Sunday, November 11, 2012


Our little Kinzi May. 2 1/2 and full of life.  We don't know what this house would be like with all her sass and goofy personality.  She loves to watch movies.  Her favorites are Elmo, Beauty and the Beast, Ice Age, Lion King, Nemo, Wall-E, Barney, Dora and Reba. Yes Reba.  I came home the other night and she had woken up from sleeping and asked her Daddy to watch Reba. Sure enough, I walked in and there she was sitting quietly, happily watching Reba. 
Her favorite foods are Cereal, Yogurt, Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches, bananas, chips and salsa.  She isn't the greatest eater but she isn't nearly as picky as she was a couple of months ago.  She will eat almost any fruit. But the only veggies I can get in her are carrots and peas.
She loves to sing and dance with her mom.  Especially in the car.  She can sing most of the songs that come on the radio.  If she doesn't know the words she pretends and lip sings. She is awesome. She will copy any dance move you do.
She LOVES friends.  If I tell her we are going to see someone that day, she asks me ALL DAY LONG about them until we see them. And she looks forward to doing something fun every day. She usually wakes up and after asking for cereal she asks, "Gym? Park? Zoo? Shopping? Church/Nursery?" Or she will list people's houses she wants to go to.   
She is kind of bossy.  But I guess that is what comes from being a big sister.  One time I asked her to give Baiden his bottle and after she did she was walking away and turned around with her finger pointed at him, eyebrows down and said, "drink your bottle."
She is thee most friendly 2 year old I have ever seen. She says hi to everyone while we are driving or shopping at the grocery store.  If I am visit teaching she makes herself at home. Or if people she does not know come over, she will ask them to "hold you" we need to work on that one.  I think the girl has a crush on our home teachers. 
She talks pretty well. Although she still jibber jabbers a whole lot.  And she isn't the easiest for other people to understand.
She is full of drama and very sensitive.  I know it just happens when they are 2 but man she can be whiny! 
She is such a great helper.  She happily throws Baiden's diapers away. She puts her clothes away and helps put dishes away.  She also likes to help sweep the dirt into the dust pan. 
She knows a lot of shapes and colors.
Although she drives me nuts sometimes, she is seriously hilarious.  Girl knows how to make me laugh.  I'm so glad I have her to always put a smile on my face. 

Then there is Baiden Boy who is just over 10 months. He is literally everything I didn't know I wanted. I always wanted a girl to dress up and do her hair and all that.  Why didn't I know that little boys are so much fun? He makes me just melt.  Every time I look at him I want to just bite his cheeks off.  He is perfect.  I am definitely his favorite adult. Because let's get real here, Kinzi is his favorite person in the whole world.  She does no wrong in his eyes. He LOVES her. And she is pretty good to him.  But ill take runner up.  I can say this because it is no secret Phil is Kinzi's favorite, so I'm just going to say I'm Baiden's.  Even if it isn't true (which it is though).
He loves to be awesome, all the time. And cute.  He loves to crawl up the stairs and really needs to figure out how to get down.  He loves to crawl up on the dishwasher anytime it is open.
Baiden loves to eat.
He is our little garbage disposal.  He does not know the meaning of full. He has only turned down food if he doesn't like it, not because he is full.  The only foods I have found he does not like are tomatoes and sometimes avocados. Other than that he is a great eater!  His favorite food is easily a Banana.  But the boy loves sweet potatoes and a good cracker or vanilla wafer.
He has 3 and 1/2 teeth.  That 4th finally popped through the top and that was not a pleasant experience. 
He likes to hang by his feet or be swung around any way.  He loves to splash and splash in the tub.
He just learned how to clap his hands and I could die it's so cute.  He has a fascination with putting his hands in his Mom and Dad's mouth. His dad thinks he wants to be a dentist.  He says, "Ba" and that's about it.  But if you make a high pitched sound, he will mimic it. And yep, cutest thing ever.  The boy sleeps like a champ just like his sister.  One of his favorite things to do is to hit a block on the kitchen floor. Apparently the sound is awesome.
This boy makes me so incredibly happy. What would our family be like without him?

I LOVE these kids. We have so much fun.  I'm so glad they have fun together and are so close in age that I know they are going to be Best Friends throughout their lives.