Monday, August 25, 2014

36 weeks

How far along? 36 weeks!

Total weight gain: 25 lbs

Maternity clothes: yep. Or rockin my pj's usually.

Stretch marks: Not that I can see :)

Movements: Yes. He usually is sticking a foot or elbow or knee or something straight out my side. I can tell his is running out of room.

Belly button in or out: Neither, basically it's just flat haha

Wedding ring on or off: Oh its off :( I can still get in on my finger but after about 5 min it gets uncomfortable. So my finger has felt a little naked and probably will for a little while.

Food cravings: Ugh. Anything and everything that's unhealthy.

Symptoms: Stupid heartburn still! And for the first time, my feet are starting to swell. Guess it's sandals from now on. If I don't take least a little 30 min nap while the kids nap, I'm pretty much worthless come 5 a clock. 

Looking forward to: Finalizing everything. Picking up the last of things we'll need for a baby. Hanging shelves. Finishing the boys room! I can't wait for the labor and delivery! And can't wait for Kinzi and Baiden to meet their new little brother.

I have this whole "plan" in my head of what I hope will happen, haha. Phil got a new calling and honestly our September is looking so busy, we have one good weekend to have him. Not that the other weekends we couldn't have him, but it would be so much easier if he would come early like his two siblings. Fingers crossed!

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Lauren said...

Whew! That last post was a long one! Haha my favorite part was when Kinzi lost her glasses and you told her the fish would wear them ��. That's why you are such a fun mom! I'm sooooo excited for Hudson to get here!!! I hope this last month goes well for you. Swelling is no bueno, but I'm sure he'll pop right out just like the rest of them! Haha!