Monday, June 23, 2014

Last Trimester

How far along: 27 weeks

Total weight gain: 15lbs

Maternity clothes: You know it. Although I'm mostly in just comfy clothes all day long whether that means maternity or just big clothes. Like the shirt I have on in the picture is a shirt I got my dad for father's day but it was too small. So I'm reaping the benefits.  If we're going out or going to church, getting dressed is usually a chore.

Stretch marks: Not anything new yet. But the old ones on my legs and bum are nice and dark again haha.

Movements: All the time

Food cravings: Avacado toast with scrambled eggs on top. Life changing. I want some right now! I eat this at least 4 times a week.

Symptoms: Heartburn. Lower back pain occasionally. If I sleep the wrong way, I wake up with serious pain below my belly. Basically like it's not being supported. But Phil got me a body pillow and it makes the biggest difference.

Signs of labor: Not yet I believe.

Mood most of the time: Honestly, hunger!! All I want to do is eat. Tired and irritable but I think I'm doing pretty good. My patience is a tad thin. And I probably complain too much to Phil...

Belly button in or out: Still in.

Looking forward to: Being done. I'm just so over feeling huge and bending over. And every time we sit down to watch a movie, I'm dying to have a newborn to snuggle with. I'm so baby hungry right now. Good thing eh? Also looking forward to nurse again, which I never thought I'd say. Talking about this just makes me more excited for this baby boy.

We decided on a name for him. Hudson!  Hearing Baiden say it about makes me wanna cry it's so cute. Ever since 20 weeks it's gone by so slow. How do I still have 13 weeks left?! I know I should probably take advantage of this time with my kids. Kinzi starts preschool in august and then Hudson comes in September, life is going to be crazy, good! Let's get this party started!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

May 2014

MAY! Fantastic busy month. The more I do these monthly updates the more I recognize things I need to journal and take pictures of. So lots of pictures on this post.
The first weekend in May our ward did father and sons camp out! I was so excited for Baiden because he is finally old enough to go with his daddy. Nothing that boy would want more than to have a weekend to himself with dad.

 Phil said as soon as Baiden saw the creek he took off toward it.  He then found a frog nearby and was so excited. Baiden then went to grab it and it hopped away and it totally freaked Baiden out.  He was scared and wouldn't go by the creek anymore haha :(
 But he had fun playing in dirt, eating junk food and sleeping next to daddy in the tent. He likes to sleep on his tummy and kept kicking the blanket off him and would wake up cold a lot. But other than that his dad said he did pretty good.  I'm sure they had a great time. Us girls missed them!

The girls had fun too though! We went shopping at the mall for some bedding for Kinzi's new bed. No luck. Then had dinner in the food court and saw a dollar movie after that! Sherman and Peabody. Cute movie but I think its definitely geared towards kids a little older than 3.  She didn't really understand a lot going on but laughed because the other kids did.  It involves a lot of history which I liked though. We then came home and of course did makeovers on each other. It was so late but we did it anyways! I let her do my makeup and her own lipstick-so fun!

Next up in may was mothers day. I got to spend Friday night and pretty much all day Saturday with some of my sisters. We got a hotel to stay in. Had pedicures, went shopping (where I got like 4 pairs of the BEST silky old lady jammies I wear every night and day I guess too), ate lots of food, went to the movies, stayed up late doing nothing. Fun to have a little get away. I came home Saturday to homemade cards and a printer which I have been wanting/needing for a while! Then mothers day came and is was a nice simple day. Since I am Kinzi's teacher I get to see her in Primary every week and I LOVE it.  She sings the songs so well and is so outgoing! I had made sure she knew the song for mothers say so she would sing loud when they sang in church. Alas, it was time to go up and I was so excited to have my first experience with a child singing to me on mothers day, and what happened? She had a total meltdown and was too scared to go! I may sound like a horrible mom, but I was seriously so disappointed haha. It just isn't like Kinzi to be shy like that. But its okay. I got over it, after sacrament meeting...
 Then I had a little incident at church that kind of made my day a little sour and my mom wasn't feeling well so I didn't get to see her, just slip her present through the door.  But all in all, it wasn't a bad day-I have these two kids and one in my belly that make me so happy to be a mom. I love doing what I do and find myself very blessed with the life I have.

The kids also had their first dentist appointments this month. Kinzi had a little plaque build up on her teeth so that was nice to get removed. She did actually really, really good! Did everything they told her and didn't cry or try to resist it. I was so proud of her.  Baiden was excited it was finally his turn. He got in the chair and was so excited it moved back. Then they asked him to open his mouth and he was done. Haha wouldn't even say cheese for them. They gave him a toothbrush and he did let them at least look at his teeth while he brushed them. Goober.
These pictures have nothing to do with anything. But they are fun to look at and we took them in May...

Than Memorial Day came and we had planned a trip to the Cabin on Mount Graham.  It ended up that Phil's (step) Grandpa Maurice passed away just before and his funeral was that Friday.  Phil was able to take off work a little earlier for it too so we got to go up Thursday morning. The funeral was such a great service. I didn't know this man THAT well but I sure loved hearing the stories from his life told by his daughter.  I learned a lot.  Funerals can be a sad thing but they are filled with so much love and happiness and celebration of the persons life and all they accomplished and did.  And to know that families can be together forever is the greatest thing I know and have been taught.
After the funeral was over we planned on going up to the mountain but it was hard to leave with all the family there at Grandma and Grandpa's house.  We just decided to stay and be with family for the weekend. Not to mention it was Don's 31st birthday Sunday, how could we miss that?
The kids had so SO much fun playing with their cousins.  And for everyone being there besides Dave and Nicole and Carlee :( it wasn't that chaotic or crazy. No one was sick.  Kids got along. Adults played games and enjoyed each others company.  It was one the best weekends we have had in a while. We didn't have anything we had to do or anywhere to be, but we were never bored and relaxed a lot. They bought a pool for the kids to swim in. It seemed pretty big until all the kids were in it.  Baiden has to take breaks while swimming because he gets so cold so fast. That's what he gets for being so skinny!

 Matching "speedos" or underwear.

 I loved getting to spend time with these cute nephews of mine. So much baby love!
 How we found kinzi asleep one night in Pima.
 ***Random pics again
Baiden has this new thing of dotting his face and hair with ranch when he eats it.
Our Garden has taken off!! We have had about 20-30 zucchini so far! I am dying for some watermelon soon. And carrots and cantaloupe!
Kinzi using her imagination!
And on the last day of the month-probably the best ;) Kinzi had her Dance Recital!!

You can see my 6 month belly popping out too!
She totally rocked it!  I was a little worried after the mothers day incident that she would be scared and cry again. I am happy to say I was 100% wrong and she did so good! She remembered the whole thing (besides when aunt Raine yelled "Go KINZI" once and kinz looked around for her) and shook her little tail feather. So good. SO GOOD. Talk about a proud mom.

 I really hope there aren't too many typos in this post because that took WAY too long to go back and proof read.