Friday, April 24, 2009


Ok, we TOTALLY have a house!!! Looks like we will be moving to mesa the second week in May-bring on that sun and more sun.

We are sooo thankful that we have had our prayers answered. The Lord is truly looking out for us. And I know personally he is looking out for me. Let me fill you in on my past week.
-I had two Math tests. One tuesday, the other Thursday. I needed to do well on these because I didnt do well on my other two and thats why my grade was so low. Well I did GREAT on the first which was awesome. I didnt think I did too well on the second, but I did. So in order to now pass the class, I just have to get a 50.4% on my final. I can TOTALLY do that!
-Second, I had to write my major paper this week. 5 pages. Thats actually not too bad, but my teacher is very picky on what she wants. Plus it is worth 20% of my grade. Well today, I finished.
-The paper thing wouldnt of been so bad accept, Tuesday night I had choir practice 6-9:30. Tuesday I had Practice 6-9. Thurs-Sat is our choir concert. yeah! And I usually get done with school at 5 so I basically have lived at the school this week. Thursday we gave two shows in the morning for elementary schools. So needless to say, It has been thee busiest week I think I have ever had. If I can find my charger to my camera I will take pics from the concert and post them. I hope i find it cuz, its my last concert ever. I cant talk about that too much, Im a little emotional over it.
*** Good News however, I WILL be Graduating in exactly 2 (yes count them) 2 weeks!!! YESSSSS!!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Givin' a Shout Out to.....US!

10 Months and Counting!


Were so old. I know.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dont bore yourself too much on this one...

Ok well I KNOW that I am totally late on all this jive, but, Im so into twilight haha. I saw the movie in theaters and I loved it. I know a majority of people HATED it, but I didnt. I also hadnt read the books when it came out so I didnt know what to expect anyways. My lilttle brother-in-law had the first book and I was over at his house and randomly started to read it....then couldnt stop! haha my friends hooked me up with all 3 other books and I read all 4 within about a week (ish). To those amazing readers who read really quick and all the time, this may seem like nothing, haha but I am not one of those amazing readers. I hardly ever read books seriously. But I thoroughly enjoyed reading them. Phil is really excited I am done also because he, "gets his wife back." But really its kinda true, Im pathetic, and I dont care. I loved them. And pretty proud of myself that I actually read a series of something (never have I done that before). So yes, Im way out of date with the excitment. But I dont care. Its funny though, my mind is set in reading/narrorating mode. In my mind I narroate everything I do! My friend Lauren got in the craze the same time I did and she does it too. I wonder, does this happen to anyone else? ha.

ALSO....We just got back from our 5 day (2 days in the car) trip to Utah for conference. Fantastic! We went with Phils family in a big van haha. This is how I had time to do so much reading also ha. I missed three days of school :/ uh haha and didnt mind at all. My favorite talk from conference was from Elder Oaks about service. I could try a lot harder and step out of my little shell to help someone around me. Thats my new goal. And I did take my camera to SL but somehow only took like 1 pic, and it was of me and phil while we were waiting to get into conference. I figured i have put plenty of pics up of me and phil already ha. OH YEAH, we also went through the Salt Lake Temple----one of those dreams come true for me. So beautiful! One of my favorite parts of the trip. I thought it was april too? Because it was soooo cold in Utah you would think it was January or something. I DO love Arizona!

Another Also...Im so close to being done with school. woo! Math is going, better. I got an A on my last quiz that was turned into a test grade, so that should help out a lot. And things are looking up (way up) for our future plans of getting a house. We found out this weekend that the bank accepted our offer to our favorite house! We found this house a while ago and loved it, but when we made an offer, it foreclosed. We then found one just like it but a lil bigger and made another offer, it forclosed. Well the first one that we really liked popped up on foreclosed houses, botta boom botta bing, we made and offer and it wasnt possible of it foreclosing so the bank DID accept it! Yes! When we found out Phils face lit up! He is so good with all this house stuff, while I daze off and have no clue about the stuff he talks about, but I am learning. He does his best to be patient with my 5 year old mind. He is the greatest, so glad I have him. He asked why I didnt tell my family right off--And I just didnt want to get my hopes up, again. But I did tell them, most of them I think. Sorry family I didnt tell. But he told me today that its not TOTALLY official due to some paperwork that still needs to be done. So we still need to keep it in our prayers-faith goes a long way we have realized. If all goes well we can move in May! And I will need a job in Mesa-so any of you mesa people could help me out I would appritiate it. This weekend were moving in with his family so we can save some money until we move. That will be helpful, were grateful his family is taking us in. His family has been such a help with everything. So has mine!! My parents gave us couches, tables and a piano (that are all stored at my inlaws). We have wonderful families we know. Well WOAH this post was long. Sorry about no pics I know this stuff is not interesting to many people haha. And I have a hard time paying attention to post's without pictures (thats the 5 year old mind in me again). Hope everyone is enjoying themselves!