Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Della's Birth

On the 16th of may I got my membranes stripped for the second time since it didn't work the week prior. I started having good and steady contractions around 3 and took the kids to go play at the retention basin, mostly so I could walk around. Well once I started that, they went away after about 30 min. That night I told Phil to go ahead to his church meetings at 7 and I would call if I felt anything happen again. Around 9 I started to have contractions again but was worried they would go away like they did a few hours before. Phil got home around 9:30 and I decided to keep waiting it out until they were a little more steady. They started to get pretty uncomfortable and it was hard to concentrate on the tv show we were watching so we called my mom around 10:30-11 and she headed our way. We got to the hospital just around midnight. And apparently the system resets at midnight so the early online registration I already had done was nowhere to be found. So I had to answer a bunch of questions through contractions. Fun. They checked me and I was at a 5. My cousin who I wanted to be my nurse ended up already on the schedule to work that night and she got to be my nurse! I told her I was ready for the epidural as soon as possible. I got to my room, got my epidural a few minutes later and "tried to rest". We weren't trying or needing to quicken the process but her heart rate dropped just a little so I used the peanut ball to see if that would help me dilate. Christie came and checked in on me at 3:30 and apparently my water broke so she checked to see how far I was and said, "oh there's her head!" They quickly called my doctor and Adeline was born with one good push at 3:57 am. My first thought was how big and chubby she looked! And sure enough, my biggest baby weighing in at 7lbs 10 oz and 20 1/2 inches long and 6 days early on May 17. Also my smoothest and quickest labor yet. Having my sweet cousin be my nurse made this the best experience! We stayed at a different hospital this time and Phil really enjoyed that there was actually a couch to sleep on. And we only had to stay one night unlike the other 3. 
A friend from our ward who is also a gyno was there delevering and said hello after. Grandma Sherwood came and brought the kids to meet Della. Kayla came to take pictures. Sara, Samantha, Raine and Dan all came to visit. And grandpa Sherwood tried but apparently we were asleep. Don Wisdom also stopped by. Having the kids come meet her was so very sweet. Kinzi and Baiden were so full of joy and couldn't believe she was really here. Huddy got to hold her first and didn't want to share.
I loved all the staff and felt very taken care of. They were pretty hands off since they knew it was my 4th and that was nice. So happy sweet Adeline (Della) joined our family. She's the perfect caboose.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

June 2016

This might be the longest post of pictures ever.  Mostly because, and I know I say it a lot, but it was the craziest/busiest/most fun month ever.

It started out with me and my siblings flying out to Atlanta, Georgia to tape for Family Feud.  Back in January when we auditioned we had so much fun.  We were pretty confident that we were going to get attention because of how extreme we all are when were together. And apparently it worked. Family Feud flew up us out and put us in a hotel.  We flew out a day early so make more a trip of it and to explore the city a little.  It ended up being the exact same days Phil was going to be gone for Young Mens campout that had been planned for months. Luckily Malarie was able to come and watch the kids while we were gone. My mom came over and helped every night after work too. So they were well taken care of.

Summer had got us some matching Feud shirts and they drew lots of attention, as if our loud selves needed it.

 Our flight was at 630 am and I had planned on waking up at 4 that morning so I could shower and get ready since I knew we would be taking a lot of pictures.  Well 445 a.m. came and Phil asks, Uh sophie are you going to wake up?  I jumped out of bed and did a quick braid and rushed out the door since Summer was picking me up at 450. 
We made it and were loud and obnoxious on the flight.  We had solitaire and trivia wars on the flight.

 Our shirts each had our own hashtag.
Our driver that picked us up from the airport.

 We first visited the coke Museum.

 They had a cool room with a lot of their older coke commercials.
 There was also a huge room to try coke products from around the world. We tried pretty much all of them and I highly suggest NOT trying the Italy one.  Although, its quite the experience you should have to go through.  We did it once and then a SECOND time so we could tape it.  Grossest thing ever, I don't know how people actually drink that for enjoyment.
 We all shared a hotel room that night since we didn't want to pay for another. Family Feud covers the other nights and gives us more rooms.  Nathan slept between both beds with a mock up bed Raine made of a bunch of pillows-so funny!
Then next day we caught a jazz festival in the park, and made lots of new friends thanks to our family feud shirts.  Everyone was so friendly and wanted to talk to us about the show and our shirts.

Raine was feeling tired and went back to rest at the hotel and the rest of us went to the aquarium. It was so cool! The dolphin show was incredible. There were also PENGUINS!!

The next day was taping day! So much time and effort put into our outfits. Learning how to do makeup and practicing the game.

I obviously can't say much about the taping day, but man it was fun! We felt so lucky to be selected to go and be apart of that show.  All the behind the scenes workers and producers amaze me.  They took great care of all the families there. Our show will air sometime between oct-jan!

 We then went to dinner at this really yummy pizza place and then got gelato after. I love my siblings.

 The next day our flight didn't leave until 6 ish so we got to explore some more.  Our morning got a little shaken up when someone stole money out of Nathans wallet, out of his hotel room. After dealing with that all morning we headed out for a bike ride tour of the city.

Nathan was leading us where to go and forgot to take the first turn and we ended up right in the middle of Atlanta and I wouldn't recommend going there.
 We got back on the right track and rode through some really pretty neighborhoods with the cutest houses.

 We then stopped at a little smoothie place because it was way too hot and humid to be riding bikes in the middle of the city in the middle of summer.

 Then is was time to head home.  We were eating dinner at the airport when lacey realized she left her phone in the car that brought us to the airport. Lucky for us he was with Family Feud and answered the phone right away and was already on his way to the airport with another family flying home too. So that worked out nicely.

These pictures are just funny. Maybe he was just a cute guy with big muscles taking our bags...

 Raine was a trooper being very pregnant and sitting in those tiny seats on the plane.
 Back in the heat of AZ. Ready to be home!
 It was good to be with my sweet cuddly little babies again.

 We then headed to Pima for RaeLynns wedding. We brought the rockets this time and shot them off.

 RaeLynn's wedding was beautiful and I am so happy for her!

 The kids all got summer hair cuts!

 The best picture of Hudson's cut.

 Kinzi then had her birthday!! She chose a birthday party over anything else I offered.

When you're 6 you come up with your own poses.

 I had about 12 girls here under only my supervision.
 Mummy game-turned present game.

 Our winners.

 Drawing pictures of Kinzi without looking. They thought it was so funny.

 Building the tallest tower with red solo cups. I wish I would've taken a picture after these all fell, it looked like a crazy party!

 She spit all over the candles ha it was gross.

 Doing what they do best. being silly.

 Then dance party time.

 After math...

I told Phil his only job was to take the boys away for the party.  He took them to the airplane museum and Burger King. That's why he is the best dad.

 Cuddling with my baby.
 We then celebrated our 8th anniversary. We went and did sealings then dinner and a movie.
 I love being married to him.
 Summer invited us over for a little swimming party.

 Hudson enjoying some yogurt.
 Then cuddling with me.
 Kinzi loves to change his diaper. She gets bummed when its only pee and not a pooped diaper haha. Weirdo.
 Then we took them to a diamondbacks game with some of our friends.
 The best selfie I could get of the 5 of us.
 The girls hanging out.

 The boys sharing a snow cone.

 Towards the end of the month, me and my sisters (missing Raine) went to a little mermaid themed dance party for women. We shopped all day and got ready together. I would have liked different music but all and all we had a fun time together.

We laughed at this picture because summer was facing the other direction haha.