Thursday, October 28, 2010


Before it all went down. (Phil thought we should add dry ice smokey effects for Halloween) She did'nt quite catch on to the whole "not sucking" it off but still liked it. Although I'm not sure how much actually got in her...?

She was very into it and enjoyed every spoonful.

She was actually a whole lot messier than the camera gives credit for. Her diaper was covered in the food along with her hands, legs and toes. How? Either she was messy or I have really bad aim.

Then got a nice bath to clean her all up!
She is showing off her battle wound (bruise) from the shots she got earlier that day.


Tyler and Bryna said...

AWWW! ok soph from here on out you are not going to believe how fast she is going to grow!!! She a doll!!

Emily Gardner said...

so much fun! Just wait till you try applesauce, I guarantee she'll keep more of it in her mouth. Justin went crazy for it. (:

The Thompsons said...

Oh my gosh she's gotten so big! She looks different from the last time I saw her!and Phil's a nerd with his dry ice hahaha. I can't wait to see you guys this weekend!

The Lucas Gang said...

How cute! Dont worry it to forever for Naima to get the hang of eating off the spoon. It gets better!

{alisse t} said...

ahhh I didn't realize they are old enough to eat food! (well, rice cereal) I'm guessing that's something my doctor will tell us next month at her 4 month appt. how fun! kinz is such a little cutie. sorry that i'm commenting here and fb so much today, but i m at work and my meeting got cancelled so i am bored! :)

Paige said...

I just love her!! I could eat her up!