Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bebe boy.

My friend Kayla was at it again.  She took some newborn pictures of Baiden boy and I couldn't be more pleased.

 My most favorite, favorite ;) 

For his Daddy.

This one is just so special to me. He is wearing his uncle Barton's tie.

His BFF's

And a cute before and after shot.  He is much cuter after...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This is how we do

Phil: Working Hard (of course) at work and studying a lot.  He took his 3rd CPA test and will find out the results soon and is going to be taking his 4th next week! If he passes both of those he will be DONE!!! He is the smartest person I know so I think he will have no problem. But this time around when he is studying we do have a newborn so things have been a little bit crazier.  He needs the break from studying. He is always willing to help with everything before he starts studying.  He waits until at least Kinzi is asleep before he starts. What a guy.

Me: Well I am still alive, haha and loving the craziness of 2 kids.  Yes some days are harder than others but I am doing it and trying to enjoy it as hard as it might be.  I feel like my house is constantly dirty and it is. I guess I would much rather have a dirty house and happy kids.  I have been loving the weather and been taking the kids on lots of walks and to the park.  And I am able to start going to the gym again when Phil is home to watch Baiden.  And when Baiden is 6 months I can take both kids with me and go during the day again.  That will be great.

Kinzi: Oh boy.  We call her our little tornado. She is totally crazy and a handful BUT hilarious! She makes us laugh all the time.  I definitely need that.  On Sundays she leads with the chorister on the hymns we sing.  She is also loving nursery. She runs in every week and waves goodbye while a lot of the other kids are crying.  Haha I think I feel good about that...
She LOVES to sing And dance.  She totally has a favorite song to dance to.  When we put music on she grunts and points at the computer until "HEY YA" comes on. Once its on she must have her tutu on to dance too. And after having it on for 30 seconds she wants it off haha.  She loves to cuddle and gives kisses by choice, no joke.  She is my dream baby girl.  She is OBSESSED with Elmo. Obsessed. It helps get us through the day. She loves "helping" with Baiden.  Anytime she sees a blanket or spit up rag she grabs it and puts it on him. Sometimes he has so many on him you can't even see him. At least she likes him.

Baiden: He is doing really well.  He is now almost 7 weeks.  Sleeps good.  He sleeps 4 to 5 hour stretches at night.  He has had some fun "I'm going to stay up till 3" or  "I don't want to go back to sleep even though it's 4 in the morning" nights but not too many.  He prefers to be in his bouncer all day everyday.  He umm, poops SO much haha. We still love his cute hair and when its wet it gets all curly. So cute. He LOVES baths.  He isn't too smiley yet but has smiled a couple times at us. We love him.