Sunday, April 19, 2015

March 2015

I loved March this year.  Did a lot of fun activities.  The first weekend in March there is an airplane even held at a small airport by our house, Falcon Field.  There is a park there and its one of our favorite parks, and even better with a big event going on.  They have a ton of old fashioned cars out to roam through and look at. Free Bounce houses. Food Trucks. A model train exhibit. And of course they have all of their airplanes out on the runway on display to go walk around and look at.  Plus you can go watch them take off and land. Its so fun to be up close and personal with them.
I had been looking forward to this event for quite some time, the kids were pretty excited too.
 Just get used to Baiden's pose.
 The kids loved these awesome little towns with trains going around them.

 Watching the airplanes!

 Funny little story.  Baiden saw this Falcon walking around and when he saw it stop he took of toward it.  Another little boy was in front of it looking at him but was too scared to hug it, right then Baiden swooped in and grabbed the falcons arm and put it around him and made the bird hug him haha! It was so funny! There was a photographer right there when it happened and he was snapping away and cracking up. Told me it made his day.
Hudson has been getting lots of new tasty foods and loves everything!
 Growing up too fast.

 Kinzi's class had a field trip to the fire station. The first time we went,  they must have had a call so weren't there. We tried again the next week, and once again weren't there. She was a little disappointed but still got a hat. 
Hudson was happy to be strapped to me looking at all the preschool kids.

 Hudson turned 6 months old! 

We got to use my birthday gift and go see Cinderella at Gammage.  It was super fun to get dressed up and go out with just Phil since we don't get to do it often.

The second weekend in March was a weekend I was so excited/terrified of.  My brother had this idea for all us siblings to do a tough mudder together. Well, I can proudly say, we all did it! All 11.5 miles of mud, and obstacles.  It was fun to see how far I could push myself and accomplish the obstacles I was most scared of. None of us skipped any obstacle. Plus I did the monkey bars without falling, definitely the biggest highlight for me.
I think I went to long without food and the car ride home was the worst. I felt like I was going to throw up. Once I got some food in me I felt so much better, and cant wait to do it next year with my crew!

 Epic picture of Nathan after ringing the bell on "swingers" where you jump out to a swing and hold on and try to ring the bell.
 Buddy Carry.
Safe tear gas.  It just felt like an amped up humidifier. I actually liked it haha.
 This obstacle was crazy hard and didn't look hard at all. It was called the birth canal.  All that water weight on top of you and you had to scoot through. Once you got out you were exhausted! So much harder than it looks.
 Mud mile.  Bring on all the mud.

The last obstacle was electro shock therapy.  Yep, as fun as it sounds. I actually laughed every time I got shocked.  I think my body was so tired it was all I could do.

We got to babysit Carlee for a day.  She only liked Kinzi haha.
I caught Baiden peeing off the fort.  His dad was so impressed.
 And the next series of pictures I like to call, "Baiden skipped his nap"

Phil went to Mountain Men with his young men for a couple of days so we headed up to Pima because I don't like being home alone.  We met Lauren and her boys for R&R pizza then went to the park and fed ducks.  Although Jax thought we brought the extra food for him...
 Saying goodbyes couldn't be cuter.
 After leaving grandma's house from the weekend, they all crashed in like 10 min.
 Hudson had his 6 month check up and dropped to the 10 percentile haha! But honestly doesn't look that small, he is still nice and chubby.  Plus I had a goal to nurse him exclusively for 6 months and did it!  I started him on a little bit of formula a couple weeks later.
 His appointment was crazy. I had all 3 kids. And plus I had already taken them shopping earlier that day.  They really are pretty well behaved kids honestly, but we waited for a while in the room.  If only we could have waited out by the TV's and toys it would have been fine.  There's only so much a 3 and 4 year old can do for so long in a small doctors room.

Hudson kept eating all the paper.
 Baiden got into trouble for licking everything and not stopping.

 Kinzi seriously asked at least 20 questions.
 But I do love them.

 Kinzi got to go on a date with her daddy to see the "Grown up Cinderella Movie" And what do you know I had everything on hand to turn her into Cinderella. I guess you could call me a fairy godmother haha. She gasped when she saw herself in the mirror.
 Doing her hair was the best part. Girl has the best hair ever.

 We also did a short zoo trip, just to go play at the splash pads.

 I took this picture to remember the most massive fit she had just had.  She got sent to her room for the second time in 5 min for not getting along with Baiden and was NOT happy. She was SCREAMING at the top of her lungs and crying and yelling. But, the funniest thing was that she was yelling, "I don't want to do this. I don't like this. I JUST WANT TO BE A PRINCESS!" But like I said, yelling and screaming at the top of her lungs. Don't think I've ever seen that before, but I was cracking up at what she was saying
 Hudson holding his own bottle, just getting so big.
 He got tired waiting for me to dress him one night.
 Learning to sit up.

 Kinzi and Baiden have been sharing a room just while Hudson sleep trains.  And since they are doing that, they have been waking up super early.  Well one Sunday it was about 5 am when they woke up. Well, it caught up to the both of them during Sacrament Meeting.  Kinzi said she was tired so I suggested she lay down on me and I'd tickle her back. Took her a few min.  Then Baiden was pouting on the floor because Phil went up to sing with the choir. He hadn't moved for a while, and I realized he had fallen asleep too. All the while, a young women in our ward wanted to hold Hudson, I look over and he's passed out on her. So all three asleep haha.