Friday, July 31, 2015

June 2015

June was welcomed with Swim lessons and dentist appointments.
Kinzi went with Dad to their appointments.  She informed the dentist that she wanted to be a dentist when she grew up, and a mom. She also informed him that she wanted to work there.  He promised her that job in 24 years he said.  It makes Phil so happy that she's got a fun idea of what she wants to be when she grows up.  Dr. Porter said she is a very animated 5 year old.
The next day was me and Baiden's turn to go.  He insisted on wearing his Batman mask.  I couldn't tell him no.  The hygienist got the biggest kick out of it. In fact she asked if she could take a picture so she could tell people she cleaned Batman's teeth.  She also sent me the picture, pretty hilarious.  He did really good. I was in another room, but I heard him laughing and talking so he wasn't scared. We love our dentist.
 Swim lessons went as expected. We did the cheaper lessons this year and it worked out fine. Baiden cried the first two days but was just fine the rest of the two weeks. He is actually so happy in the water and loves it. Just not when someone is there telling him what to do.  Kinzi did really great.  I wish the teachers would have made her do more things because I know she could do them, she did it with me.  But you get what you pay for I guess. It was fun for the kids to go swim everyday for two weeks. And a good way to start off our summer.

These seemed to be the only pictures I got of swim lessons. Go figure.
 Me and Hudsy boy just got to hang out.
 Don't know where Baiden was.
Hudson's new haircut.
 Kinzi was looking over the back seat for something and got stuck.  I am that good of a mom that I snapped a picture first before helping her. I was laughing SO hard.
 Hudson had his 9 month check up. And yep, still in the 5th percentile all around, but he's perfect!

 And my shadow.

 I took this picture to remember it wont always be like this.  He wont always be crying at my feet all day and needing me all the time, and I love being needed by him, usually.
 I don't know why I took these pictures but he is quite the little character.  His 3 year old self has sure given me a run for my money, but he makes me laugh ALL THE TIME.  Sometimes that's all I can do with him.

 Everyone needs a sibling picture like this right?
Hudson was quite impressed with his new toy. $4 score.
I got to babysit a lot of nieces and nephews one day.  I couldn't say no to either and I wanted it that way! 11 kids 8 and under and just me. Hahaha.  They all kept each other pretty entertained so that was nice.  Although Dallan ended up getting stung by a scorpion.  His body reacted pretty much as horrible as it could have. Luckily by the time things started getting crazy his parents we're already back. He ended up going to the hospital and getting some pain meds.  But I got to keep Lacey's kids the rest of the day which was so fun because I never get to see them.  And I got to pretend I had twins.
We love going and playing card games on Sundays at Nathan and Sam's house. Sometimes we play pretty late and Baiden and Kaylin passed out.
Hudson was being crabby while shopping one day so I thought I was so smart bringing along a little squeezable food pouch.  He was so excited that he literally grabbed onto it while I still had it and squeezed everything out all over the place. His face, clothes, the cart, my shoes. It was hilarious.  A worker saw me right after and hurried and brought me some paper towels.  Not a single drop of the food made it into his mouth but there was a little bit left after to give him a little bit.

I realized fathers day was coming and I needed to get the kids pictures for daddy's tie done.  So I dressed them up for no other reason then to get some cute pictures for dad.  They turned out really great. So good that the lady had to ask me at Walmart if they were professional because I needed a photo release. Luckily they were only taken from my cell phone.

She's the most photogenic little girl. Not to mention she poses herself and never complains. It only takes one shot with her. She's just so old.
And apparently I didn't think to clean Baiden's feet before taking the picture. Eh. You win some you lose some. He's still cute, and it captures Baiden pretty well.
And of course he couldn't be better.

Kinzi then turned 5!  She had it set that she wanted to go to the movie theater for her birthday. I tried to explain that taking a bunch of friends to a theater was not exactly affordable.  However, she really wanted to bring friends along.  So we compromised.  "The grown up Cinderella Movie" as Kinzi would say, was showing at the dollar theater, and even though most the girls had already seen it we agreed that's what we would go see. I wanted to fit everyone in my van so I could just pick them all up, so we did just a cousin party. Which are really her best friends anyways. One cousin did meet us there only because she lives right next to it.  Ended up I only had to pay for me and my friend who came and helped "chaperone" the party. All thanks to kids club passes all the girls were free. $4 dollar party isn't too bad. I brought popcorn bags with M&Ms inside, water bottles, and they each got a crown and necklace.  So fun. They all did well and sat through the whole movie. Kinzi was the only one who got restless ha. 
I told them all to pose like a princess for this picture.

I don't know what I would have done without Careena helping me. That many cute little girls at a theater was harder than I thought, even though they were all really good.
And we opened presents in the lobby after.

She chose pizza for dinner so we went to Barros then headed home for a cake that I made exactly as she told me. The frosting was a super weird blue color that she wanted and then covered in sprinkles. Although she even said it needed more sprinkles. The actual cake itself was really good. But the sprinkles were disgusting and ruined it. Not to her though, that's all that mattered.
Next up, celebrating 7 years of marriage! We left the kids with Aunt Raine and headed to flagstaff for some cooler weather.  We left early Friday morning to a ropes course. Super fun! The last two courses were pretty intense and scared my a little, but we did it all.

There were zip lines on every course, 2 on some. The best part! Although I had to psych myself up every single time to let go.
This was at the highest point of the course, right before going on the highest zip line. It was over 60 feet in the air!  It was so high you could see way above all the other trees. It was so pretty. I would have taken a picture but I was a little scared, even being clamped in. I did manage a pretty cool selfie up there though, you just cant tell how high up I am with the picture.  But that was also the smallest edge, nowhere to walk and it shook!
After, we got massages and then went to dinner at Olive Garden. Tried the Italian Doughnuts for the first time and man those didn't disappoint.
We then did some swimming at our hotel that night. We had plans to go hiking in Sedona the next day but the forecast was 103. Way to hot to go enjoy ourselves outside. Not to mention we were there to get away from the heat.  So we went shopping and got Phil a good lot of new clothes for Fathers Day. We also found some barstools that we have wanted to get in our house since we moved in. It's actually enjoyable to shop without kids, who would have thought.
We decided to drive through Sedona on our way home because we have been trying to get there for a couple of years now.  We thought if we wanted to stop we would. Well, it was packed! So many people there. They were parked just off the road and people were walking everywhere. No thanks. It was a pretty drive though. But, then I fell asleep when we actually reached Sedona and only woke for the last couple of buildings haha. Hey, we made it though. It counts.

Great month. I'll leave with a cute picture of these brothers showing off their Hawaii Grandma and Grandpa Weech brought back from their trip for them.