Monday, May 12, 2014

April 2013

April was a fun month.  We have really been trying to soak up all the amazing weather and play outside a lot.
 We could (and did) spend lots of time with sidewalk chalk. Getting nice and dirty.
 The kids love to go outside and ride their bikes around the front. I can just sit and enjoy watching and relax. Or sometimes I jump on Kinzi's tricycle and one kid would sit on back while I pedal them.  Doubt I can do it anymore with this baby bump, but the kids sure think its funny! I'm sure everyone that drives by thinks I'm nuts too!

 One alternative to not watching TV that we like to do is turn Pandora music set to Disney songs.  We all dance around and it keeps the kids entertained pretty good. I know Disney songs very well, almost as good as Kinzi now ;) Baiden can even sing along with some. Kinzi has been REALLY into using her imagination lately. I love it. If she wakes up from her nap and notices I am taking a nap, she goes outside and pretends to be all sorts of things with all sorts of imaginative princesses and friends. I know this because I have woken up to her singing at the top of her lungs, "LET IT GOOOO!"
This picture was the day I taught them to slow dance together. They both liked it a lot! Baiden didn't last long but he now knows how to do it and they do every once in a while, its too cute!
 Cute picture of them grocery shopping. Those carts are nice for having enough space for food, but honestly they fight so bad sitting next to each other. But I caught this non staged moment and it was priceless.
 Baiden found my new lipstick.  I'm not one to buy or wear it but I thought to start trying it out.  The day after I bought it he found them and went lipstick crazy. Most of them have bite marks in them now. He has been way more into makeup that Kinzi was.  Although every time I put it on now, she asks for it and I happily oblige.

For Easter I wanted to take Kinzi to the Easter Pageant put on by members of the LDS church. It happens every year at the Mesa Temple grounds.  My mom used to take us a lot growing up. And my sister and her 4 kids all participated this year too. Kinzi was old enough to understand it so I planned the whole night for the two of us. She picked grilled cheese for dinner with fries. Then I picked up doughnuts for dessert. We arrived early so we could lay blankets out and have good seats on the ground. We ate our dinner and dessert then played board games and colored while we waited for it to start. Such a fun opportunity to have with her.  She was able to see the life of Christ acted out in front of her eyes.  She recognized that he was resurrected and came back to life after he died. She was able to comprehend what Easter is really about and why we celebrate it.

We actually got to go to the Pageant again a couple nights later with most of my family. Right after it was over we drove straight on through to Pima to spend the Easter Holiday with Grandma and Grandpa Weech.  We are averaging once a month in Pima it seems but we love it there. We get to visit family and our BFFS Don and Lauren.
Friday night we had a little cookout in the backyard. With yummy steak, garlic bread and even made smores in the fire pit. The kids loved that.
  We spent Saturday lunch with the Thompson Crew.  We were going to have a Easter Egg hunt after lunch but it had rained and was super dirty and muddy. Not to mention our kids were very tired and ready for naps. So we did a little hunt with them after their naps before the sun went down that Saturday.

The next morning was Easter.  I quickly made little arrow signs pointing to where the Easter Bunny had left their presents. Kinzi though that was fun.

We then got dressed in our Easter clothes that took me all month to find.  And I was determined to get a good family picture. Baiden just wasn't having it.
This one was cute though!
 Phil knows how important pictures are to me on holidays especially so he made sure we tried again before leaving for church. Even though the lighting is terrible, we took more, they turned out a little better.
 And we took some when we got home too. I'm a freak, I know.

What a blessed Easter we had.  We had a hunt, a yummy ham and potato dinner and learned more about the Savior. Not only did He die for our sake and provided the atonement, but we know that He lives. I loved getting to teach that to Kinzi who understood it and can see her testimony and how its starting to grow.

Monday, May 5, 2014

20 weeks pregnant with #3

Because my best friend did this with her latest pregnancy, and I want to be just like her, I'm doing it too. Sure wish I would have with the others!

How far along: 20 weeks

Total weight gain: 6lbs

Maternity clothes: No. I just went through all of me and my sisters maternity clothes. They are so old and ugly. But I have bought lots of skirts and dresses to help me through summer. And majority of the week I'm in workout clothes anyways.

Stretch marks: Nope.

Movements: Yes! So fun! Kinzi felt him move yesterday and got so excited she said "HE IS COMING TONIGHT!"

Food cravings: Unhealthy food. That's not exactly out of the ordinary though...

Symptoms: Heartburn.

Signs of labor: Let's hope not.

Mood most of the time: Pretty good. A little too impatient sometimes and lazy Haha

Belly button in or out: In. It never popped out with the other kids but it like flattened out.

Looking forward to: Switching Kinzi out of her room and moving Baiden into the big room to get ready to share! And painting!