Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everythings Changing (when I turn around)

I know, I know I have changed my blog background so many times. I can't help it. Please don't be too annoyed by it. I get really bored with mine and when I see new ones that are so cute I can't help it I guess. I love to go look at cute new backgrounds all the time-am I the only one who does that? I can't even try to start decorating my house because my mind changes so quickly on what I think would be cute in certain rooms.
I just get bored with things quickly I guess. Except for Phil, he keeps me on my toes. Good thing huh?

p.s. No puppy yet. And I am going to be picky now, I really want a yellow lab. Yeah, the really cheap dogs ya know. Ah kidding.

Monday, September 14, 2009

How much is that dog in the window...

So I am just going to put the word out on my bliggity blog that I want/need a puppy. Husband said it was ok. I am NOT picky either. But since I would like phil to like our dog too, it must not be black or have pitbull/or any other aggresive(ness) in it. That day when we have kiddies running around that we won't have to worry about our dog being mean. So IF you do hear of any new puppies that are not black or, uh known to be aggresive, let me know!!
I have been to the shelter friday and today. The first time I went I might have teared up, twice. I might possibly be a little sensitive. I wish I could take all those dogs and kitties home with me. I called my hero (philip) to come help me and make sure I left. Otherwise I might have stayed there all night regardless of the fact it closed.
For all you animal lovers, enjoy.

This one melted my heart a little. Yellow labs are my favorite.

Im hoping the next post will be about our new puppy. I guess I will just have to wait and see.