Saturday, April 4, 2015

February 2015

Technically we were still in Pima when February started so I'll just pick up there.
Kinzi loves this kitty. She was loving the fact that it was asleep on her.
 Hudson's cute, always.

 Baiden drew the funniest picture of Grandpa.
 And Kinzi's masterpiece of Grandma.
 Once home we went to the park one day and Hudson enjoyed his first swing ride.
 He's also been enjoying bath time a lot lately. He's full of giggles.
 The kids had another great dress up day.

 My birthday was pretty "so-so" this year.  Kinzi had a stomach bug 2 days before so I was worried the whole week that I was going to get it.  Baiden actually got it the night of my birthday but hey I didn't get it haha. And luckily it didn't last over 6 hours with the kids.  But the weekend before Phil took me out to BJ's while Sara watched our kids. He also bought me tickets to go see "Cinderella" at gammage in March. He rocks.

No one was actually sick on my birthday so at least that was nice. And I had so many people show me lots of love, so overall it was great!
We went and visited my good long time friend Don Wisdom, we share the same birthday!
 Known him since I was born!

 These 3 kids are a pretty great gift too.
 My birthday treat!
 More fun hairstyling for her Valentines party at preschool.
Valentines days was spent attending a Funeral for my Cousins 16 year old son.  Such a sad story, but I loved hearing the stories from his life and witnessing the youth sing at his funeral.

A cute picture of Hudson I couldn't leave out.
 Baiden loves being his dad's helper.

 Hudson, again.
 Lately I haven't been enforcing naps as much.  Sometimes I will make him take them but sometimes I would rather just put him to bed early. The days we do skip naps sometimes end in him falling asleep in the afternoon in funny places haha.
 Baiden also had his first testing for speech.  We have another appointment next month for further testing. His hearing was off that day because of a cold and he was not in a cooperating mood but he was sure happy to get a big ole cookie I promised him at the end.
 Watching Fantasia on Netflix.  All 3 kids were interested.
 More time at Krazy Air. They have a super cheap mommy and me deal.

 Kinzi got whacked with the ladder when spun off it and blood was everywhere! She got a pretty good cut but handled it surprisingly well.
 The saddest part was when I said we could put a band aid on it she said, "But everyone will laugh at me" broke my heart.  Luckily I convinced her that would never happen. And I also promised to get her princess band aids.
 Could my view be any better in the morning? Nope.
 We did a color run with some of my sisters and our cousins.   Although we were a tad late and they told us there was no more powder. So lame.  But we ran like 1/10 of a mile and went to the finish with everyone else haha and joined the awesome party!

 See what I mean about those naps.
 One more picture for your viewing pleasure.

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