Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Things

Lots of new things going on at our house. Phil started school again and is ready to get really good grades he says :) which of course he will. I started a NEW job (thank goodness) at a elementary school assisting in a reading class. The whole hosting thing was not going great and considering I am on my feet ALL day I knew I didnt want that job much longer. So far I am loving this one, I work with kids all day and get to sit down the whole time and I am busy the WHOLE day long! Hosting during the day all week long got wayyy to boring but this one keeps me soo busy and the day goes by so fast. Plus I am done in may and will have all of June off to get ready for our little miss. I also got a 3rd calling in our ward. Dont be confused though, I have been released from the other its just my 3rd calling I have had since July. Sunday school teacher, Primary teacher and now....YW advisor!! I am an advisor over the mia maids and couldnt be more excited!! Although I am still mistaken for a Young Women and not a leader its still fun. (those funny stories of me looking 18 and younger are for another post-there are many stories trust me)Maybe getting a bigger belly will help...I hope. Anyways, Phil is in Young Mens so its perfect, we both have mutual wednesday nights. So a lot of new things are going on and change is always fun.

My sister Lacey just had her baby girl Nelly on January 5 and I went to visit last weekend and took some pictures for any cousins or whomever want to see her...
This is Lacey's boy Dallan who wanted to ride the Elephant he saw when we were at dinner, he did just eat some chocolate ice cream if you cant tell.

And this is our daughters soon to be cousin/BFF Nelly Lynn Rawlings. She is so petite and girly. I cant wait!

Oh and I guess I just wanted to share some of the delicious food we had. Phil had the idea to make them one night (thank goodness he can come up with yummy meals-or we would be eating the same thing over and over which I dont mind but I am sure he gets bored of).


After...mine is the ALL meat one. No seafood here!

Monday, January 11, 2010

And the result is...

Could my life be any better? I think not.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catch up, not Ketchup

Well let me catch up on whats been going on around here...
Christmas was great. We spent half the week with my family relaxing and juvst visiting and then spent the other half with phils doing pretty much the same thing. Relaxing and not having a scedule is how I like my Christmases. I had been wanting a "snuggie" for christmas sooo bad and kept asking phil to get me one. I get cold so easy and yes, I even freeze (like my teeth chatter) here in mesa. But he did so much better look at this thing...

Snuggies dont have a back, this thing is like a sleeping bag with arms haha! Phil also got me a bike so I can ride while he jogs because there is no way I will go Running. We took it out for a spin that day and took his mom's dog with us. I really wanted to take that dog home. Since I am getting my baby fix with an actual baby in little bit, we decided to wait on getting a dog. But it will happen in the future.
I also got a lot of other things of course from family and LOOOOOVE my pillows that Emily made me! Just so you know Em, everyone who has came over has complimented them and said your such a good seamstress:) I am so glad you had me this year haha.

Then New Years happened and we went over to my sisters house and partayed!! Except phil was sick and left at 9 15 to go home and go to sleep. No new years kiss for me...
Then last monday the 4th was His birthday and he turned 23. Yes, we are young I know. I got him Madden 10 and I am pretty sure he loved it. We went to dinner and then saw Sherlock Holmes. Which I totally recommend, Loved it. He didnt have to work on his birthday but I did. I asked him what he did all day and he said nothing. Sounds like a perfect birthday to me! He also got to go snowboarding the next day which he had been looking forward to allllll winter. He went with our Friend Don and about after a run each, they both got hurt and called it a day. Old men.

And last but not least, Ill be 16 weeks on saturday and have a little bump to show! woo! And even better news, We will find out what we are having on Monday!!! I have always wanted a little girl to dress up and those things but I am pretty set on the fact that it is a little boy. Either way, I am going to be so excited and happy just to know what it is!