Monday, February 16, 2015

December 2014

December was full of fun, parties, laughter and sickness too. Tis the season.

Lately the only way to get things done like cooking or cleaning (mopping!) done is putting on a little show for the kids to watch.  I love that we have a big ole couch but they decide to sit next to each other. And Kinzi has really mastered rocking Hudson to sleep. That boy loves his sister.
While Kinzi was at preschool, we went shopping to find Daddy some new polo shirts for work. Baiden was happy to be my little helper in holding up the shirts to send pictures to dad.
Hudson started sleeping really good in the last couple of weeks.  He goes anywhere from 7-10 hours.  He still wakes up in between there but I just stick the paci in his mouth and he goes right back to sleep.

Baiden is an expert at throwing fits.
Hudson is an expert at smiling and being the cutest baby in the world.

We went to a little birthday party for Jaina and Shawn.  That day I started to feel like I was getting a bad sinus infection so I didn't get many fun pictures from the party except for this one of Grandpa and Hudson taking a nap.  Right after that party we had a block party to attend just a couple of houses down.  We played some games and had a gift exchange.  But man it was hard to enjoy the party because I really started to feel lousy.
Woke up the next morning knowing it had to be strep. Went into urgent care and sure enough, I had Strep, again!
I was so sad because we were supposed to be headed to Show Low that night for Colby's blessing.  But Phil happily took the older two and left early Sunday morning to get there for the blessing. But since we stayed Saturday Phil took the kids to our ward party where Kinzi got to sing with the primary, which I was told by many members was nice and loud. We don't expect anyting else from Kinzi. The next day they left for Show Low while me And Hudson literally spent all day in bed.
. And luckily he didn't get sick.

 The kids got to experience snow with dad! He said Kinzi was crying because she was too cold, and Baiden made his first yellow snow haha.
I was told they both really enjoyed the snow. Kinzi enjoyed it a little too much.  She borrowed just some light gloves that were not waterproof and learned that those gloves don't keep your hands from freezing.  They sent me a video of her just sobbing on Aunt Summers lap because she was so cold and wet haha.

Then Phil snapped some pics of them falling asleep on the way home.

The next day Phil had won tickets to a Suns game with incredible seats.  And since I was still sick and not up for it, he took Dave and they had a really great time!

 We keep being told how much Hudson and Kinzi look alike. Kinzi loves to hear it too.

This is how I found Baiden during a nap one day.
Me and my buddy.
Kinzi had her Christmas Program for preschool. She was a "Queen" or other known as a wise man.

Then the whole preschool went and sang all their Christmas songs at a rest home.  Although there were probable double the kids than actual people they sang to, it was still fun. She got to be an angel this time.

We then took a night to go see the temple lights.  We were a little smarter this year and went in early December and went on a Tuesday night. Much less busy! And the waffle truck was across the street which was great news to me.
We were excited to not have to use a stroller this year and just strap Hudson on me and the older 2 could walk. But I forgot the carrier for Hudson of course, but he was little enough to just be carried around. The weather was incredible and not cold at all.

This was Baidens alternative to putting his hands on his hips like he does for EVERY picture.

We also got to visit the north pole aka Bass Pro Shop.  Grandma Weech was in town and got to join us which we loved.

Hudson stayed happy in the stroller the whole time.
 Next was Sherwood Christmas party time. I got Hudson dressed all nice for it :)
 We first went and sang at a rest home. What a cool experience it was.  The people do it out of there home.  The elderly sang along with us too.  Santa even made a surprise visit while the kids were singing, "Santa Claus is coming to town"  the owner slipped out sometime while we were singing other songs and came back out as Santa and handed out candy canes! It really took us all by surprise.

Then we went back to Nathans house for the rest of the party.  We had pizza and desserts.  A kid gift exchange with candy. And the adults did a white elephant exchange.
Buddy the Elf also made an appearance! He sang songs told a story and even drank some syrup for everyone haha.

We then had a family talent show. Kinzi started it off with the cutest version of  "I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas." She became quite obsessed with this song and really asked Santa for a Hippo this year. That's all she talked about.  Other talents were, the Rawling kids singing Rudolf the Rd nosed Reindeer." The Sherwood girls doing "We fish you a hairy Christmas" that they learned at school.  The Zeiglers did a hilarious take on "somebody snitched on me" and then had Grandpa join them for "Grandpa the red nosed reindeer"
Summers family sang "Oh Holy Night" which was a great was to bring the spirit in. Then the siblings and dad sang Silent night and dedicated the last verse to let Barton sing.
It was great to be with family.

 All the grand kids put on a nativity tradition.

 If you look closely you can spot the cutest wise man in the very back on top.

Next was Kinzi's dance recital. I love doing her hair!

Her and her bff in Dance, Maddie.
She did great and once again made me so proud.
Hudson was great the whole show!
Christmas Sunday.

Just a behind the scenes picture.

Daddy got to take some days off for Christmas Break and we used the wisely. 

Park time.

Movie time.

 And just playing outside together enjoying beautiful weather.

Taking naps together.

Then came Christmas Eve. Grandma and Grandpa Weech thought that since most of their kids were here in Mesa they would come day and be with us. So we all went to Red Robin Christmas Eve! 
Then once we got home it was time to decorate cookies for Santa!

 Then keeping the tradition of opening Christmas Jammies!

They were all ready for Santa!

We got to have uncle Spencer stay the night with us and he witnessed Santa in action.

The next morning I made sure Phil brought the kids to our room first so they wouldn't see their gifts yet.  Phil was sleeping on the couch due to a bad cough and not wanting to wake Hudson (or me) all night coughing. So he heard when the kids woke up.

He kept them entertained while I got everything ready!

Then it was present time!

Kinzi's cute little microphone broke on Christmas but luckily Santa has a great return policy and we shipped it back the next day and got a nicer one that wouldn't break.

Daddy got stuck in Baiden's airplane costume.

Baiden got a lot of boy dress up clothes for Christmas so they put on a show for me one day.

Then on the 30th Baiden turned 3!  He woke up to lots of fun presents!

He was impressed with his airplane pancake I made.
And since he is so airplane obsessed we just took him to the airport when dad got off work. He had been once before with dad and talks about it all the time. He was in Heaven.

Then we came home an had cake and ice cream.

What a wonderful Year 2014 has been to us!