Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hello December. Wait, What?

Really? December? Wow, time is flyin' by!  We are trying our best to get ready for Baiden along with Christmas.  First things first was to move Kinzi into a "big girl" bed. No not a toddler bed, a twin.  It was mine when I went to college.  We didn't want to have to have 2 cribs in our house and we wanted to clear out the closet storing the twin bed-a win win.  So after Thanksgiving we put Kinz to the test and to tell you the truth I was quite nervous. She has completely spoiled us with her amazing sleeping habits and I just knew the bed was going to mess that up. Glad to say, I was completely wrong. She has had zero problems with the bed.  She even stays in it for naps.  And she usually stays on when she wakes up and plays, if not she gets down and plays.  Cheers all around.  I'm glad she likes to sleep so much.

We went up to Pima for Thanksgiving and had a great time.  We enjoyed ourselves since it is going to be our last trip for a while.  Phil's mom definitely spoiled us with lots of yummy food. Thanks Mama Weech.

I can't believe I'm almost done with this pregnancy.  Our insurance is changing for the new year so Phil is really hoping for a December might have something to do with taxes too :) I don't personally want a December baby especially since he would be born right between Christmas and New Years...poor kid.  But I am going along with it and my doctor said he would strip my membranes at 38 weeks, which is Dec 29 (Happy Birthday Em!). Last time he did that-I had Kinzi that night. So we will see. That is 3 and 1/2 weeks away folks (AHH). But  I wouldn't mind too much if it didn't happen till January though. I just hope I am ready. And that Kinzi is ready haha. Yeah. Not sure how much she will like another baby getting some of her attention.  She LOVES babies-just not sure how she will feel about one being around 24/7.  As nervous as I am, I am also so so excited to have a newborn to cuddle.  Every time I see pictures of new babies I get so happy knowing I'm going to have another one in my home to love and kiss on all day long. We are so blessed.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Maternity pictures. Yes.

So let me just start out by saying I love photography and wish I had a eye for it and knew how to take pictures. I love looking at photo blogs and pictures on Pinterest.  I always love looking at the beautiful maternity pictures a lot of women take.  However, I was never one to really want to get any done because I am not nearly as photogenic as these women I see in these beautiful pictures.  Well one of my very close friends Kayla Bishop is graduating in May from NAU and studied photography while she was there.  Wanting to get her business started and start getting her name out there she wanted to come take maternity photos of me. My first thought was, "Me + Maternity Pics? These will not be great" But I quickly learned with a good photographer you can love pictures of yourself...even while you are 7 1/2 months pregnant!  Not to mention having a really cute daughter to make all the pictures even better.  Phil had to work so he didn't get to be in any-and I'm pretty sure he was not too disappointed ;)  But I am just impressed with Kayla...I love ALL of them. Not just some, ALL.  So here is a viewing of some of my favorites she did.  I very rarely like pictures of myself so just let me have this moment in all my pregnant body glory.

She posed me and took care of everything.  So if you are in need of a photographer who is very patient with kids (Kinz cried for a good 30 min) and just knows what she is doing I will hook you up with Kayla.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Kitty Kitty

Halloween was fun this year and for me a little hectic. I had my day planned out and under estimated how long some things would take.  I had planned on bringing dessert to our ward party and was going to make oreo truffles that looked like eye balls.
(I luckily had one left when I left the party so I snapped a picture. I meant to take one of the whole tray, but yeah, didn't happen)

 I did that, but for some reason thought they took a lot less time. I have made them a lot, you think I would remember. I blame it on the pregnancy. Anyways I was to be at the ward party at 5 and then meeting at my sisters at 6 15 to go trick or treating. I didn't get there till 5 40.  I planned to take lots of pictures of Kinzi in her Kitty costume before I left. But, due to the fact I was running late, and she just wanted to run around I hardly got any good ones.  As I tried to paint her whiskers on I soon realized it was not a good idea-Way to Hard. Hence why they look terrible and looks like she did it herself.
Phil had to work a little later that day also so things just seemed hectic. I decided next year to just pick one thing to do that night and go with it.
But it all worked out. So I got to the party late, that wasn't even a big deal. Phil showed up 5 min after me which was so perfect.  My truffles disappeared within 10 minutes and I got to my sisters at about 6 25 and still did lots of trick or treating with Kinz.

Now onto trick or treating...
Funniest night ever. At first Kinz was super tired and cranky and didn't want anyone to hold her except Grandma.  About the 3rd house we went to, the person held out the bowl for all the kids to pick one candy. Well leave it to Kinz to take one, put it in her bag, and take another. And another, And another. I kid you not, she took about 7 from this house. And of course the lady was not going to tell her no.  When we actually grabbed her and walked away, she cried.  But then realized we were at yet another house.  She caught on really quick to trick or treating and would grab 2 or 3 handfuls at each house. Oh dear.  She had the best night of her life.  It wasn't even the candy she was thrilled about.  Her favorite thing to do is to empty her toys into a bucket/bag/basket and load and unload them. It keeps her entertained for a long time. So this was right up her alley. I'm glad she had fun.  It was pretty hilarious to watch her.  I'm already excited for next year to dress up two kids. I already have the ideas flowing of what they will be.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Man

Just need to put a little note in here for my main man.  I don't express enough how grateful I am to have him in my life not only as my Husband but the Dad of my little girl and soon to be little boy.

If there is one word to describe him it would be-hardworker. Ok that's two words that I made into one. Just go with me on this one ok?
For the last couple of weeks he has been studying and studying some more to get ready for his first CPA (certified public accountant) test.  The first of 4.  And by so much studying I mean, getting home from work at 5, eating, playing with Kinz for a little bit, then studying till about 12 every night. Even on weekends (besides Sunday) he has been so dedicated to getting his study in.  The hard part for me is that he is home studying, but Kinz and I just want to bug him and have his attention but know he needs to study.  He took his first test last Friday and I know was looking forward to relaxing that night. But Lo and Behold I came down with the stomach flu and he had to take care of Kinz and his sick wife instead.  But of course no complaints from him.  What a man.  Luckily today I feel mucho better and he was able to do something he has not gotten to do for a couple of weeks now...sit on the couch and watch football.  He was so happy and totally deserved it.  His next test is in 2 1/2 weeks so come Monday he will be back to a studying man. But then has a break until February. 

I am sure grateful for all the hard work he puts forth to provide for our little family. I think Kinzi and Baiden are too.
Thank you for being the best Phil. We Love you.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Beautiful Heartbreak

I kept trying to write something to go along with the video but my words don't do it justice. Just watch and you will experience it yourself.  The message is beautiful.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


There are so many reasons we are excited for a little boy to join the fun at our house. But I have a couple of friends who I graduated HS with that are having boys right now too and they will all be just months apart. Im excited that our Baiden Boy already has friends. And its even better that these girls are great friends to me.

 This is Me, Paige and Aubrey.  Paige is going to have her baby any day now...we are all anxiously awaiting that day. Especially her I'm sure :)  His name is going to be Link (cute huh?).  Aubrey is Due in December with her little boy and they are naming him Theron (also a cute one I know). Don't they both look great? Yes, I agree. And then Baiden will be coming right after in January. Babies everywhere.
And I hope this picture makes you smile...its awesome.   I love having friends that are pregnant at the same time.
And we all had stripes on (even miss Kinz). So I had to include this picture too :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Fun update on Kinzi so I am at least writing this stuff down somewhere...
She is now 15 months old and quite the fireball.  I know this to be true because people in my ward have started to notice too.  She has become pretty independent and learned how to let out a big yell or throw herself on the ground when she doesn't get what she wants. She has learned concrete is not very fun to throw a fit on.
But even though she can be crazy at times she is still very sensitive and sweet. 
She loves to cuddle and will randomly walk up to a person or anything (a wall, couch, table) and lay her head down and cuddle. I love that about her.
She loves to go to sleep. No joke. If she is acting tired I ask her if she wants to go nigh night and she repeats it back to me and walks me to her room so she can take a nap.
She is very attached to her blankie. I might love it. 
She still sucks her fingers when she goes to sleep.
She loves anyone to read her a book. She will walk it up to you. Hand it to you, then reach for you to pick her up. If you ignore her, she will throw a fit. Beware.
She dances so cute.  Sometimes she will go in circles on the floor and sometimes she shakes her arms back and forth.
She can do the whole patty cake song with actions. She also does the popcorn song. In fact she ran into the primary room on Sunday when she heard them singing it and started doing the actions with them. She also just started singing "E-I-E-I-O" when we sing old McDonald to her. I laugh every time.
I counted all the words she could say and she is up to 10 woo hoo! Mama, Dada, Nana, Nigh Night, Yeah, Dog, Jesus (work in progress), Love you, no no, Uh Oh. Some don't actually sound like the real word but I know she thinks she is saying them and she tries so I am giving her the credit.
She LOVES bananas. She wants one everyday.  She calls any food or drink nana.
She also loves dogs.  And calls any animal she sees a dog. Pretty funny when a cat comes on TV and she yells DOG really loud.
She has 9 teeth! 4 on top, 2 molars in back, and 3 on bottom. Yes only 3. And there is no sign of the 4th coming in to even it out, hilarious!
She loves to watch cartoons. And I am A OK with it.  In fact I can clip her nails, paint her nails, and do her hair while she watches them because she doesn't move at all. Works out great. Her favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba. Pretty Annoying but she loves it.  I just introduced Veggie Tales to her and she likes it a lot too. Plus I think its possibly the cutest show ever.
She loves to be outside and thankfully its cooling off so I will actually take her out of the house now.
She knows where her eyes, nose, ears, and tongue are. 
Also if you ask her where Baiden is or her Brother, she points to her belly :) But will kiss mine if I ask her to give him a kiss. She is going to be a great sissy.
When dad is home she wants his undivided attention and follows him everywhere.
She loves people and waves to anyone. Even if they don't look at her she still waves.
She really really loves her grandma's. Go figure eh?
She is above the 5th percentile for weight! That hasn't happened for a while ha ha. She is 19 pounds and 9 ounces and 29 inches long. I love having a little (but still chunky) girl.

When people hear I am a stay at home mom they sometimes ask, "What do you do all day?" Well I play and play and play. Yes sometimes I get bored but I love what I get to do. Plus I'm sure come January I'm not going to have as much free time as now anyways.
Phil and I are always talking about how fun Kinzi is. We love being able to do more things with her now and see how fun her personality is.  She makes us laugh everyday.  Sometimes at night after she has been to sleep a while we go get her out of bed and just snuggle her and sometimes play with her. Yeah, we are really good parents. We can't help it. She is so fun! She goes right back to sleep after so its all good.

We took her to the D Backs game and every time the crowd clapped she did with so much excitement too!

Great bedhead right?

She does this all the time.  Just lays in the middle of the floor wherever she is. Goof.
Loves her Dad.

We are all getting excited around here for a new baby.  Sometimes I wonder how I am going to handle a 19 month old and newborn but I am just so excited to have a new baby to cuddle whenever I want.
Back before I was pregnant Phil and I were talking about boy names we liked. He came up with all these great ones.  Our favorite was Baiden and it has stuck ever since.  I'm pretty sure that's the name we are going with and I love it.  He is moving around all the time. And doc says that the baby and I are both healthy and doing great.  This is a pic from last week. My goal is to take them every week. Lets hope I stick to it.

Monday, August 22, 2011


We found out last Tuesday that a little BOY will be joining our family. Of course we are all excited.  Phil is pretty stoked. I think he really thought we were only going to have girls.  We both got a kick out of how quickly we could tell.  The very first image on the screen was him in all his glory. No mistake there. I am excited for Kinz to have a little brother too.  She loves babies and will love having her own to play with all the time. 
My official due date is January 12! As of today I am 19 weeks and 4 days.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Big Girl!

2 days ago we started helping Kinz stand up and today we convinced her it wasnt that bad to take some steps.  She decided to walk today and I was so excited! Its so fun to see every milestone your child hits no matter when it is!

(and No that is not a mole or beauty mark on her face. We, uh, just ate dinner)

Friday, July 15, 2011


So yes. I am pregnant again! We are thrilled.  The doctor put me at 14 weeks and my due date at January 13. Although I don't think I am that far along, Ill just go with it for now.
For those thinking-you guys are crazy, you are probably right. And for those wondering was this planned? Let me let you in on a secret-I personally think its hard to plan when a baby will come.  I will just fill in the blank of it was hoped for and I was ready, and it wasn't a "oops" or surprise.  Shoot I have been ready since Kinzi was 6 months. But we both decided getting pregnant in April or anytime after that was what we wanted.  Mind you last time we decided to get pregnant with Kinz it took 6 months for her to decided to come to us.  This time, it didn't take time. This babe was ready to be in our family and I am so glad.  I REALLY REALLY wanted to have a baby in January.  That is like a dream pregnancy timing for here in Mesa AZ. I can actually leave the house and go on walks with my kids right after and not worry about melting in the heat.
I'm excited for Kinzi to have a sibling so close in age too.  That was the plan.  I grew up with siblings close in age and its so fun and I wanted to pattern my own family after that.  It may not be what everyone else in the world wants, and that's ok.  But it is what we had in mind for our own family.  Besides-I might want a bigger gap with the next child (actually I'm sure I will).

So let me just tell you a little bit about how special this baby already is...

The Story of How we Found Out.
Around middle of May I was late, again. I'm always late though and very irregular.  Obviously it was a possibility that I could be pregnant but I didn't think I was. So I just didn't take a test.  I was still in doubt and didn't think I would really get pregnant so fast this time around. 
On May 23rd our family was hit with the hardest and most devastating news of the loss of my brother Barton.  There is not words to describe the pain you feel when you lose a family member. It was beyond hard for all of us.  Although we all have strong testimonies-it seemed there was nothing to hold on to.  We were all in such a dark place.
Two days later the Lord reminded me he never leaves when we are in our darkest hour.  Phil convinced me to take a pregnancy test that night of the 26th and it came back positive. 
Despite what we were going through there was a little piece of something to shed a little light into our lives, a little reminder of happiness.  The pain was still there but comforting that pain of death was the joy for life.  The blessing that we can bring children into this world and they can live and learn on this earth. Losing my brother was so hard and still is everyday but the Lord states, "ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions" Mosiah 24:14
And it just so happens Barton's birthday is also in the month of January.  I thought his birthday (the 27) was going to be my due date but the doc said 13-which could still change.  Still a cool little detail if you ask me :)
So once again, this baby is special to me already.  I look forward to what the future has for us.
And for the record-I can honestly say this time I don't care if its a girl or boy.  We all know I wanted a girl last time. So we will just have to wait and see NEXT MONTH what this little bebe's gender is.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Carazy Weekend.

I am happy to say I am still functioning after the weekend I had.  My baby turned One. I planned her party for saturday on her birthday.  Sunday was fathers day. And Monday, Our 3 year anniversary.  I did it though-I made it through. Craziest weekend of my entire life-but hey it was fun!
First up-Kinzi's B-day Bash!

We had a water party and her cousins and some of her friends stopped by for fun! I really had this party planned before Kinz was born-I love Birthdays! Especially 1st Birthdays!  I did a pink and blue theme and it turned out just as planned.  The only thing I had to spend money on was the food! I did truffles and cupcakes. I aso bought ice cream but of course I forgot about it. The cupcakes were layered pink and blue-and were SO cute. Wish I would have taken a picture of them once you bit into them-oh well I was too busy. Want to know how to make? Ask me sometime...

 The only picture I got of Kinzi with anyone besides the kids. I really wanted to get pics with her grandparents and maybe with us, but once again. I failed.
 Cute girls. Only a day apart.
 All the babies. Brant, Kinzi, Katy.
 She was really excited for her cake!

 She was so fun opening presents. She loved the attention.  She gave everything a kiss.

 Troublemakers. Kinzi and Lucy.
 Thanks for all the friends and family who came and showed love to our Kinzi girl.

Next up, Fathers Day. Did I get any pictures? Of course not.  But we had a good one.  Made breakfast for Phil and Kinzi got him some fun things.  Then my Dad came over for Dinner and my sister and I made him and Phil Ribs and Potatoes.  Were were going to make dessert but everyone was too full.  But I did make my dad homemade orange sticks for fathers day.  He loves those. I really didnt think they were going to turn out good but they tasted just like the ones you buy at Walmart. Just call me Betty Crocker. I know were grateful for our dads and how much they do for us.

And last up, our Anniversary. This was nice because I knew I didnt have to cook or prepare anything. All I had to do was try and look good for our Date!  We went to Claim Jumper for dinner and went and saw a movie at the Dollar Theater after.  You might be thinking, thats it? Just dinner and a movie? Let me just say last time we went to a movie together was before I was pregnant. Yeah believe it. They are just so expensive and we like Redbox better anyways. After the movie it was only 9:00 and we were not ready to go home especially since my sister had Kinzi and we were not worried about her.  So we went goofy golfing! I usually don't like goofy golfing but it was my idea and we had a lot of fun! Glad we went.  It was a perfect night. I love being married to Phil.  These 3 years have been the best yet. I love having someone know me so well. I love you Philip James Weech.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Year Old!

 This little lady turned ONE today! She is the joy in our lives and makes us so happy.  She loves anyone and everything and will also give kisses to anyone or anything.  She can make anyone smile.

These are just a preview of her 1 year old pictures we took. I know. She is cute.

Kinzi is 1 going on...9 months.  2 people at the store thought she was 9 months old.  She looks nine months, and acts it. No she isnt walking, or standing alone yet. But do I love her any less? NO! I am just going to brag about it because I get to have a baby longer. One day she will so I am not worried.
Kinz LOVES to dance. Anytime she hears music she goes at it. Even if I am just flipping through channels and pass by the weather channel with music playing, she still heard the music and started dancing. 
She loves to share her toys or food or anything she has in her hand.
She says Mama, Dada, Hi and sometimes she says ONE. When she is in the mood.
She is off the bottle and on milk completly. Thank Goodness.
Still sucks her fingers when she goes to sleep, and its still cute.
Can go up and down the stairs.
Pretty good eater. Depends on the day. One second she likes something and the next she hates it.
Still sleeps SO good.
She has an arm. I think we have a future softball player in our midst. The girl can chuck things.
Loves to make messes.
Understands what NO means.
And we love her so much.  I honestly feel like people think she is literally the cutest baby in the world everytime I go out. People just go on about her. As I am sure happens with every single baby because babies are cute. But Ill take it. And it makes me feel good.
Not sure on her weight-her appt is on tues. Im guessing she is around 17-18 lbs.  She has always been around the 10th percentile so we will see.
I am so glad we have her in our family.  And WE DID IT. She survived a whole year with us as parents!!