Monday, February 1, 2016

December 2015

We made it to December.  Bring on the parties, family time, and lots of pictures.  Our first even was Phil's work party. He had only started this job a few days prior to the party so we both met a lot of new people that night.  The party was held at Rawhide. A old western themed little town.  Dinner was provided. Steak, potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls, etc. Amazing! Dinner was hot apple crisp with vanilla ice cream and they gave everyone little baggies with all the supplies to go make smores outside in the fire pits.  

 We then got some old western photos taken and walked around and checked out the rest of Rawhide.  Watched a goofy show, went into a candy shop, jail, and did some rock climbing.  Phil said if I made it to the top in my heels that he would give me $100 bucks. Done.

 We came home to a cute sight. We usually tell the babysitters to just put Baiden asleep in our room so they don't have to deal with the boys waking each other up.  We love coming home to him crashed in our bed too.
 We then had our first Christmas family night and learned about when the Savior was born.  The kids got to dress up and act out the Nativity.  Or more like, just let mom get some pictures.  The little shepherd thought dressing up was awesome. But man, he was busy.  Phil was taking a video and I didn't realize it and am jumping and yelling very obnoxiously "HUDSON HUDSON HUDSON" to try and get him to stop for a second.

 Baiden fell asleep in the carpool lane. Cutest.
 Next up on the party list was our ward party. Santa was there even! I was betting Hudson would be my first to scream and cry for me but alas I was wrong. He sat there and gave us the biggest smile haha!

 Cuddles with my favorite babies.

 When daddy comes home, it really is their favorite time of day.
 Well check for Kinzi. Hudson was pushing this box all over the waiting room.
 The kids get super bored once were in the room so I told them to make different faces for different pictures.

 Hudson got in on the fun.  Sad fact. After the doc came in and was talking to me, Hudson fell down those stairs. Talk about failing right in front of your doctor.  Luckily he's awesome and didn't make any remarks about me haha! I'm sure he's seen it before right?
 He lives the good life.
 Wearing her cute headband and Cheryl made her. She likes to dress herself and sometimes I just kiss her and say bye without thinking about it.
 We got to spend some time with some of our best friends whom we just don't see enough. All of our kids are the same ages about and we love seeing them have fun together.
 I just don't know how it all happened.  When did we grow up?
 Anytime I ask Baiden what he did at school his reply is, "um, play with cars" or "um, didn't play with cars" so usually I have to get more specific in my question asking. I love when he brings home his crafts. This one was my favorite. He looked hilarious hopping off the bus looking like a Reindeer.
 Kinzi participated in the kindergarten Christmas program.  She was even asked to give a little speaking part! She did so good.

 Her and her cute little friend Ryker.
 I got to go into class with her to help her make a gingerbread house. So fun.

 We love Mrs.Burton!
 The next day was Kinzi's Christmas recital.  Once again, she owned the stage.  We're taking a little break from dance to let her try something new this year so this recital tugged on my heartstrings a lot of bit.

We saw her friend again there watching his sister and Kinzi asked to get a picture with him again. This picture makes me laugh so hard. They are so cute!
We then had our Sherwood Party. Which I didn't get any pictures of. Everyone brought Mexican Food and desserts. We did a Christmas for another family in need.  Dressed up all the kids for the Nativity and put on a program at a shelter for the homeless.  A place Barton use to go to.  Amazing experience even though Hudson was difficult and cried most of it. After we went back to summer's and ate, played games and hung out till oh 11 pm, kids and all.
This was the sunset that night as we headed to the Shelter. It was beautiful!
 Christmas Sunday pictures.  AGAIN with that little toddler.

 I sang with the choir and also got to sing a duet with another sister in the ward. Our voices blended really well and I am looking forward to sing with her again.  My dad came to watch and when I looked in the pews I noticed it was just Baiden and grandpa and I thought, "wow, Baiden is behaving really well". Come to find out, Baiden had Phil's phone and was taking pictures. This one of my dad is a keeper. He had neck surgery and had to wear that brace for a while.
 My beautiful baby.
 And my very sad baby.  He is really good with the water works.
 We had a fun time driving around looking at Christmas lights one night.
 Christmas eve jammie time.

 Kinzi had the idea to give the reindeer a lot of carrots. We had to convince her only 1 or 2 carrots each.
 Santa Came!

 Dad had been working hard these last few weeks getting this done for the kids. We all love it.
 Kinzi can read very well now and her writing is coming along also. Phil and I both got a good laugh at this note he found hung up on his wall by his desk.
 Then our Baiden boy turned 4!
 He said his #4 pancake looked like a giraffe-he had a good point.
 I love how easy going he is.  I invited two of his friends from the ward to join us at falcon field airport park.  We bought some cupcakes and called it a party-he loved it! I forgot about candles so he got to blow out a match haha-he thought it was awesome.
 Checking out the airplanes.

That night Phil took him and Kinzi to ride the light rail. Something Baiden had been wanting to do for a while. They went and got donuts and had a great time.

 He's a goof.
 New years was spent doing sparklers with the kids and putting them to bed at 7 then Phil and I watched a movie and played some yahtzee while drinking sparkling cider.  Our kids had colds and were usually partied out by new years so we didn't mind. One year we'll do something exciting I'm sure. I am ok with our laid back new years party for now though.