Wednesday, June 24, 2015

May 2015

May started out the best way possible.  I had the chance to go on a girls trip with my sisters to California! I decided 2 weeks before to do a no junk food diet. Mostly to see if I could have the self control. Well I did it! And boy was I excited for the beach and sugar!
These are the snacks I brought for the road trip.
 We made it to the beach.
 I had brought a salad for lunch that day on the beach but didn't realize there was nasty blue cheese in it. And everything tasted like blue cheese, no worries I had my pb m&m's and sour patch kids plus all my sisters food.  This bird that somehow got named "kitty" was super brave.  He thought my salad looked great. But he got one bite and about 100 other ones flew in so I threw it away.
 We were the annoying girls singing along with our music really loud.

 Funny thing, all our swimsuits coordinated for day 1 at the beach.
 The water was freezing.
 We then rented bikes for the evening and rode up and down the boardwalk.
Thanks to summer for providing all the matching sweaters. We just told everyone we were sister wives.
 Day 2.  Me, Lacey and Summer all spent the morning in the ocean.
 We also rode the roller coaster. Even Summer who is afraid of heights did it.
 Photo bombing at its finest.
 We also rented bikes for the afternoon.  Rode to a local taco shop and it was yummy!

This was our friend Diego.  He got us great deals on the bikes we rented.  Awesome kid too!

We finished the night right, dancing together on the beach.
What great Husbands we have to take all the kids.  Hudson was happy to have me home too.
 Found these cute boys playing together one day.
 Kinzi had her mother's day program at school.  They made us these cute little flower cookie bouquets!

Then mothers day rolled around and I got to take my annual pictures with my kids. You know, the ones where nobody can complain about how many we take because I need at least ONE good one. Well I actually got a lot I loved but these are some favorites.

 I also had my mom over for dinner and we watched old family videos together. Fun night!

This baby boy fell asleep drinking his bottle one night. It's so hard being a baby.
 My little shopper boy.
 Kinzi then graduated from preschool! Woo hoo!

 Honestly, it was utter chaos! So many little preschoolers, but she was happy we were there!
 Since the weather was being so nice to us we took our last trip to the zoo before it's too hot! I decided to spoil them that day and we rode camels and fed the giraffes.  The next time the weather would be cool, Kinzi will be in school full time so we took advantage of this trip.

 Miss Kinzi loves helping.  She decided all on her own to do the dishes. She actually asks to do them all the time.  I know that wont last long. She did a pretty good job though. We just looked a little flooded in the kitchen after.

 We watched Barrett one day and him and Baiden are hilarious. They get along so well and have such a great time.

 Went on a date with Phil to see Avengers. Then Ice Cream after. I love dates with this man.
 Baiden found dad's return address stamper for the millionth time. It doesn't come off. So he wore pants to church the next day.  Too hot for a long sleeve shirt too. But hey if he got lost, you would know right where to send him.
 I can't remember what we did this day. Either Swimming or Krazy Air. Whatever it was, well worth it.
 We then went with some friends to the idea museum. We have been wanting to go for a while. It was totally worth all the hype and pricey entrance.

This was a cool black light room with an Alice in Wonderland theme. There were dress up clothes outside the room tor them to dress up. Hilarious!
 There were tons of other rooms to explore.  A lot of craft stations. Then on the other side there is a huge play area.

There was a special area for just babies. Hudson loved the mirror. He thinks he's pretty cute too.

 This is the playhouse with a living room, kitchen, side yard to play in. All the blocks were just there for kids for build and play with.

There was also a music area to put on shows. A puppet show theater. A huge lightbright. So awesome. The kids didn't want to leave. In fact, we didn't eat lunch until 330 that day because we were there so long. And not one complaint of being hungry.

Memorial day we headed to Pima and then the Cabin! Phil wanted to hike the mountain with his dad.  Right before we left for Pima, Hudson threw up and it was the saddest thing I have ever seen. He was so lethargic.  We decided to still head to pima and just go with the flow.  We drove down that night and Phil and his Dad hiked to the cabin the next morning early.  Grandma Weech, me and the kids headed there after lunch.  We got there about the same time as the boys.  After being there a few hours, Phil's stomach started to hurt. Kinzi was coughing a lot. We just figured it might be easier to sleep back in Pima. So we loaded up and headed back. We got back late and the kids were so tired and cranky, therefore I was too. But other than Kinzi coughing on and off through out the night, everyone was fine and healthy. And we had a really enjoyable time.

 Baiden told me he liked my face when he saw me Sunday morning after I got ready. Smart kid to compliment his mommy.

 We put on puppet shows one afternoon. Hearing them laugh hysterically at such simple things is awesome. They ask to do puppet shows all the time now.
 And last but not least, Kinzi had her Dance Recital. She rocked it of course.  So proud of her for working so hard in class.  She really lit up the stage and smiled the whole time.