Saturday, April 3, 2010

Woo hoo!

Welp, I hit 28 weeks today and out of the 2nd trimester and into the Last! WOO!
I am so ready for it to be June! And not because I am sick of being pregant and getting bigger and yada yada, but because I want my baby! I want to be a mommy!
I can't really complain about this pregnancy thus far. It has been great and I feel so blessed that it has been. We are both so excited. We bought the crib and changing table back in January-and if I remember right, Phil put it up that week :)
He is going to be the cutest dad, I just cant wait. We also have the room painted already too! He did that over spring break. I also keep buying cute clothes whenever I think she would be so cute in them. Yes I know, I shouldnt buy to many because I am going to get tons for my baby shower, but its my first child. And if I think something is cute (and cheap, always cheap) I will get it, especially if its 1.99! Come on! I had been worried since we found out the gender that the doctor was wrong since we found out so early. But no worries, I had a doctors appointment last wednesday and she is 100% girl! Good thing because her room is going to be SO cute.
She weighs just over 2 pounds and had a good time showing off for me and my mom at the appointment.
Now that I have hit my last trimester I think my body hit a unknown button or something and decided to shut down. This last week I have been so exausted, for no reason at all. And I can feel all the wonderful back pain too along with Heartburn, but I have had that since January. Poor phil has to deal with me complaining all the time about it. But although I do complain, is it wierd that I also really like all these symptoms? Im sure they will kick up here even more, but everything just reminds me that I am pregnant and have a baby coming soooon! Its just an amazing feeling to know that ever since I was little I have always just wanted to have a family and now its actually happening. Oh and I never really shared my experience about how excited I was to find out its a girl. If you are bored by this time, you can totally stop reading but I have not written any of this down so I might as well do it now.
I am the youngest in my family and never had a little brother or sister. Me being the girly girl I am have always wanted a little sister to do her hair and dress her up all cute. Well thats the whole reason I wanted a little girl so badly. Does that sound dumb? Thats why I talked myself into the fact that we were having a boy. I did not expect to hear it was a girl. Now I am not an emotional person, at all. You can ask my husband. I hardly ever cry. At movies, books, anything really. Don't get me wrong, I do cry, just not a lot. Well guess what, I was that happy when I found out it was a girl that I actually cried haha. Not expected. That was the only time I have cried during my whole pregnancy too. So I hope this little girl knows how special she is. Phil always ask's "can she play sports too?" haha he makes me laugh. He thinks that she is doomed to be "girly" girl because thats what he claims me as, since I did dance in high school and not sports baha. Oh I love him.
Well if I have not bored you with this yet I do not know what will. I just figured I havnt expressed how excited we are for June. Yeah, the sleepless nights, frustration and all. I know I might not be as excited then, but at least let me have my excitment now. We don't know what Exactly is ahead, but know our lives are going to be changed dramaticlly, and can't wait.

28 weeks ladies and gentlemen.