Wednesday, October 26, 2011


There are so many reasons we are excited for a little boy to join the fun at our house. But I have a couple of friends who I graduated HS with that are having boys right now too and they will all be just months apart. Im excited that our Baiden Boy already has friends. And its even better that these girls are great friends to me.

 This is Me, Paige and Aubrey.  Paige is going to have her baby any day now...we are all anxiously awaiting that day. Especially her I'm sure :)  His name is going to be Link (cute huh?).  Aubrey is Due in December with her little boy and they are naming him Theron (also a cute one I know). Don't they both look great? Yes, I agree. And then Baiden will be coming right after in January. Babies everywhere.
And I hope this picture makes you smile...its awesome.   I love having friends that are pregnant at the same time.
And we all had stripes on (even miss Kinz). So I had to include this picture too :)


Bryce and Dani Carter said...

Where do you get your cute clothes from? I love that shirt!

Chase, Paige, baby Link said...

I can't wait to get all our boys together!!