Friday, February 12, 2010

As of yesterday...

I am one year old-and wiser ;)
21 years ago I made my entrance into the world.
About 16 years ago I had a "cat themed" birthday party. Which included crawling around on mats meowing and literally pretending to be cats. My friends probably thought I was so weird.
13 years ago-baptized.
9 years ago-Graduated from Primary and became a young woman
5 years ago-I went on my first date ever.
3 years ago-officially became and adult.
2 years ago-told the first boy ever that I loved him. (yes I ended up marrying him)
1-year ago-did too much homework.
This year was great! I got at least a call/text/email/fb message from EVERYONE in my familieS. Along with all my friends. At work they even brought in a cake, had a card and a present for me!! Did I mention I LOVE working there? Had a perfect grilled chicked dinner at home-exactly what I asked for. And, finally, my Wonderful Husband to me to see Mary Poppins!!! Holla! One of the best things I have ever seen. Loved it. Wished I could of gone down and done supercalifragilisticexpialidocious with them. And NO I did not look up how to spell it. We did that song in college for choir. Ask me about it sometime-I will happily sing and do the whole dance for you.
Great Birthday. Thanks Babe! And thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes!

You can def. see that bump poppin out now.
This is my, "Im 21 and *almost 21 weeks pregnant" happy face.

All the clothing I have on-including shoes and bracelet are items my sister Summer dressed me up in. Thanks for the help summer-I wouldnt of looked cute without your help!