Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun!

What a fun december it has been!! We started out our holliday by going to pinetop with my family the weekend before christmas. Phil and i were in charge of that party this year so we got to plan what we did it was fun! Me and lacey babysat the kids saturday night and had a dance party! haha while our husbands were in the front room watching a movie. The kids were supposed to watch a movie too but we thought dancing would be much more fun! They ate candy and popcorn that aunt lacey brought out for them-by the time we started the movie they all Crashed within 10 min! haha as you can see...

The next day was the family party. Raine posed for this pic-and so i had to put it up!
After our GOOOOd dinner the kids made a craft i found for them to do. This was their fun part of the night! They turned out really cute too!

Some liked it more than others......

They boys just hanging out-phil would be in the pic too but he was takin the pics for me =)

After the kids made a craft the adults had a gift exchange! Everyone had to buy a present $10-15, and the present had to start with the letter of that persons name. It was interesting what people came up with-but really FUN also!
We then spent the rest of christmas week in pima with phils family! It was great! Although i wish i wouldnt of eaten as much goodies there as i did-oh well, its christmas right? The whole week we played games on the Wii, board games-and just spent time together it was wonderful! The whole family was there which made it even better!

This is reilly my nephew on the other side =) he is the funniest kid-and he loves dinosaurs!! It was fun to play with him!
Here everyone is playing games!

And here is me and phil christmas eve in our matching PJ's!! cute huh haha
And this is our Gingerbread house we made like last week-but i wanted to show it! Phil was so proud of it! It actually turned out pretty well i think!!And Finally Christmas day! So perfect!! I got Phil a snowboard! At first he figured it out a couple of weeks before but i later convinced him he wasnt gettin one-so it was a good surprise!

Sara and Emily with their new books for christmas!
I got so many wonderful things this year and getting to be with my Husband for our first christmas was so great! I hope everybody had a fantastic christmas also!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am DONE! well im done with this semester at least, only one more. but, i took my last final today-hoorah! I actually did pretty dang good this semester with my grades. Being married helped me concentrate more I guess. I should end up gettting 6 A's and 2 B's! not bad for me at all. im not one to really care too much about my grades, but im pretty happy about them this time. I worked pretty hard this semester having 20 credits and working, but come finals week i didnt have to stress at all. The final in each class was not going to effect my grade to much because my grades were high enough to where it didnt matter what score i got. I did study for them but not to much, it was GREAT! Feels so great to be done-im NOT a fan of school!! ahh! but now its time to worry about christmas and thats exciting! Our Christmas tree is HUGE its about 7 and a half feet, it takes up about half our house, seriously though it does. We live in a studio apt where everything is just one room, so you can try to picture our tree in our apt. But phil begged me to keep it up even though its huge! It is Very Pretty too, and his grandma gave it to us as a gift-so wonderful!! Today while we were shopping for a "first chirstmas" ornament and i found the COOLEST ornament for me, a dinosaur!!! I was STOKED!!! haha its my new favorite! You love it dont you? I do!! He is even holding a stocking-haha i asked phil if we could do a dinosaur themed tree one year and he said no =( oh well.

And this is our beautiful tree! yes its in our kitchen, but our bedroom, family room, bathroom, closet, is in the same room too. haha we like to joke about our cute lil place, but its not a joke, its totally true! but i love it-its perfect for us!