited.

 There was a little playground at the end and he said all the kids were just going crazy haha!
 Baiden puts his hands on his hips for every picture now, I blame his sister.

 They are such lucky kids to have such a good dad! He took them to lunch at the end too. It was a nice little break for me and Hudson to get some rest.
 His first bath! He did pretty good. Wasn't too sure he liked it, and definitely didn't like getting out.

 I put some fake nails on Kinzi that she got from Aunt Raine on and it was hilarious. She thought it was awesome.
 Although the weather was still pretty hot for the most part, they were a couple of somewhat cooler days and we took advantage and let the kids ride their bikes around in front. Which they love, but I have to be out there too, hence why we only go out there when its cool.

 Hudson being cute and getting bigger.
 Overall we have been at home just trying to adjust to a new baby in the house.  Kinzi has been a little more whiny and sensitive all while Baiden has been crazier and had more accidents in his pants.  My patience just isn't there with the lack of sleep, so lets all hope things start getting easier. Right now I am just trying to do whatever it takes to get through.  Hudson is pretty great.  He doesn't cry often and nurses really good. He is such a sweet little thing. We just all adore him.
Phil also had 3 camp outs planned for the month! He was called to the young mens presidency but still needed to go on his camp out with his 11 year old scouts. Then there was a camp out planned with the ym. THEN one planned for daddy daughter.  But since it was raining and he knew it would be muddy and kind of miserable, the daddy daughter camp out didn't happen. But he still took her on a date to get pizza, ice cream, and let her pick out a new movie to have. She picked "UP" and has watched it so many times.
We also got to have Grandma Weech come stay for a couple of days! It was so nice and helpful. Kinzi and Baiden really enjoyed having someone to play with since mommy isn't too fun these days.
 September was a great month! Busy and exciting just like expected.