Sunday, September 20, 2015

July 2015

July started with our dishwasher giving up the ghost.  Family night was then spent at Home Depot picking out a new one.  But since it was almost Independence Day, there were great sales going on.  We didn't have a dishwasher for a while and I have to stay a dishwasher is still one of my favorite appliances.  We needed to turn off the water to the sink for a while too and of course I had a lot of dishes because no dishwasher. But we compromised and washed them with dish soap in the bath tub.  Kinzi and Baiden really thought it was the coolest thing ever. They loved having their own towel to help dry and getting to put them away.   
We headed up to the Cabin for Independence day.  We knew we wouldn't be staying the night and were excited for a fun little day trip. It rained on and off the whole day and the weather was beautiful.
 After being there about 10 min Baiden fell right in the mud.

 Hudson and I spent a lot of time together and we both enjoyed it.
 After setting up our little "camp" behind the cabin.

 Baiden really likes taking pictures.
 There he is.

 Riding in the back of the truck to go fishing at the lake.

 Although we didn't catch any fish we still had a good time.

 My little patriotic kids.
 I love this picture-I snapped it without them knowing.
 He's the happiest little camper.

 Kinzi's bottom two teeth have been super loose and she didn't want us pulling them out. Well at dinner that night she lost one, somewhere.  We assume it was when she was eating corn on the cob, but we never found it. Once she actually saw herself she kept saying, "I can't believe it" She was so excited for the Tooth Fairy to visit that night.
 And the next day we convinced her to let Dad pull the other one out so we wouldn't loose it too right before dinner. So once again the tooth fairy got to visit.

 I ended up getting stung by a plant while at the cabin. That stuff is crazy!
This summer we've done a lot of swimming at stapley pool. We bought a pass for the summer and have gone about once a week. Kinzi has gotten really good at swimming and can go down the big slide. Baiden loves splashing and playing around in the kid area, just don't make him do anything else. And Hudson just crawls all over me while we watch the big kids swim and relax in the water.

And this is what swimming has been doing to Baiden everyday haha.
 Hudson is pretty clingy to me during the day.  I snapped this because it was hilarious to me. He could sit anywhere in the family room but chose to sit right on my feet instead.
Kids got bored and begged. I obliged.

We then headed to Pima again for the Pioneer Celebration.  We got there in enough time to eat dinner at the Weech Reunion then head to the rodeo.  The kids were excited. First up was the stick horse race. Pretty sure Kinzi fell right into Justin but they got up and kept going.  Baiden and Carter took their sticks out and just ran. But the funniest part was Carter just kept running!  They were just supposed to go where the other adults were standing and turn around and run back.  Once all the kids were back Carter was nowhere to be found and we look up and he is completely on the other side of the arena. We were laughing so hard.  He should've won!

Then Kinzi and I headed to the dance.

Lauren and I acted like fools again and danced our brains out. 

It was fun to be in Pima hanging out with almost everyone. This is the only pic I got of the 3 boys all born within a year.
Next morning we had a breakfast for the Weech Reunion. That evening we watched the parade and went to the firework show. I loved the small pageant they put on before the fireworks.  All about the pioneers and the struggles and challenges they faced.  Through everything they still kept their faith and marched on. Great Show. I know I am so very grateful for those who gave up so much to be able to come to zion and worship the way they pleased.

Ended the trip with pillow fights with Grandpa!
He always crashes quick on the way home from Pima. This time was even funnier with his doggie "pillow" on his head.
More swimming.
Hudson getting super messy.
Then getting taken right to the sink. He loved it. I need to bathe him in this more.
My "helpers"
Keeping themselves entertained.
Phil got tickets from work so we went on a date to the Diamondbacks game and rode the light rail there. Super fun night with catered dinner and dessert, even though we lost.
Taking a break from the public pool. The kids enjoyed this almost just as much.

Happy July!