Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Questions for YOU. Yes, YOU.

Think she is cute? Me too. So do ya wanna go vote for her at This Website? Thanks! Is it totally lame that I am putting this on my blog as a plea? Probably. But will you do it anyways? So all you readers out there who occasionaly do a skim of this blog (even if I do not know you) go ahead, vote. Only if you agree she is cute though...:) You have till Friday!
And why you are there, look around the website. They have the cutest things there. Even if you don't have a little girl. Adults can wear all the cute headband, flowers, etc.
(oh and this is not the picture used on the website but she is the only Kinzi)


Moriah and Brad said...


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Livin' it Up said...

I voted...however...i have a secret for you....i am sure she will win. hahahahahhaha. That is all i am gonna say! :)