Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Man

Just need to put a little note in here for my main man.  I don't express enough how grateful I am to have him in my life not only as my Husband but the Dad of my little girl and soon to be little boy.

If there is one word to describe him it would be-hardworker. Ok that's two words that I made into one. Just go with me on this one ok?
For the last couple of weeks he has been studying and studying some more to get ready for his first CPA (certified public accountant) test.  The first of 4.  And by so much studying I mean, getting home from work at 5, eating, playing with Kinz for a little bit, then studying till about 12 every night. Even on weekends (besides Sunday) he has been so dedicated to getting his study in.  The hard part for me is that he is home studying, but Kinz and I just want to bug him and have his attention but know he needs to study.  He took his first test last Friday and I know was looking forward to relaxing that night. But Lo and Behold I came down with the stomach flu and he had to take care of Kinz and his sick wife instead.  But of course no complaints from him.  What a man.  Luckily today I feel mucho better and he was able to do something he has not gotten to do for a couple of weeks now...sit on the couch and watch football.  He was so happy and totally deserved it.  His next test is in 2 1/2 weeks so come Monday he will be back to a studying man. But then has a break until February. 

I am sure grateful for all the hard work he puts forth to provide for our little family. I think Kinzi and Baiden are too.
Thank you for being the best Phil. We Love you.


Jessie said...

Husbands do some amazing things. Go Phil!

Lauren said...

Do you know if he passed yet? You are a lucky girl, Soph. Phil's a keeper and a cute dad :)

Alex said...

How cute your little girl is! And you are so lucky to have such a great husband! God bless :)