Monday, June 15, 2015

April 2015

April was a nice relaxed month. We met up with my family and went to the Easter Pageant.  I love going every year and letting my kids watch the story of Jesus.  I love when the 10 virgins dance. It's always been my favorite part.
Everyone grabbed dinner and Raine brought so many desserts to share with everyone for 3 birthday kids.
I was excited to get these sweet little cousins together for a picture. 3 weeks apart and they could easily pass as twins.
 Makes sense though, me and Lacey were asked numerous amounts of times if we were twins growing up.
 Supporting our Family in the Pageant.

 Kinzi's last preschool field trip was to Peter Piper Pizza.  We got tokens and played all the fun games and picked prizes. We also got to all go in the back and make our own pizza's.
 Kinzi gets quiet time instead of nap time and plays in her room and uses her imagination instead of TV or any electronics. Its been really good for her and her imagination has really grown. She really enjoys it, most days.  This is what I found in her room one day after quiet time. All of her stuffed animals were tired and she used whatever she had for blankets.

 Easter Sunday was great. We were excited to listen to conference. Kinzi was so excited to see the prophet. While we were waiting for it to start I peeked in and saw her sitting anxiously waiting for President Monson to come on the screen. And when he did she said, "President Monson is handsome, I want to marry him" from the mouth of babes.
We decorated eggs. We used food coloring this year, way better! The colors were a lot brighter.
 I love doing this stuff with my kids but it really tests my patience. I have this awesome plan in my mind and all the fun we will have. We sit down and instantly an egg is dropped and broke. Followed by 2 or 3 more. Phil had to remind me not to get mad (even though I did) and that it was for the kids and they were still having fun broken eggs and all.

 Hudson even got an egg. He was sure happy about it.
 They got chocolate Easter Bunnies in their baskets.  Whenever they get candy from parties or holidays they get just a little, then I put it up and away in our pantry and its basically never seen again.  I decided to look away this time and just let them eat their whole bunny in one sitting. I bought them for the kids anyway! Next time I'll be sure to buy the hollow ones.
 They loved hunting for eggs. We did it probably 4 or 5 times.
 Baiden's awesome spider-man egg I made. I was proud and he thought I was cool.

Me and the kids took a little stop at the temple to play on the grass one day. Most beautiful place for pictures.

 Dad was working late one night with taxes so we grabbed some cousins and headed to the park. These funny girls got stuck in the swing. It was so funny.  They were stuck good too. I couldn't pull one out without hurting the other. Luckily another cousin was there to push on one of their legs to help.
 We've been back to Krazy Air a couple of times and it never disappoints. Kinzi is learning to keep her legs straight to do a toe touch.
 This is why we really love Krazy Air...
 One night I totally over fed Hudson and learned not to do that one again.
 I have really been enjoying being back in the gym again! It's nice to have a place to go where I know the kids are being taken care of while I get some me time, all while exercising!
 We made it through our first tax season. Proud of this guy and all the extra efforts he put forth in doing so.  He is the hardest worker out there.  We went on a nice date to Cheesecake Factory to celebrate.

Because only one selfie in the car wasn't enough.
 We played at the splash pad.

 Dad had a fun idea to get doughnuts and eat them at the Temple one Saturday morning, so that is what we did!

 The kids taking a "nap" with dad one Sunday.
 They thought giving me a foot massage was so cool. Baiden went a little overboard with the lotion but I was not able to stop him. I had smooth skin for hours!
 I just thought Baiden looked cute reading his book all alone.
 We took another trip to Pima. This time only for fun though. Daddy didn't have to work so we planned lots of fun things. Grandma Weech took us to a friends house where the kids got to hold baby chicks, pet bunnies, cows, horses. So fun. We also got to visit Don and Lauren's Dogs new puppies, I was in love!

 Motorcycle Rides are ALWAYS a request in Pima.

 We had a cookout too!

 Then we saw a really pretty rainbow on our drive home.  It was awesome. You could see the whole entire half circle. Pictures obviously don't do it justice.
 Kinzi's cool hair for dance class one day.
 And this boy is just getting bigger everyday.
Kinzi also learned to ride a bike with no training wheels this month. Baiden could do it too but doesn't really have interest because he is so quick on his other bike.  We also found out Baiden got accepted for Mesa Public Schools preschool for his Speech! He is so excited to go and ride the bus. He is constantly reminding me "Couple Months Mom."
Great Month for us all!

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Lauren said...

Teach me how to get my kids to massage my feet! Your kids are so fun, Soph! Kinzi is looking so much older these days too.