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October 2015

I got to babysit Colby and these little ones in the back were too cute to not snap a picture.
 Hudson has been loving playing outside. He has the mosquito bites to prove it too. He loves sitting on this chair in the back, its just his size.  And since it's still a little warm, he gets a little sweaty and his hair starts to curl.
 We watched conference and enjoyed the time together. I loved Elder Holland's talk to mothers of course.  I took these pictures right after to remember "you are doing better than you think you are"

 Cuddle time during conference.
 Hudson gave spaghetti two big thumbs up.

I just take pictures of him all day long.  He fall asleep on the ride home from the gym, every time.

 There could not be a funnier sight to walk in on. Oh Baiden you never cease to make me laugh.

The fort in the back in under construction.  It wasn't safe anymore for the swings so Phil took the slab that holds the swings on, off. Kinzi one day decided to come up with her own contraption and hooked the swings up to the fort. I'm honestly not sure how. She might have tied the ropes to the wood slats up top. But it worked whatever she did! The one she made for Baiden kept falling and I think both of them hit their bums on the wood slat on the bottom. It was still awesome to see the little wheels turning in her head.
 Again with the baby curls.
 Phil found an awesome/easy cheesecake recipe on facebook and was drooling about it all night. So I sent him this picture the next day at work. It's not hard to convince me to make dessert.
 For the last few days of fall break we decided to go to Pima.

Baiden decided to make this trip one to remember.  He broke a glass soap dish (accident), found a box of pomegranates and was throwing them on the concrete getting them to break. Burned his toe and got a nice blister. And decided it would be fun to throw 4 1/2 eggs around the basement.  He was down there with a friend and thought it was a good time to impress Carter. I was upstairs, outside visiting with Lauren. Grandma was upstairs and heard laughing for a good long time thinking it was kinzi playing with the toys having a good time.  Carter came upstairs and let grandma know some eggs had been thrown. She went to check it out and turned right back around to get me haha!
It was so horrible that it was past the point of being mad.  How to you discipline that? I didn't even yell! I think he stood in the corner or had to sit on the couch and not have any fun for a long while. Lauren was a nice friend and helped clean up the eggs, all while being pregnant. The smell was horrible and it took at least 2 hours. The eggs in the carpet (that you can't see in pictures) were by far the worst. I gagged a few times cleaning the book shelves. Something about raw egg seeping into wood smell just doesn't sit right.

I sent Phil the pictures and he just called back laughing. It was so extreme it kind of was funny in the moment too. But lets hope that never happens again.
We planned on going to Phil's 10 year reunion dinner but things weren't going as planned with it so we just did dinner the two of us.
 Baiden was given the choice to ride home with mom and watch movies or go with dad. He of course picked dad over movies. And this picture of the two of them is awesome. Baiden was flying his airplane out the window.
One Sunday Kinzi helped Baiden get ready for church without me even asking.  He came in and they were both so proud. I made sure to snap a picture before we changed just a few items of clothes to make it a little nicer for church.

 Kinzi got her first school pictures.  She is thee cutest little 5 year old.  She's doing extremely well in school.  Reading like a champ.  I'm proud of her for working hard and being so smart for being one of the youngest in class.

And for being a goofball still. I needed to distract her because I had a Christmas present I didn't want her to see. I handed her my phone and said, "take some pictures of yourself"
 We brought Sasha back from Pima and the kids have been loving her company. Baiden especially. He runs outside and they play for hours.
 Maybe Baiden got his legs stuck and maybe I took a picture before helping him.
 We love waiting for Baiden to come home.

 These two can be frenemies most of the time but when they are getting along, there is really nothing better.
 Took the kids to pick out a pumpkin. I told them they could get any pumpkin they wanted as long as they could carry it themselves. That was a genius idea. Getting pictures of the three of them is basically impossible, but the real life pictures are always way better anyways.

 This one is my favorite.
 He got a new haircut and it's been hard getting used to it (for me).  But he really does look handsome. He loved his pumpkin.
 Kinzi was keeping hers very safe.
 Its fun hanging out with the boys. I asked Baiden if he wanted to go to the park or watch the planes. Wasn't hard for him to decide. We love having the small airport so close to us.

 The kids had their primary program in October. For his first program, Baiden got up so proudly and said his part "I know Jesus loves me" without any hesitation and very un-Baiden like ha.  In fact, the very first song he had me all teary eyed because he was singing so good and word for word, "I know that my Savior Loves me" His favorite song is "I belong to the church of Jesus Christ" and I must say he out sang anyone else on the stand. I was so proud of my shy boy for singing his heart out.  He had a few good funny moments of pretending to be airplanes and other distracting things up there but overall he was so good.

Then there is Kinzi. Born to entertain.  She was asked to do her first official for the program a few months prior.  A few weeks before I got a call from the Sunday School teacher asking if Kinzi would come sing a few songs for the adult Sunday school class.  She came highly recommended by the Primary President.  The song was "I know that my Savior Loves me" and she really does sing her heart out in that song.  The lyrics are a little tricky so it was impressive how well she knows it.  So the week before the program she sang that and "I am a child of God" for our Sunday School lesson and that was her first official solo.  Then the week after she did her solo for the program, the first two lines of "I know that my Redeemer lives" and it was the best she's ever sang.  She sounded so grown up.
There were too many cute ones of them to pick only one.

I don't know why I took this next picture, but he seems to fill up my camera pretty quick.

Kinzi was teaching Baiden how to read.
All our pumpkins.
Kinzi's once had a face painted on but she got carried away and too excited she just kept going. Hudson claims the mummy one.
My pumpkins!
I liked my fall décor this year!
Kinzi brought home the cute Frankenstein from school so we made some more to go along with it and hang in our window.

Hudson being cute and reading books.  He's actually not that into book reading. He doesn't enjoy sitting down and paying attention for more than 2 seconds.
We went to a Halloween themed Spades tournament and Nathan and Sams.  I actually ended up being one of the final winners for the first time!
Kinzi had her Halloween parade at school and I was so excited she wanted to dress up as Anna for it instead of her other costume because the Anna hair is super easy to do!  Before the parade she said, "I've never been in a parade before, what if I mess up?"
No worries though she didn't mess up ;)
I then took the boys with my friend to trick or treat at downtown Mesa.
Hudson enjoyed the suckers.
Then came Halloween. Kinzi decided to wear her "New Cinderella" dress she got for her birthday. And we borrowed the crown from our friends next door. Her hair took a good hour and she looked like the cutest little  "New Cinderella" as she calls it. She is too good at little photo shoots.

I love these little super hero boys.

We then headed to our ward Halloween Party.  Chili and homemade root beer, doughnuts, face painting, bounce house, it was fun! Kinzi wanted to take a picture herself of the fairy on her cheek.
We couldn't find Baiden for a while and ended up finding him with one of his babysitters as the face painting station getting airplanes painted on his cheeks. No surprises there.
Phil took this picture after a trip to home depot to get things ready to plant winter grass. He doesn't mess around.

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