Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Lets get the party started!

This past weekend my sisters and mom all got together and had a sister weekend. There were no kids, just us 6 ladies ok and Kinzi got to come. She was the only baby allowed I guess. We rented a hotel and all stayed together and, didnt sleep. BUT worth it.

We started off the weekend the way it should be and got pedicures. Fantastic. I hadnt had once since two years ago when we went wedding dress shopping for me haha.

Which ones are the cutest?

We then had dinner at IHOP which is becoming a tradition since our last trip. Then headed to our favorite store-Savers! Holla! We decided to all pick out outfits with the same color. They let me pick...can you guess the color?

I picked Hot Pink in honor of my little Kinzi girl. Since her room has absolutley no pink in it-I thought maybe it would be ok to pick pink this one time.

Then after getting all pinked out, we tried to find something to do. Walked down main st to Sweet Cakes and it was closed. Then wanted some Bahama Bucks so we made a stop there about ten min before they closed-oops, but they were very nice about it.
OH AND, they have a new flavor-Birthday Cake. Probably the best thing ever.
Then we headed out to sing some Karaoke!! We danced and sang along with everyone else who sang. We put in our names for more than 10 songs and sang, once.

Haha water for the mormon girls.

We then headed back to our hotel and were ready for bed. But oh wait we didnt go to sleep. We all brought clothes we wanted to get rid of and went through them and took eachothers clothes home! Yeah I know, greatest idea ever. So we all came home with new clothes and didnt have to spend any money on them.

So we finally went to sleep around 3 and woke up the next morning at 8. Holy Moly. We were a wee bit tired. The next day was my baby shower so we had to get up early. But it was nice because it was in the lobby of our hotel. Worked out great.
My sister-in-law Sam provided almost all of the cutest decorations for the shower. I couldnt of pictured it any better. Thanks Sam I am so glad you are apart of this family!! And to ALL my sisters for the best "tweets" ever. I really like sweets so I decided thats what should be at the shower-it was awesome.

The Shower was a Bird theme-it was so cute!

Funny story, My mom brought Phil a present that he came and picked up afterwards. It was this shirt with paci's hanging down on it. She told him it was HIS nursing shirt haha-my mom is such a dork.

Kinzi is already getting so spoiled!

My new diaper bag that my sister made. How cute is that right? I LOVE it and cant wait to use it!

This is my cousin Alisse and I. We are 3 weeks apart and both expecting baby girls! So fun!

They love eachother can ya tell?

So a GREAT weekend was had by all. Thanks for everyone who came and for the gifts it was an amazing turn out.
And thanks again to my sisters and mom for putting on a great shower! I love being best friends with all of you so we can do fun stuff like this together!
Time to plan another girls weekend...

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Birthday time!

Happy Birthday to a special girl named Lo lo! Miss Lauren turns 21 today and here is a little shout out to her! For all of you who dont know her here are some fun facts... She has thee prettiest singing voice of anyone I know. Its like that gorgeous voice you hear in the choir that you always wanna know who it is, well its her. She always has a positive attitude and outlook on life. She is outstanding at making the ugliest faces. With that being said, she is also one of the prettiest girls I know. She plays the violen very well. She is humble. She is a good wifey to her husband. She had two left contacts for a while and would run into corners a lot. (has that changed yet though?) She is the only person I want to go to dances with. Well besides my husband, but he will only dance with me on the slow songs. She was Mary Poppins at Spring Sing for EA and was the best soloist there. I know she would tell me the truth if I asked her if something was too tight on me, or looked stupid altogether. She says, "Your fine" a lot. and guess what lo? I do all the time now too. She loves her family. She is very funny. Even when she isnt trying. Oh lauren, ever since we were kids we have been such, WAIT! I have only known you since I was 18. oh oops. Well I hope your 21st birthday is the best one yet! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you! Now here are some pictures for your enjoyment... Oh and this video is on here just for you to laugh at. I couldnt decide which one to post but everytime I hang out with you and bring my camera, you always go through my pics and videos. so Here you go. Enjoy.

Ok and since Im home sick with nothing to do and have free time, here are some more videos that I know will make you laugh.