Monday, November 22, 2010


Lots of NEW things going on around here...

Kinz has found a New thing to suck on besides her fingers. She does this a lot now and its hilarious every. Single. Time. She also has been trying lots of New foods. And enjoying them all.

I have gotten a new hairstyle. BANGS, again. I grew them out while pregnant but then got bored. I cant really do my hair well and I did not want to chop my hair so Bangs it was.
So, you like?

Shout out to KELSEY for cutting them randomly at your house one night even though Phil did NOT want me to ask.
(Like how Kinz is in the pic with me? She seems to make every picture cuter so I couldnt leave her out)
The weather changing is def (I abbriviate because I can't remember how to spell the whole word) New to Mesa. We have been going to some BR football playoff games down here and its been a bit cold. I love it.

Trying on New clothes. Lovely right? How is it that she can look cute in things that don't even match? Phil dressed her and thought it would be funny. It was.

And New chunky thunder thighs. Baby food is doin this girl GOOD! She needed more meat on those bones.

These are not uh, New. But after Phil dressed her he said, "photo shoot!" And held her in a bunch of cute poses with him. I love him. And Kinzi adores him. We are such lucky girls.


Look a Likes?
*Another New thing. Phil has a internship lined up for next semester and also one for the summer. He is such a hard worker. He goes to school and work and allows me to stay home with our little girl. He never complains. He loves what he is doing and doesnt give me a hard time when he tries to explain things he does at work and I dont understand. Thanks for all you do babe, your girls are so proud of you.
Oh and thanks for the idea of eating pazookies for dessert tonight. Little did you know I had one today after lunch too...hehe. Nobody tell him.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dog Lover

Apparently Kinzi is a dog lover. Must have got it from her mama :)
(don't mind the frumpy clothes and frizzy hair, I had taken a nap earlier)

Oh Kinzi, we would be so bored without you.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Questions for YOU. Yes, YOU.

Think she is cute? Me too. So do ya wanna go vote for her at This Website? Thanks! Is it totally lame that I am putting this on my blog as a plea? Probably. But will you do it anyways? So all you readers out there who occasionaly do a skim of this blog (even if I do not know you) go ahead, vote. Only if you agree she is cute though...:) You have till Friday!
And why you are there, look around the website. They have the cutest things there. Even if you don't have a little girl. Adults can wear all the cute headband, flowers, etc.
(oh and this is not the picture used on the website but she is the only Kinzi)