Friday, May 15, 2009

Not so funny.

You know when you see something like this happen in cartoons it's funny right?

Let me just tell you that when it happens to you in REAL life, it is actually NOT so funny. You just get a big scrape and bruise on your leg, then get embarrassed for getting upset at the trash can.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birfday lo lo.

Happy birthday to my wonderful lauren! I love love love her. We were seriously meant to be friends I think. I have never had a person who has so much in common with me baha. Thank goodness for choir at EA!!! People can't believe we met at college-they thought we had always known eachother-they also thought we were roomates. Oh wait, some people still believe that, even though were both married hmmmm? She makes THEE BEST faces of anyone you will meet.
We both married Pima boys so we think thats kinda cool. We used to stay up talking about our high school days and found out we basically had the same lives (well kinda).
This would be our favorite picture of all time together below. We took the picture on accident and found out this is what we usually look like.

It has been so fun to have someone to party with in choir! Let me just tell you, she has theeeee most amazing voice ever. When we didnt know eachother very well, I always heard this really good soprano singer in company and couldnt figure out who it was. I later found out it was her-amazing! I brag for her----she can sing the highest in choir too. Honestly.

My college days wouldnt have been nearly as great without her. She is so fun to be around and has such a sparkling personality that everyone loves. She is SUCH a good friend :) and I am going to miss her when we move. But we will visit eachother, we need eachother haha.

She understands the weird part of my mind that Husband doesnt get haha, and I understand hers. I look up to her and am sooo grateful I met her. She is beautiful-inside and out, and its really the truth. We both are shy too, baahaha, ask anyone who knows us and thats the last thing they would say about us. But really, were only crazy when together. Thanks Lo lo for being my friend. You are a wondaful person! I luff YOU!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

So Husband and I graduated from good ole EAC! What a wonderful night it was! I gave my mom my camera-she did pretty good I think. Phils dad works at the college so he was able to come give us both hugs when we went across the stage. This is pic below is of Phil hugging his dad-those two are like 2 peas in a pod. Seriously, they are so much alike. Its not a bad thing, its just so funny.
I was literally jumping up and down so my mom could find us...

Husband is the smarty pants-really though. He got high honors! Woo-I graduted, thats good enough.
So our degrees get mailed to us and they just hand us the covers haha...

Ok throughout the whole ceremony I waas more concerned about my plan to silly string Phil that the actual graduation. No worries-I got him good, he had no idea haha. Everyone threw their hats, I just pulled out my can and surprised Husband.
He loved it.
My parents are awesome seriously. They came to all my performances at EA. Or would stop by and say hi. They supported everything I did. They would always go out of their way for me. Phil and I were discussing what great parents we both have. His parents also have been so supportive and loving of us. They have taken us in these last couple of weeks and its been so much fun to spend time with them. Thanks Parentals for all you guys have done for Phil and I! We LOVE you!
My dad asked me what happened to his daughter and that I look 40 now, baha.

This is Barbara, I used to work with her in the Counseling office. She is the secretary there. Work would have been incredibly boring without her. She is the sweetest little lady you will ever meet. Everyone at EA seriously loves her so much! She went back to school and got her assosiates degree too! Way to go Barb!

Phil and some buddies. I told him to keep his gown on cuz it looks like he didnt graduate, but oh well.

So what did we do after graduation?
We burned all our papers. haha

Great Night Indeed. Well here we go off to new beginings. I'm going to try to be the most supportive Wife for Phil as he is attending ASU. He is going to do great-phil has so much potential in whatever he does. He is one of those really talented people who is just good at everything. I'm so lucky. Thanks everyone for the caring and inspirational comments!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Guess What??

yep. pictures to come to prove it!

Friday, May 1, 2009


What did I do for my LAST day of classes?

Took the funniest pictures. We took this one then edited it-looks great huh hahahaha. We thought about maybe putting it on a shirt and wearing it to the new moon movie? yeah? Oh goodness, Lauren and I laughed about this forever!