Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hello December. Wait, What?

Really? December? Wow, time is flyin' by!  We are trying our best to get ready for Baiden along with Christmas.  First things first was to move Kinzi into a "big girl" bed. No not a toddler bed, a twin.  It was mine when I went to college.  We didn't want to have to have 2 cribs in our house and we wanted to clear out the closet storing the twin bed-a win win.  So after Thanksgiving we put Kinz to the test and to tell you the truth I was quite nervous. She has completely spoiled us with her amazing sleeping habits and I just knew the bed was going to mess that up. Glad to say, I was completely wrong. She has had zero problems with the bed.  She even stays in it for naps.  And she usually stays on when she wakes up and plays, if not she gets down and plays.  Cheers all around.  I'm glad she likes to sleep so much.

We went up to Pima for Thanksgiving and had a great time.  We enjoyed ourselves since it is going to be our last trip for a while.  Phil's mom definitely spoiled us with lots of yummy food. Thanks Mama Weech.

I can't believe I'm almost done with this pregnancy.  Our insurance is changing for the new year so Phil is really hoping for a December might have something to do with taxes too :) I don't personally want a December baby especially since he would be born right between Christmas and New Years...poor kid.  But I am going along with it and my doctor said he would strip my membranes at 38 weeks, which is Dec 29 (Happy Birthday Em!). Last time he did that-I had Kinzi that night. So we will see. That is 3 and 1/2 weeks away folks (AHH). But  I wouldn't mind too much if it didn't happen till January though. I just hope I am ready. And that Kinzi is ready haha. Yeah. Not sure how much she will like another baby getting some of her attention.  She LOVES babies-just not sure how she will feel about one being around 24/7.  As nervous as I am, I am also so so excited to have a newborn to cuddle.  Every time I see pictures of new babies I get so happy knowing I'm going to have another one in my home to love and kiss on all day long. We are so blessed.