Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My most recent thoughts...

So this is EXACTLY how I have been feeling lately.... Im really, really ready to graduate soon. 6 weeks. Hopefully I can pass my Math class. I have never been worried about passing a class before until this one. Im excited to move on with life a little and all that jazz. sooooooooooooon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Our HAPPY vacation!

Spring break was fabulous. We went to Disneyland/California Adventure. Great. The weather was grand and lines were short(er) than usual. My hubby spoiled me and let me get lots of ice cream, churros, and cotton candy! ah! I loooove this place. We had a ton of fun. Oh and we took a plane. =) Thee coolest parade ever. It was one of my most favorite things of our 3 days we spent there!

I was so excited to see Sulley. I waited in line with all the kids seven and under for this pic and was so proud.


So its not rotated eh, we actually got to meet mickey after going through his house. That never happens!! And he shrunk!

Apparently i didnt rotate this like i thought either. Just turn your head slightly =)

We got a little bored waiting to get off the plane in Arizona.

We love space mountain, ice cream at Cali adventure, SCREAMIN (went on it the most), Maliboomer, Buzz lightyear ride, Blue Bayou restraunt, high school musical 3 performance (ok thats just me), river rapids, play parade, Soaring over California, Indiana Jones. My FAV is tower of terror, Phils is Splash Mountain.
loved it all.