Monday, April 21, 2008


Well one of the most busy weeks i have ever had is finally over! DANCE! haha it was fun and all but wore me out! last week we had practice mon-wed from 6-11 about. and that saturday before we had practice from 12 to 6!! haha so i was pretty tired from it all. after all those practices we had our recitle thur-sat and we had to be there from 5-9 ish or so. that was so good to get done with. the performance was a lot of fun though! =)
I really didnt have time to do anything though, even eating. My room had been a mess because i had seriously no time to clean it. but finally today i did! woo hoo. my dad came to watch thursday and my mom came saturday, along with my friends and philip! he actually came every night. the first night he didnt get to see me dance really but he had a basketball game. but he still came after. he is GREAT isnt he?!?!

i participated in lots of dances and it was fun. im glad i did it too. now this weekend will be my choir concert which i think will be much more fun. Its more my area and im really excited about it!! wooo, and after all this i shouldnt have to worry bout much. well cept getting married, and finding a job. oh life just does not slow down, but all and all, its way fun and im loving every bit of it!

The pic above is our hip hop and the one to the left is our salsa. the one below well, random dances we were in.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Problem SOLVED!

ok so i have always had headaches. i get them so bad and they basically ruin my day when i get them. sometimes they are due to allergies, and sometimes not. i have always gone to the doctor about them, but nothing seemed to work to well. in 6th grade i actually even got glasses cuz i thought that was the problem haha. well lately when i have been gettin them they just knock me 0ut and i dont want to do anything but just sit there. and i get a pain in my neck.

well i have been doing a lot of dancing in my classes and hurt my back so i went to the chiropractor to get readjusted. he did that but then he was doing something to my neck and asked if i get headaches a lot. i replied "YES!" haha and they place he put his hands were the spot where i get pain on my neck.

he took some x rays just to see what my neck looked like and sure enough he knew the problem. apparently your neck is supposed to have curve in it (the bones) well he held my x rays up to a normal one, haha my neck was almost completly strait with no curve in it. nice huh? and there is another bone out of place that now i have to go back at least once week and get worked on. and i also get to do these neck exercises that should make my neck get a curve in it. im actually really excited to do anything to get rid of my lovely headaches.
phil is my lil coach and helps me do them everyday haha. its a funny concept but i think it will help a lot!!

Monday, April 7, 2008


Well Finally we are engaged as of April 4! We have known eachother since July 23 of 2005, so about 2 and a half years, almost 3. I wrote phil during his mission and when he got back, we started dating 3 weeks later! Phil had been home from his mission for exactly 3 months when he proposed! We are both really excited to get married on June 20 and start our lives together!

This is my boy Philip James Weech! This was my favorite picture from his Mission-he titled it, trying to be like Jesus =) he is cute. The story of him catching the lamb is pretty funny.

and this is us! Summer spiced it up a bit because she is the crafty one in our family and can do all of that cute stuff!