Monday, June 22, 2009

A year? Really?

Has it really been a year since all this?????

So Saturday was our anniversary-woah. We had a fun day! We went to big surf and rode the waves all day. And, uh the back of my legs are sooooooo fried!!! Phil got a lil pink on his back but he says it doesnt hurt to bad, which is good. We put 50 sunblock on, but I hardly put any on my legs....dang. But we had so much fun body surfing all morning-I would do it again (with even more sunblock). We then came home and played lego Batman. We love these lego games for the PS. Then he took me to dinner at Texas Roadhouse-my first time. Delicious! Even though my appietite wasnt as big as usual.

Well I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to be married to my handome husband. I made him a card of 100 things I learned from our first year together, here are a few....
-I shouldnt put dish soap in the dishwasher
-He likes my hair straighted the best
-If I am sad or he is in trouble, all he has to do is dance and I forget about everything else
-He does not like to buy tampons, but he will
-I can wear shorts 3 days in a row and he wont care :)
-Our personalities rubbed off on eachother
-I am a sore loser at games
-He is more domestic than me
-After a big fight and were apologizing, I always get the giggles
-Its necessary to look at the $5 movies whenever you go to walmart
-A closet with one bar doesnt cut it
-The support of the other is Vital
-He wants me to be happy
-He STILL spoils me
-I learned how to really love someone
-He thinks I can do anything I set my mind to
-Other married couples are automatically new friends
-I shouldnt season steak with Red pepper
-The only bug I can kill is a fly...sometimes a spider
There is a lot more but that would be long. Really though I KNOW my husband is the best. I know what it means to love someone more and more each day. I cant get enough of him and his fun personality.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Mesa Bound!

We are all moved in YAHOO!! We love it so much. I love living right by my sisters Sam and Summer! Our house is amazing-such a blessing. We moved in about 2 weeks ago and still everyday we say, "Is this really OUR house?"
Here are some pics of it!

This is our lovely Kitchen. Much more space to cook in here than our apt we had!

Our living room. And Husband playing the piano.

Ok the family before us had the two kid bedrooms painted bright green and blue, and the other bright pink and purple. The green and blue I actually had something to fit in there that looks just right, but the other were going to have to paint. This is the "boy room" it looks like we have a 5 year old son already haha. But its just a guest bedroom.

This is the loft-so cool!
Right to the left of the loft is the master. Honestly, the master is bigger than our last apt easy. Our closet in there, glorious, just glorious!

All the bedrooms are upstairs, and the loft. We are so blessed with this house. Thanks to our familes who helped us move in and everything else.
I didnt get a picture of the backyard and i should have-its so awesome! If you want to see more come visit us!!!

We are loving Mesa so far! Summer lets us come swim in her pool-THANK YOU! Which is nice in this heat. Phil is working hard at his job he transferred to in Phoenix. I am on the look for a job. So if ANYONE knows of any job openings that would be great.

I can be a *nanny (love kids!)*receptionist (Much experience is this area) *waitress-seriously anything!