Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Fun!

What a fun december it has been!! We started out our holliday by going to pinetop with my family the weekend before christmas. Phil and i were in charge of that party this year so we got to plan what we did it was fun! Me and lacey babysat the kids saturday night and had a dance party! haha while our husbands were in the front room watching a movie. The kids were supposed to watch a movie too but we thought dancing would be much more fun! They ate candy and popcorn that aunt lacey brought out for them-by the time we started the movie they all Crashed within 10 min! haha as you can see...

The next day was the family party. Raine posed for this pic-and so i had to put it up!
After our GOOOOd dinner the kids made a craft i found for them to do. This was their fun part of the night! They turned out really cute too!

Some liked it more than others......

They boys just hanging out-phil would be in the pic too but he was takin the pics for me =)

After the kids made a craft the adults had a gift exchange! Everyone had to buy a present $10-15, and the present had to start with the letter of that persons name. It was interesting what people came up with-but really FUN also!
We then spent the rest of christmas week in pima with phils family! It was great! Although i wish i wouldnt of eaten as much goodies there as i did-oh well, its christmas right? The whole week we played games on the Wii, board games-and just spent time together it was wonderful! The whole family was there which made it even better!

This is reilly my nephew on the other side =) he is the funniest kid-and he loves dinosaurs!! It was fun to play with him!
Here everyone is playing games!

And here is me and phil christmas eve in our matching PJ's!! cute huh haha
And this is our Gingerbread house we made like last week-but i wanted to show it! Phil was so proud of it! It actually turned out pretty well i think!!And Finally Christmas day! So perfect!! I got Phil a snowboard! At first he figured it out a couple of weeks before but i later convinced him he wasnt gettin one-so it was a good surprise!

Sara and Emily with their new books for christmas!
I got so many wonderful things this year and getting to be with my Husband for our first christmas was so great! I hope everybody had a fantastic christmas also!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am DONE! well im done with this semester at least, only one more. but, i took my last final today-hoorah! I actually did pretty dang good this semester with my grades. Being married helped me concentrate more I guess. I should end up gettting 6 A's and 2 B's! not bad for me at all. im not one to really care too much about my grades, but im pretty happy about them this time. I worked pretty hard this semester having 20 credits and working, but come finals week i didnt have to stress at all. The final in each class was not going to effect my grade to much because my grades were high enough to where it didnt matter what score i got. I did study for them but not to much, it was GREAT! Feels so great to be done-im NOT a fan of school!! ahh! but now its time to worry about christmas and thats exciting! Our Christmas tree is HUGE its about 7 and a half feet, it takes up about half our house, seriously though it does. We live in a studio apt where everything is just one room, so you can try to picture our tree in our apt. But phil begged me to keep it up even though its huge! It is Very Pretty too, and his grandma gave it to us as a gift-so wonderful!! Today while we were shopping for a "first chirstmas" ornament and i found the COOLEST ornament for me, a dinosaur!!! I was STOKED!!! haha its my new favorite! You love it dont you? I do!! He is even holding a stocking-haha i asked phil if we could do a dinosaur themed tree one year and he said no =( oh well.

And this is our beautiful tree! yes its in our kitchen, but our bedroom, family room, bathroom, closet, is in the same room too. haha we like to joke about our cute lil place, but its not a joke, its totally true! but i love it-its perfect for us!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our Child?? huh?

So i found a website to see what me and phils future children would look like.....and this was what we got hah! This one was the cutest. Apparently me and phil both have outrageously large foreheads because on all the babies it showed, their foreheads were gigantic!! This one is cute though! haha, meet our daughter. She is just a cutie huh! Haha! oh and, it was really hard to think of a title for this entry without everyone thinking im pregnant haha.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dance with me

Ok so there was a dance at EA a couple of weeks back. I thought it would be fun to "ask" phil to the dance! So i made a poster that hung outside of our apt that said, "PHIL, here is the DEAL" and it had streamers hanging from it too. haha. And on the inside of our apt, when you close the door i had another poster that said something like, "I'm taking you to the dance on saturday!" So im pretty cheesy i know, but it was still fun! He liked coming home to that also.
The dance was fun, and Im glad he actually wanted to go with me. It was a lil different being married and going to a dance haha, a fun experiance though!! I kinda still fit in my senior prom dress too. Even though my arms were BULGING out of the sides haha. Seriously though, that was the only bad part of the night, my arms hurt so bad because they didnt fit to well in the sleeves. I felt like i had bruises around my arms the next day-too much dancing!!! Oh well!

Friday, November 7, 2008

I have permission

HAHAHAHA! I could hardly take the picture because i was laughing so hard. I did take more than one, buuuut i think this will do. oh i love this boy!
....and he said if any of his brother-in-law's saw this, he would never hear the end of it. trust me, phil never would do this but he felt really bad that he didnt wear anything i came up with for him. haha he wont even let me spike his hair with gel, so i was shocked he did this to make me worked!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I had on sweet boots too that ya can't see haha.

OK that night we couldnt decide what to do, i was really set on handing out candy. I had scary halloween sounds playing out the window and some pumpkin decorations lit up! (not the ones we made, those got all moldy and died about 5 days before halloween haha). But we live in a place that nobody would go trick or treating i thought. and i was right haha only 2 familes came, and one was our neighbors haha. but thats better than nothing!!! we ended up with lots of candy for us!! woo hoo-you can see our excitement in the pics!

When phil got home from work he told me he was a Argentine soccer player-he had a shirt from his misison on. so original huh, haha. oh well. when i was thinking of ideas for him he said i needed a kid that i could dress up because he does not like halloween. But he felt bad for not using any of my ideas so he wanted to surprise me. He was in the back of the house and came walking around the corner in my cheer uniform from 7th grade! WOW! He said i could put a pic on, but i might wanna ask him again before i do. It was a sight to see haha and i couldnt stop laughing.
So Overall, halloween was good. next year i hope we live in a place where kids will want to come trick or treating =)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Big 4!

Well it was our four month "anniversary" yesterday. We went to dinner at the oh so famous Golden Corral. I do like that place a lot-great rolls! Anyways, we stuffed ourselves pretty full and then we decided to carve some pumpkins to put outside our house. It was a lot of fun. Yesterday night was my only night off all week. I have practice for my Fall Sing concert tonight and tomorrow then thursday, friday and saturday is the concert. Plus im working on my 10 page research paper for english and another sociology project, and i have 2 test this week!! Needless to say, I am quite busy this week. But it was great to take the night off with Phil and have fun. Time is flying right now--4 months and loving it!

I had to add a bow...its my trademark


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ready to run....

Me and philip decided to go visit my family in pinetop this last weekend and it was great. I had not been there and seen everyone since my wedding and was missing the kiddos so much. The weekend turned out to be very eventful and fun and im so glad i went! Our whole family got together on sunday for some family things we needed to talk about and it was great to just have everyone around.

I have the cutest nephews and neices ever, i know. Our family keeps growing...and sam has another on the way woo hoo! These kids made the weekend even better!
I accidently posted thes pics backwards but oh well. Raine asked if i wanted to do a run/walk thing with her on saturday morning at 6:30. since im at least trying to get in better shape i thought it sounded fun. phil laughed when he heard it was that early in the morning haha i NEVER wake up any time close to that!! But it was a lot of fun doing it with lacey and raine. Raine got first i got second and lacey got third (in our division). haha and i have to mention raine wasnt really in our division but they put her in ours anyways, so i would of gotten first!! haha and she would of gotten first either way. eh oh well it was a really good thing to do and totally unlike me!!

And thats all for now, thanks for the pics raine. Right now im just TRYING to enjoy school the most i can. I dislike it more than i ever have, yet im putting in more effort that i ever have and doing better than usual. ha phil motivates me to, so that helps. Being married while in school is a really good thing i decided. It helps you focus more, even if you dont want to i guess. Im enjoying life, and trying to stay the most positive about events going on in my family. I know if we are faithful the lord will help us out. Life Is Good!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

throw yah hands in the ayer a ayer...

WELL....what a weekend!! I have so many pics on this one but it was hard to narrow them down cuz it was so much fun! Me and my sisters and mom went on a girls trip to utah for my uncles wedding. We might have gotten a little side tracked on the way, but you will just have to read and see for yourself.

This was Thursday night before we left at IHOP. YUM! raines hair was awesome! and this was then NEXT morning (yes a couple of hours later) we went to IHOP again. Let me just tell you how happy i was to go again.
The beginning..
well lets see, our tour guide Susie (the navigation thing in raines car) gave us the LONG way to get to utah. It took us to uh.... vegas haha. so crossing the border there we had to get checked of course. I mean we sure did look really suspicious and all, haha.
When we got to vegas that day we decided to go to ALL the thrift stores we could find/see! SO fun!! We got awesome stuff too!! We all wanted to dress classy for my uncles wedding so we wanted to find some new stuff. Think what you want but we found some NICE classy things at these places and didnt have to spend that much money it was awesome. We saw this sleepy man there. He just needed a place to crash.

At the DI store we found a piano and summer and raine couldnt resist. summer sat down and started playing "The Rose" while raine sang, and summer sang harmony. This man basically loved summer and raine. bahaha we didnt think we would ever see him again but it ended up we had to go back there that same day and saw him again. ha. **oh and i know you want to see raine and summer performing at the store so no worries the video is at the bottom. Raine suggested that i put it up.
We were in vegas so why not make it fun.
We got ready in a arbys parking showers or anything. I think we did pretty good.
and, this is the evil daughter being taught how to gamble. she is taking pride in being 21.

We went to circus circus and caught some fun acts!
Jump Roping...CRAZY i know.

that thing was 15 feet tall. he was crazy!

We got kinda bored between acts and entertained ourselves with self timers and "who can be the uglisest" pics.

If you couldnt tell already, my mom won this one.

One of the funniest parts! We asked the juggeler after his show if we could get a pic with him and he said his friend wanted to meet us and get a pic too. So he took us backstage, which he said he didnt think he was allowed to do haha. anyways it was the cyclist guy! They said we made them feel like celebs cuz we were screaming for them so loud haha. Which we were..were sherwood girls, we cant help but be crazy and want attention right?

Later we went to the adventure domb and rode some fun rides. I freaked when i found the dinosaur wall!!!! If you dont know, i love dinos so it was awesome!!

The next day we headed for Utah again and saw the beautiful St. George Temple! Loved it!
And this was Saturday night after getting ready for my uncles wedding! Me and lacey!
I took the advantage of wearing the biggest heals i could because phil wasnt with me. haha i wouldnt want to be taller than him. But i didnt have to worry about that this night, it was fun!


EH we had to pose in our cute outfits!
lacey was having trouble

BAHAHA only in utah!! we couldnt figure out the whole story behind it of course but it was funny!
The last pic i took! OH man this trip was the best! i needed to be with all of them! i missed them so much. We have not hung out like this in well a long time if ever. I am so lucky to have a fun mom and sisters who are crazy!! THANKS girls for one of the funnest weekends i have had in a while!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!
**dont forget to watch the video.....raine really wants you to~