Wednesday, April 20, 2016

January 2016

 Dad was in charge of Hudson for church since I taught a lesson.  He claims Hudson found the nursery room all by himself. He doesn't go in for another 2 months.  He seemed to enjoy it, although daddy was there to keep him company.

Phil was able to day a day off work and used it to take Baiden to the airplane museum at falcon field airport.  From what I heard, it was of course a great day for both Baiden and Dad.

He also made time t o take Kinzi on a little date. They got pizza then went and got froyo.
His birthday was going to be a very busy day at work and an Monday so we celebrated the weekend before.  A date night is always ideal. I love spending time together. Costa Vida and Star wars.
And Sunday we had a little celebration with the kids and sang happy birthday for him. I also made some yummy but a little spicy (for him and the kids mostly) barbacoa tacos from a recipe he found.

Hudson has been full of it and I can't seem to keep him out of all of Dad's office supplies.

We took my friends girls one evening so they could go out for her birthday. Reese and Hudson wanted all my attention.
Kinzi had a half day and we celebrated by going to Krazy Air. I think she loves that place more than Disneyland.
Baiden found older kids and was running around and playing with them the whole time. They were all so nice to him and played with him. It made me so happy too see all these preteens being so fun and kind when they didn't have to be.

Baiden pushed Hudson over and he got a nice little egg on his head.
More swinging in the beautiful weather.

And a lot of playing outside. I love when I catch them being kind to each other. Seems to be rare these days, but I'll take what I can get.

Hudson laid down next to me in bed one day and I tickled his face and what do you know, he fell asleep.
Us Sherwood siblings thought we'd audition for Family Fued.  Such a fun and exhausting day!  They had us all mic up and film for "behind the scenes" since we were all loud and weren't afraid to be on camera.  We're pretty annoying all together and everyone probably hated us, but we had a good time.
Selfie Sunday with my Hudsy boy.  I realized after this picture he needed a hair cut.
Hudson loves to put on any hat he sees and wear it around the house.
He also loves to hang out with me all day long.

His first major hair cut! I'm sad the first picture I have is of him crying because he looked so good and little boyish.
My shadow.
Since both kids are riding their bikes really well these days, I was so excited to take them on a run with me.  We were only able to get 2 miles in due to whining and they were a little slower than my pace but it was so fun! I love these new experiences we get to do together since they are growing up and not babies anymore.
A new Selfie Sunday.  He's learning to love the camera.
I took a full day to clean all the carpets in the house due to finding poop on the boys room floor.  I had Kinzi's chair out in the hall to clean and came out to find her like this.  Pretending to talk on the phone and posed like a little teenager.
No cold weather will stop this baby from swinging.
Hudson has a new love for the dog at Old Navy.  A cute little realistic dog that he can love on without it jumping on him or licking him.  He needs one just like it.
We finally got around to getting Baiden his free Ice Cream cone at Sonic for his birthday with a coupon he got from Preschool.  He wasn't too disappointed.
We took a little trip to Pima, which is always a good time. Grandma's house is always the best place to be.

Being grumpy and having a stare down.
We then were able to celebrate Hobo Day.  We had an incredible turn out and so many donations this year.  Our family is extremely grateful for all the selfless people out there willing to help.

There goes Hudson again with the hats.
I love the one on one time I get with him while both kids are at school.  He only gets his paci at nap and bed time now.  One morning I gave it to him while he laid next to me in bed and sure enough he was asleep in 5 min.
Baiden and I took our trip to the dentist, where apparently he thinks he is supposed to dress up as a superhero every time. He did great!

On the actual Date of Barton's birthday my mom and I decided last minute to have an actual birthday celebration.  Pizza and birthday cake at the park. Happy 33rd Birthday Barton, love and miss you!
I love how much these two look a like. I also love their relationship. Hudson has a good time and laughs at Baiden all day. He wants to be just like him.  But with Kinzi it's totally different.  He is more loving on her.
Daddy teaching Hudsy to play piano.
We had a tball game out front getting Baiden ready for Tball season.

Good month. Busy month for Phil and a lot of late nights for him.  But lots of good memories made.

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