Monday, January 4, 2016

November 2015

November was good to us.
Hudson really liked the shield from Halloween.
After the photo was taken, it was left on the ground and Baiden ran over it on his bike.
 Looking older every day.
 Baiden got a new bike and rides it every day. He loves going on walks to pick Kinzi up from school.
 Hudson looked so cute this day but wasn't feeling like he wanted his picture taken because, this was the best one.
 Kinzi leaving notes taped to her door. Baiden and Dad need to knock before coming in.
 This is what my view looks like most of the time.  A wee little baby looking up at me wanting to be held. Usually accompanied by crying but he was feeling sweet that day.  If I sit down he's fine to play. It's when I need to get things done that he starts being clingy.  Hudson I would love to sit down and watch TV all day while you played trust me.
 But I do love being loved.
 So maybe I gave him a sucker so I could get something done. It worked.
 Phil mentioned he needed some new work pants and maybe a polo or two.  My girl ears heard "I need a whole new wardrobe" apparently.  I told him we could take anything back he didn't like, but he liked it all! And he needed an updated wardrobe.
 We enjoyed Veterans Day by going to the parade with the Sherwood cousins.
 I don't know what Baiden and Barrett were up to.
 Kinzi had a cough so we weren't up for much more that day. We came home got all the blankets and pillows out and watched movies.  Baiden was so cozy he fell asleep.
 Kinzi suggested a picture with her too.

 All the Mesa schools do this project where the turkey needs to be disguised so it doesn't get eaten on Thanksgiving.  We got them like a week ago and me being the super awesome mom forgot about them until the day before. Whoops! But the kids sure enjoyed helping me disguise them.
 Kinzi and I got to go watch my niece in a cheer competition.
 11:00 church is hard when 11:00 is his nap time and he doesn't fall asleep in our arms.  Except this particular Sunday.  Leave it to daddy.
 I had been trying to convince Phil to put the tree up for a while.  Well the Monday before Thanksgiving I was in charge of FHE and guess what we did?

 I love having it up before thanksgiving because we always leave town and I love coming home to it already set up.  Plus we get to enjoy it longer.
 One of the saddest things happened to Baiden one morning.  We were rushing to get Kinzi to school and they were brushing their teeth when I hear very loud screaming. I run over and Baiden's finger is all bloody and his nail is completely popped off. Kinzi had accidentally smashed his finger in the door.  We wrapped a bandaid on it and hurried Kinzi to school and he cried the whole time. Kinzi did too. But she learned to be a lot more careful. The picture is a lot worse than what it looks.  There wasn't any bruising. He's kept a bandaid on it for a long time now too.
Ends up I am not up for 3 kids AND a dog.  She is the easiest dog in the world but we took her back to Pima on Thanksgiving. Baiden and Kinzi were so sad.

 He is a busy bee and gets into everything.
 Another funny Baiden moment. He has those a lot.  I came out after my shower to find him like this.
 My mom and I had worked hard to get these missionary name tags submitted for the Mesa Temple Visitor Center. When it opened up, we went over and found Barton's, Elder Sherwood, and my Grandma Daly's tag. Such a cool sight to see.

I don't remember why she fell asleep here, it could have been after the night she threw up but I honestly don't know.
 Being cute.
 Baiden came home with all his fun art from school.
 Daddy had some time before he started his new job, so he took apart the old fort and started on a much bigger/better fort and swing set for the kids.
 Hudson getting ready for the Holiday.
 We picked up Kinzi a little early from school and she was the cutest little pilgrim.
 I made the same yummy French silk pie that I made last year.
 Enjoying a walk.
 I doubled the recipe, and good thing.
 We loved having lots of cousins to play with while there. We gave them all a chance to hit the ball with the bat a little. While waiting I look over to see Kinzi sitting on Justin's lap. SO funny.

 Played with extended family at the stake Center. And played hide and seek in all the classrooms.

Kept Thanksgiving a little more simple with food. No turkey this year. Did a ham though. Mashed potatoes, rolls, ya know, the basic stuff everyone likes.  We also had lots of chocolate pies and cheesecake because that's what gets eaten the most anyways.

Hudson cooperated this time for a cute photo.
 He liked the candy on a scarecrow Kinzi brought home.

 Sara watched Hudson for me and I came to pick him up and found this. So funny!
 While waiting to get Kinzi, Baiden said, "Mom, I climbed a tree, take a picture"
 We were at home depot getting more fort supplies and they were doing the fun kid event they do each week?  Month? Anyway, the kids got to build and paint their own toys! It was fun.
 I was so impressed with Baiden's drawing skills. I think he's a lot smarter than he comes across to me sometimes haha.

 Hudson was trying to figure out how to go down the little slide. I promise he didn't land as hard as it looks in the picture.

 And he loves backpacks.
 And is cute.
The end.