Wednesday, April 20, 2016

February 2016

These boys are sure cute and getting old.

 Phil was finally able to get out on a hike with his young men. 

 He said on the way down they witnessed someone fall down and ended up have to be getting taken off the mountain with a helicopter and gurney.
 Hudson is learning to get an attitude.  He had a stack of 4 ritz crackers and eating them like a sandwich. I tried to snap a picture and this is the face he gave me, he thought I wanted to take his crackers.

 Had little Reese and Charlotte over since their mom was having a seriously rough case of the stomach bug. We didn't mind one bit. We love our little friends.

 Kinzi is such a great little reader. I told her to entertain herself in her room and that's just what she did.
 Along with hats, Hudson really enjoys also finding our shoes and wearing them around the house.
 Just some cute pictures of the brothers who love each other.

 Phil gave me the BEST birthday gift I have ever had! He took off work to give me the whole day to do whatever I wanted!! Since it had been a while since I had been to the temple, I thought I better jump on the chance since I had it.
And although I misplaced the large amount of cash for my birthday spending and spent a good amount of time looking for it that morning with no luck, I tried to just enjoy the temple  and the rest of the day. I knew it was in the house, just not where.

So after the temple, I did lots of fun shopping. I have never tried on so many clothes in my life! It's a whole lot easier without children.  I tried on things that I know I would never buy, but just fun to try on.  Also got my free cupcake from sweettooth fairy!
When I got home my friend took our kids and Phil and I went to dinner at orchard eats. I then went and played city league volleyball-a great ending to one of the best birthdays.
I also found the money the next day in a bowl I put all my misc items in.  It was just hidden behind something.
 That weekend we had some free tickets to the science center. The kids loved it too.  This water room was the best by far. We could have stayed there all day.

 Hudson loved all the balls everywhere.
 He loved this room too. Air came on through those vents and the balls floated up. He thought it was awesome.
 This room was funny! A lot of techy stuff. Kinzi and I had a good laugh at the distorted images you can make of yourself.
 Kinzi came home after valentines day with the cutest/funniest note. 
 These two little sweetites.

 We have seen the firetruck at the gym here and there a few times and Baiden loves to go check it out.  I decided to ask the front desk about it.  Baiden really wanted to meet a real fireman.  Right after I asked, one came walking around the corner and took Baiden back to the truck to see everything. 
They were all so nice. Let him inside, put the headphones on, hold the hose. Whatever he wanted. At one point they asked him, "Do you have any questions" to which he replied, "Umm about Jesus" ya know, his answer for everything.

 Hudson again with the hat.
 Kinzi had a field trip to see a play then came back and played at the park right by the park. We were able to bring her lunch and meet her and play at the park.
 Hudson just thought he was a big kid like the rest.
 He loves sneaking over the neighbors and playing their little piano.
 Making messes.
 And crashing on the couch after I missed him and got him out of bed to cuddle. Guess he was too tired.
 Played softball with Nate and Sam at the park.  Baiden enjoyed himself. Crying and dirt makes one dirty face.

 Loving on Reese.

 Baiden had a fun little day of preschool olypics! It was so fun to see how excited he was to have me there.

 We drew and airport and whole town in our back yard one day. Baiden was in heaven.
 Hudson learned how to climb the ladder into the fort and this was his reaction. He was super proud of himself.

 Kinzi had her first science project and I left it up to dad.  He of course made the coolest thing and way outdid himself.  They made a circuit. Cut off old Christmas lights and set it up on a board with a battery. Pretty positive his, I mean her project was the best.

 One random Saturday she fell asleep in daddy's arms. Too cute not to capture a picture.
 Just a cute picture of the cutest baby I know.
 And of course, playing in the backyard like always.  We love it back there.