Monday, August 25, 2014

36 weeks

How far along? 36 weeks!

Total weight gain: 25 lbs

Maternity clothes: yep. Or rockin my pj's usually.

Stretch marks: Not that I can see :)

Movements: Yes. He usually is sticking a foot or elbow or knee or something straight out my side. I can tell his is running out of room.

Belly button in or out: Neither, basically it's just flat haha

Wedding ring on or off: Oh its off :( I can still get in on my finger but after about 5 min it gets uncomfortable. So my finger has felt a little naked and probably will for a little while.

Food cravings: Ugh. Anything and everything that's unhealthy.

Symptoms: Stupid heartburn still! And for the first time, my feet are starting to swell. Guess it's sandals from now on. If I don't take least a little 30 min nap while the kids nap, I'm pretty much worthless come 5 a clock. 

Looking forward to: Finalizing everything. Picking up the last of things we'll need for a baby. Hanging shelves. Finishing the boys room! I can't wait for the labor and delivery! And can't wait for Kinzi and Baiden to meet their new little brother.

I have this whole "plan" in my head of what I hope will happen, haha. Phil got a new calling and honestly our September is looking so busy, we have one good weekend to have him. Not that the other weekends we couldn't have him, but it would be so much easier if he would come early like his two siblings. Fingers crossed!

Friday, August 8, 2014

July 2014

Here I just thought June was our busy month. Turned out July was the one.  But a very good busy. Lots of trips, and LOTS of pictures!
On the 4th of July this year, Phil had work off and we were all excited. We didn't really have any plans but we knew we'd fill up the day doing something together. It's tradition to have Daddy get doughnuts for us all every 4th, so that is how our day started! We then went to target that morning to get some things. One of which was Kinzi's new comforter that Dad picked out and was exactly what I wanted.  We then looked at baby clothes, naturally. Kinzi got really excited and started picking out a ton of girl clothes for her, sister? Now she knows very well she is having another brother, she is actually quite excited about it. I think it dawned on her that girl clothes are much cuter though. She would grab anything she thought was cute.  I reminded her 100 times she doesn't have a little sister, she just kept saying, "I know mom, just pretend!"
 We then headed over to Summers to swim on the hot day! They were out of town so the 4 of us just went.  We loved it!

 The next day (Saturday) we headed up to Heber for the day!  We used to go a lot growing up and I have been wanting to go since we got married, we just hadn't made it there yet! But this year we did!
 In the morning was the parade. We got to be with Lacey and her kids all day which was fun because we don't really get to see them often enough. I had a good time with little Willa.

 After the parade, they have a big carnival set up at a park there. Lots of blow up slides and obstacle courses and so much food! Although we didn't get any because I had packed us lunches to save a little $$. I wish we would have had our packed food for dinner though because they had way more options for lunch. All greasy, fatty foods too!

The kids got to do a couple of the fun slides.  All 4 of them went up one together and held hands and counted to 3 and went down, "together." Baiden hesitated just enough that on 3 he stopped but was still holding Kinzi's hand so got drug down with the rest and ended up going on his tummy. Best part is, he was smiling the whole time. Cracking up at the bottom actually.

Then we headed over super early to the football fields to just relax and wait for the fireworks to start.  They didn't start till about 9 and we got over there about 3.  I honestly didn't mind though. It was just so nice to sit and enjoy being outside in amazing weather for 6 hours.  The kids ran around and were crazy and obnoxious.  Phil got a little bored.

 Love this little girl. She was a little tired.

 Daniel made it up there to join us for dinner, he is hiding behind Lacey.  And we got to visit with Summer and Justin who were also up there. Glad we did it, even though it was kind of a long day, it was still fun! Best firework show!!
Baiden was a little terrified of the fireworks at first. But after about 2 or 3 min he really liked them thanks to his Dad.  He talks about fireworks all the time now.

That following Monday my dad planned a little Independence Day swim party at his house for the family. Pizza, swimming, brownies and the kids got to play with sparklers at the end of the night. He also had the night dedicated to Nathan. But as a surprise for him. We all made him cards thanking him for his service in the army. My dad then surprised him with a new gun! Glad we did this for Nathan. He and Sam deserve all the credit they can get. Nathan then spent the rest of the night answering any questions we asked him, and told crazy stories from Afghanistan and training and such. So proud to have a brother who sacrificed so much and served our country. Honor those veterans, we all have no idea the things they have seen and been through.

I caught a cute moment one day after the kids were being silent for a little to long. I just love when they are getting along.
 Another cute moment caught on camera.
 Grandma and Grandpa Weech were down for a weekend, getting ready to fly out to Seattle.  We got to see them and go to Costco with them! Ended up buying a new recliner for our living room and moved the other one into our room so I can rock and nurse little Hudson boy in it.
 After Costco, we went to Culvers and got some custard. At like 10 am. It's always a good time for custard.

 Daddy and Kinzi enjoying the new recliner and being adorable.
One of our nieces got Baptized this month. She looked so cute I'm sad I didn't snap a picture of her. I love being able to see my nieces and nephews make good choices!  My kids got to see Great Grandma Sherwood while there too! And I even managed to snap a picture of them. Baiden was feeling shy and I Kinzi's eyes are crazy, but at least of got a cute picture of them with MY Grandma!
 This month I hit the 30 weeks countdown-its getting real!
 Cute Baiden, with underwear on backwards, story of his life.
 We have got to enjoy some thunderstorms this month too!
 I also got to take the kids to the summer movie club twice in June.  Pretty great deal. Shows older movies from the year before and only costs $1 per person.
 We also got to have Barrett over for a whole day! I love that kid.  Him and Baiden are going to grow up being great buddies! I don't know why Baiden had crazy eyes in both pics, but they are still cute anyways!

We then headed to Pima for the Pioneer celebration! We haven't missed a year since we have been married.  It was in Thatcher this year and they held a 5k that morning. EARLY. At 6am. How I got up and out of bed, I don't know. Lauren so kindly did it with me and we walked and talked the whole way! Little Jax got to come too and didn't make a peep the whole time. Angel baby.

 I love him.  I don't think I heard him cry the whole time we were there visiting.
 Phil finished in great time, obviously.  And was kind enough to wait for his 2 wives ;) to finish. We then went to the pancake breakfast and stuffed our faces full of way to many pancakes.
 Grandma and Grandpa were not in town which was kind of a bummer but they did have two cute kitties there that made up for it for the kids. Like for real, anytime we were there, Kinzi had a cat in her hands.
 Baiden liked to torment them a little too much. He thought poking them was great idea.
 Then they would scratch him and it didn't even phase him. He liked it. He came home with a lot of scratches.

 We then went to the parade, which was too hot to enjoy. Honestly, I was miserable. But the kids of course didn't care.

 Such city kids. They freaked whenever they saw a horse.

 And although I hate these picture of me, I want to still have the memories! I look like a big sweaty mess.
I love Lauren and all the fun we have getting to visit them! We're lucky to have friends who are always up to have fun and hanging out. Even if it means watching a movie late, while I sleep through it.
 Bleh. But its the only family picture we got, I'll take it!

After the parade we went to Casa and then headed over to see fireworks.
Baiden's current obsession is airplanes. Phil put on a you tube video of nothing but planes taking off and landing for 30 min. He sat and watched the entire thing. 
Then it was time to take our family vacation! All of us and Grandpa Weech and Uncle Spencer left for California to play at the beach Thursday morning at 4am! Party in our van! 
We stopped at Dennys for breakfast around 7. Baiden thought liking his yogurt bowl was a good idea. 

We let the kids use the headphones for the DVD player in the car so everyone didn't have to listen to their movies the whole time.

We stopped for lunch at rubios then headed to the beach!

Kinzi became our little surfer girl. She loved riding the waves in on daddy's board. She took a few tumbles but got right back on and really got the hang of boogie boarding! 

Uncle Spencer wanted to be buried.

Day 1 at the beach was such a big success! The kids loved it! We then went to olive garden for dinner where I filled up on bread sticks and salad.  I had too many pb M&M's and sour patch kids during the day to eat anything else.
It was so hard to be in California and not go to Disneyland. We kept toying with the idea. But we woke up Friday morning and knew we were all way too tired to walk around Disneyland all day. The beach sounded best. 
We knew we didn't want to get to the beach too early so we all took it easy that morning.
Although the kids got a little ancy and wanted to go! Kinzi helped Baiden get his suit on 2 hours before we were going to go.

Beach day #2
I promised myself I wouldn't exclude myself from pictures just because I'm in a swimsuit and feel larger than life. And now I am just glad I have pics with my kids at their first beach trip.

Dad and Spencer riding the waves!

This was Kinzi's only request for the trip. She wanted to be a mermaid. That and she wanted to find sea shells but NO starfish haha.
My favorite part was taking my kids each into the ocean. The first time in over 10 years I really went in. Baiden loved it! I would take him out far enough that we could jump the big waves together. He cracked up every time a big wave came and splashed us!

I got much deeper than the pictures show ;)
Right after I surprised myself and grabbed Phil's board and rode a couple of waves in. Ha ha 7 months pregnant and all. 

I then took kinzi out to jump the waves. A really big one came that we just didn't clear and it totally took us out. We came out of the water with my hat gone and both our sunglasses missing. I found my hat but our glasses were gone. Kinzi didn't care the wave took us out, but was pretty distraught her glasses were gone. I calmed her down telling her the fishies were going to wear them now.

  Popsicles and ice cream to end the day! 

Took about 5 min...

We then woke up Saturday and left for home. The kids did great there and back. And watched way to many movies.  But, they were good and never complained. Baiden had to pee like every hour the first half of the trip home, we had some close calls but he did good and didn't have any accidents. Luckily I didn't mind stopping for a restroom break a lot.  Baiden and I were having to deprive ourselves of beverages or we'd have to stop more. Such a fun trip! I think I had my fill on car rides for a while though. Although it wasn't too bad being a car 12 hours 7 months pregnant, I wouldn't want to do it again anytime soon.

Somehow Grandpa had energy once we got home to give the kids a little horseback ride.

Kinzi passed out that night on me around 6:30, same with Baiden but he was in bed. 
And just a picture of us headed to church the next day!